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Richard Salter Starrs Library 

693 Longmeadow St. 

Longmeadow, MA 01 106 

Every New 
Beginning. . . 



Major Works 







Katie Manzi, Erica White, and Carly Chase open wide to let those high notes 
out, while Lyrics performs their major work, "Requiem" 




^ V *«^V< 

-Ly ^^ 



i — 

vll» - ' /J 


The strings perform at the Spring Concert. 

Below: Sarah Krill watches Mr. Mucci as he 
conducts the group during their wonderful 

Mr. rhomsen was such a luck) guy this year, receiving 
two Martin's .is Ihe senior class gift alter the perfbr- 

2 Student Life """ 

Seniors Brad Kin ab and Lee Weiss concentrate 
on playing "Appalachian Spring" correcth 

Spring Concert 

Melinda Tang and Nicole Sobel 

Ross Gruet sings a solo. 

Mary Petroff and Caroline Bagley sing in the 
women's chorus. 

Student Life 3 

High Meadows 

Seniors get together for a picture after a good game of tennis 

Rachel Jackowitz perfects her tennis swing 

A group of senior girls relax after a long day of fun. 

4 Student Life 








11 £ 


M^B^— ^j^nM 


Lee Weiss and George Ferrel play Horseshoes 

Andrew Dikan and friends play a game of shuffleboard. 

Chris Hicks competes in the pie eating contest. 

Student Life 5 


Bevan Weissman flips 
through his yearbook. 

Liz looks at her yearbook with 


Susie Moore smiles for the 
camera in the cafeteria. 

6 Student Life 

Dan Galuska and friends hang out in the cafeteria 

Senior girls check out their new yearbooks in the cafeteria. 

Kristen Hannifan, Sara Derby, Anna Stein, Jen Grimaldi, Britney 
Rothweiler, Amy Ross, and Lindsey Feldman dress up for Halloween. 

...At a glance 

Erin Riley poses for picture while in pep band 

Senior guys get ready for Junior-Senior Semi-formal. 

Ellis Reavey, Sean Touhey, Rekiel Weakes, 

and Natalie Levine pose for a picture between 


Arielle Young and DanGaluska looking friendly in 
Mrs. Pontacoloni's room. 

Student Life 7 

Senior Prom 

Mary-Kate Blakeman and Jon Stewart dance together. 

Marcus Gaines looking sharp 

8 Student Life 

atie, Christie, and Michelle pose with their dates. 


Caitlin, Anna, Jackie, and Maddie get 
together for a picture. 


Lindsey Feldman laughs along with friends. 

Aaron Morse and Katie Petroff 

Students of all ages enjoy the party. 

Jen, Natalie, and Britney student Life 9 

Boys and Girls Track 

Jamo gets ready to 

Rory uses all his strength to get over the bar. 



10 Student Life 

Boys track team 

Girls track team 

At a home meet against Amherst, the girls are off to a great start 
J I 

Senior girls get together for a picture 

Student Life 11 


Mandy Jason winds up for a throw. 

Varsity Softball team with coach. 

Meg Lenke throws the ball from first base. 

12 Student Life 

Ashley defends third base. 



■( L 

Justin Rappaport from the JV team at bat. 

Dan Mante from the varsity baseball team. 

Varsity Baseball team. 

Joey Fernari runs to home base. 

Junior Varsity Baseball team. 

Student Life 13 

Girls Lacrosse 

Under the guidance and leader 
ship of senior captains Sarah 
Krill and Katie neil and 
coach, Kathy Parke, the 
longmeadow Girls Lacrosse 
team made 2002 a spring of 
succes. Establishing them- 
selves quickly as the top 
contender in Western Massa- 
chusetts. Longmeadow 
worked to acquire an 
oustanding overall record of 
20-3, perfect in regular sea- 
son, but set their sights to a 
larger picture. After knocking 
out biter rival and former title- 
holder Minnechaug, 
Longmeadow advanced to the 
Western Mass championships. 

14 Sports 

Boys Lacrosse 

The varsity boy's lacrosse team did 
very well this year. Coaches John 
Rauseo and M. Cersosmimo, as well 
as captains Elis Reavey and Jay 
Stambovski led the team to their 
1 8 wins and the Western 
Massachusettes semi-finals. 

The Junior Varsity boy's 
lacrosse team also did very 
well this season. Thier two 
coaches P. Axmann and T. 
Gaiser led the team to 
many great victories. 
Jason Zilewitz, capain, 
shows the immense poten- 
tial for more seasons like 
this one in upcoming years. 

Sports 15 


John Pappas winds up for a swing 

Boys tennis team 

Pat Houser looks ready to play 

16 Student Li fe 

John Glynn gets in stance. 

Girls tennis team 



Sarah Gould gets ready to hit the 

ball. Sara Weiner giggles as she plays. 

Sarah Jackson 

Rachel Apirian, Shannon Birtwell, and Cameron Curran 

Emily Steele student Life 17 


Julia Bussolari recieves 
her diploma. 

Say Goodbye! 
Graduating seniors pose 
for a picture. 

18 Student Life 

Mr. Berte 







atalie Levine and Katie Neil. 


Graduating senior boys 
embrace for the last * 

Dr. McGarry 

Andrew Dikan gives 
his speech. 

Student Life 19 

Masacksic Leadership Award: Christie Allen 

National School Choral Award: Jasmine Amegan 

A Trigonometry Award: Sarah Bergeron 

U of Mass. Alumni Book Award: Dan Bernstein 

Spanish Book Award: Sterling Blonder 

John Edward Kber Memorial Scholarship: Jody Boyle 

Colby College Book Award: Julia Capurso 

Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation: Carly Chase 

A Functions & Trigonometry Award: Amy Cowen 

The LHS Coaches' Award: Andrew Dikan 

AB Calculus Award: Caroline Ehresman 

National School Choral Award: David Ernst 

A Business Education Award - Award of Merit: Lindsey Fernald 

U.S. Academy at West Point (pres. Lt Col. Stephen Whit): Andrew Fortune 

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Ryan Foss 

Jeffrey I. Glaser, M.D. Mem. Scholarship Award: Matthew Galuska 

A Business Education Award of Merit: Daniel Galuska 

United States Air Force Academy: Jeffrey Gerlach 

Barbara Laub Fine Arts Award: Leah Glushien 

MVM Mathlete Award: Galina Gurok 

U.S. Air Force ROTC Scholarship (pres. by Major Richard Fairely): Bryan Harr 

U.S. Academy at West Point (pres. Lt.Col. Stephen White): Scott Harr 

Brown Book Award: Amira Hasenbush 

Ian David Wacks Quiet Courage Memorial Scholarship: Jose Hernandez 

AB Calculus Award: Christian Hicks 

Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award: Sean Hobin 

Masacksic Leadership Award: Sara Holland 

American High School Math Exam: Michael Jermyn 

Dartmouth Book Award: Michael Katoski 

Key Club Service Award: Catherine Landry 

Foreign Lang. Dept. Scholarship in French: Karen Laroche 

Excellence in English Award: William Lee 

Mass. Girls' State Award: Ann Lin 

A Functions & Trigonometry Award: :Lee Malin 

Masacksic Staff Achievement Award: Kathleen Mckee 

Guy Napoli Award: Daniel Mckenna 

National Portfolio Silver Key: Rebecca Michael 

John Philip Sousa Band Award: Susan Moore 

The Jean D. Roger Memorial Award Fund: Chelsea Paar 

American International College Book Award: James Pacella 

Masacksic Staff Achievement Award: Kathryn Perrakis 

Bay Path College Book Award: Kathryn Poltack 

Boston College Book Award: Colleen Rafferty 

St. Lawrence University Book Award: Zoe Rasmussen 

Ruth Wallace Achievement Award: Daniel Richton 

Mock Trial Certificate: Erin Riley 

Outstanding Female Athlete Award: Brittney Rothweiler 

Holy Cross Book Award: Scott Rousse 

Longmeadow Maternal Association Award: Anthony Santos 

Jewish War Vetrans Award: Andrew Schmidt 

U.S. Academy at West Point(pres. Lt. Col. Stephen White): Jason Stambovsky 

American High School Math Exam: Zachary Van Schouwen 

Longmeadow Lions Club Award: Gregory Waryasz 

National School orchestra Assoc. Award: Lee Weiss 

Longmeadow High School Music Award: Liza White 

Beatrice Heerschaft Award: John Williams 

Colgate University Book Award: Nathan Zyla 

20 Student Life 

Barbara Laub Fine Arts Award: Alison Basdekis 

Civitan Award: Alison Basdekis 

The Botero-Skolnick Scholarship: Daniel Berg 

Foreign Lang. Dept. Latin Book Award: Daniel Berg 

D.A.R. Good Citizen Award: Sarah Derby 

Erika Hess Memorial Service and Leadership Award: Sarah Derby 

Mock Trial Certificate: Brian Goff 

National Honor Society Award: Brian Goff 

National Portfolio Silver Key: Amy Higgins 

Foreign Language Dept. French Book Award: Amy Higgins 

Wellesley College Book Award:Julia Ishak 

Joe La Valley Scholastic Award: Julia Ishak 

Long. Education Assoc. Scholarship(Presented by Mrs. Karen Shea): Steven Leone 

Joe Winseck Award for Excellence in History: Steven Leone 

Joe La Valley Scholastic Award: Eric Lesser 

John X. Lynch Award: Eric Lesser 

Mount Holyoke College Book Award: Patricia Lin 

Rensselaer Medal: Patricia Lin 

James A. Poole Memorial Scholarship:Jeffrey McCormick 

Edward Finklehoffe Scholarship(Presented by Mrs. Karen Shea): Jeffrey McCormick 

Foriegn Lang. Dept. Scholarship in Latin: Rachel Parzivand 

Long. Education Assoc. Scholarship(Presented by Mrs. Karen Shea) 

Achievement in English Award:Bethany Peck 

Masacksic Staff Achievement Award: Bethany Peck 

Everett Eastman Award: Elizabeth Plummer 

A Physics Award: Elizabeth Plummer 

James A. Poole Memorial Scholarship: Deborah Sunter 

Probability & Statistics Award: Deborah Sunter 

Yale Book Award: Melinda Tang 

A Physics Award: Melinda Tang 

Noel M. Burke Scholarship Award: Heidi Tannenbaum 

Impressions Award: Heidi Tannenbaum 

Smith College Book Award: Frances Sara Wiseman 

AFS Student Club Service Award: Frances Sara Wiseman 

Babson College Book Award: Jacob Hausmann 

A Business Education Leadership Award: Jacob Hausmann 

Mass. Boys' State Award: Jacob Hausmann 

Foriegn Lang. Dept. Scholarship in Spanish:Andrea Merrill 

Scholar Athlete Award: Andrea Merril 

The Superintendent's Award: Andrea Merril 

A Business Education Service Award:Timothy O'Leary 

Mock Trial Certificate: Timothy O'Leary 

Jet Jotter Award: Timothy O'Leary 

Univ. of Penna. Book Award: Emma Plaut 

D.A.R. History Book Award: Emma Plaut 

Impressions Award: Emma Plaut 

Foreign Lang. Dept. Spanish Book Award: Jason Seigel 

Jet Jotter Award: Jason Seigel 

Longmeadow School Committee Award: Jason Seigel 

Longmeadow Historical Society/Timothy Paige Award: Jordana Starr 

Longmeadow Lions club Award: Jordana Starr 

Mock Trial Certificate:Jordana Starr 

National Portfolio Silver Key:Amy White 

Barbara Laub Fine Arts Award: Amy White 

Ruth Wallace Achievement Award: Amy White 

Harvard Book Award: David Jangraw 

Student Life 21 

American High School Math Exam: David Jangraw 

Bausch & Lomb Science Award: David Jangraw 

A Physics Award: David Jangraw 

George E. Aldrich Scholarship for Excellence in Mathematics: Carol Rosenberg 

Probability & Statistics Award: Carol Rosenberg 

Amer. Chemical Soc. Participant Award: Carol Rosenberg 

The Superintendent's Award: Carol Rosenberg 

Presidential Academic Fitness Awards: Elizabeth Adams, Lynn Arthur, Pearl Chauhan, Paul Collins, 

Katherine Compton, Elizabeth Cossin, Sarah Derby, Andrew Dikan, Elizabeth Durfee, Caroline 

Ehresman, David Ernst, Lindsey Fernald, R.Andrew Ftzpatick, Ryan Foss, Jeffrey Gerlach, Brian 

Goff, Marie Hemmelgarn, Krista Henneman, Christian Hicks, Amy Higgins, Sara Holland, Rachel 

Kaye, Michael Klein, Sarah Krill, Bradley Kucab, Karen Laroche, William Lee, Sari Linson, Joseph 

Mante, Jeffrey McCormick, Stephen McGorry, Andrea Merrill, Rebecca Michael, Elizabeth Plummer, 

Emily Porter, Erin Riley, Carol Rosenberg, Jason Seigel, Daniel Shapiro, Michelle Spivak, Jordana 

Starr, Deborah Sunter, Heidi Tennenbaum, Sarah Tivoli, Gregory Waryasz, Bevan Weissman, Liza 

White, Laura Whitehouse 

Congratulations Kelly Cline 

Love from 



Nick and 
sister Kieki 

22 Student Life 

Supplement Editors : Erin Randall and Kim Howard 

With help from: Roger LeBlanc, Kerry Shea, Kate Weinmann, Becky Gauthier 

Student Life 23 


3 ! 

2 * 

S 5 


... Comes From Some 
Other Beginnings End 


Richard Salter Storrs Library 

693 Longmeadow St. 

Longmeadow, MA 01 106 


Table of Contents 





Juniors A 




Student Life 

Fine Arts 



Congratulatory Ads 
















2 Courtyard 

Courtyard 3 

We will never forget... 

It is impossible to speak of the Longmeadow High School 
Yearbook without mentioning Mr. LeBlanc, or "Rog", as we 
call him. He has devoted thirty-nine years of hard work to the 
yearbook and dedication to the students. The Masacksic Staff 
would like to thank you, Rog, for always being there for us. You 
have been more than generous with your time and help. For 
many of us, you have become more than a teacher or advisor; 
you have become a mentor, as well as a friend, and your 
classroom, a second home. We could not have done it without 
you and we will never forget the effort you put into yearbook 
and the touch you have had on our lives. You will be greatly 
missed. We wish you a happy and relaxing retirement. 
Thank you, Rog. 

4 Dcdi 


The class of 2003 proudly dedicates this years Masacksic to Mr. 
Martin Conway. Mr. Conway always inspires his students to do well in 
his class. He has a great sense of humor that makes learning seem fun for 
all and has taught all his students to take pride in their work. He is also 
willing to help a student to understand the material no matter what it 
takes. No one will ever forget his "demented smiley faces" and witty 
sense of humor. i 

Mr. Conway is not only a great teacher to his students but also a 
wonderful person. Last year, he recieved the Joseph]. Winseck award for 
excellence in teaching. He is a caring individual who always has a smile 
on his face. He is always there to support his students. 

On behalf of the Class of 2003, 
we wish Mr. Conway good luck and happiness in his retirement, you 


will be missed at LHS. 


Martin Conway 

Dedication 5 

Senior Memories 

'Tor long you live and high you fly, And 
smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry, 
And all you touch and all you'll see is all 
you'll ever be" A 

~The Who 

6 Senior Candids 

Senior Candids 7 

8 Candids 

Candids 9 

Senior Memories 

"We just fly away from here... 

10 Senior Cand ids 

...our hopes and dreams are out there some- 
where." g ~Steven Tyler 

Senior Candids 11 

12 Candids 

Senior Memories 

-• v 'ft? 

"Spread your wings... 

14 Senior Candids 

...and prepare to fly" 

~Mariah Carey 


Senior Candids 15 

Senior Class Advisors 

Dear Class of 2003, 

When I started out with all of you in September 1999 it was my first time as a class advisor. I didn't know 
quite what to expect, but I knew that you were secial as soon as I began meeting each one of you in the strudent office 
during class elections. Since that day, we have grown together through various fundrasiers and social events. My 
personal favorites were the Lock-In, the Sophomore Semi and the Senior Class Play. What other class could have 
pulled off West Side Story? As I write this, plans are being made for your senior activites and I know that they will be 
the perfect culmination of a great four years at Longmeadow high School. 

In addition to your high rate of participation in class activities, you will certainly be remembered for your 
tremendous contribution to the successful Proposition 2 1/2 override. So many of you helped to write letters, make 
phones calls and stand with signs to help preserve the educational quality of the Longmeadow school system. 

I have enjoyed being both your teacher and advisor. I would like to thank Eric, Chris, Jessy, Megan and Liz 
for their dedicatd leadership and I wish each and every one of you much love, happiness and success in the future. 
Mrs. (Sra.) Maloney 

Each time I write a Class Advisor Masaksic letter, it triggers reflections on the transformations of the students 
as they have progressed from insecure Freshmen to the graduating Class of 2003. There have been many steps along 
the way to graduation and they have not been the same for every student. Many of the steps were fun and exciting 
and led to new experiences. However, if not all the steps have been positive, each one has moved an individual alon 
their own path. Even missteps were opportunities to learn and thus make more productuctive choices in the future. 

How many steps make up the path to graduation? From the moment each of you walked in the door as 
Freshmem, you began your journey along your personal path. Many things have influenced your steps. Your aca- 
demic achievements are obviously the most important. Athletics and club memberships have also made a large 
impact. There have also been activities which involved you with Longmeadow High School and the other members 
of the Class of 2003. 

There was theTFreshman Dance where you stared at 
all the other students and wondered how to survive. With 
much more confidence there was the Sophomore Lock-In 
which was a great success - who needs sleep any way? You 
were really ready for the twinkling lights and sophistication 
of the Sophomore Dinner dance. As Juniors here was no hes- |j 
itancy as you enetered the room of the Junior/Senior Semifo- 
rmal - all of you looked great! 

The Senior Class Play was chosen with determination 
and a "can do" attitude. The fantastic success of the play 
came from dedication, hard work, determination, and the 
willingness to put personal feelings aside for the "good" of 
the play. The productions highlighted the tremendous prog- 
ress along the path to maturity. This years' Junior/Senior S- 
emiformal reinforced the feelings that you enjoy spedning ti- 
me with your classmates. 

Now as we prepare for the Graduation itself, remme- 
ber the steps you took to get here. They will always be a pa- 
rt of you memories, but it is time for new steps. The class is 
no longer worried abuot finding their classrooms, they are n- 
ow focused on finding theirfutures. 
Good Luck to All - we will miss you! 
Mrs. Sutter 

16 Seniors 

Senior Class Officers 

As we reach milestones in time our natural tendency is to look and 
to reflect on experiences we have had and of times past. From our first 
day of ninth grade, to the Sophomore Lock-In, the Senior Class Play and 
Graduation Day, our time in high school will surely be remembered for 
the events, happy and sad, that shaped our four years here. Hopefully, 
the memories we take with us will become a part of who we are, and 
allow us to look forward, empowering each of us to seek the best as we 
travel through life. If we do this, we will always be proud members of 
the Longmeadow High School Class of 2003. 

We have been honored to serve as your Class Officers. Good luck to the 
Class of 2003, and may the memories live on and make us stronger. 

With Love, 

Eric, Chris, Liz, Megan and Jessy 

Seniors 17 



18 Seniors 

"1/ 1 spread my wings I can fly. 

I believe I can I can fly. 
I think about it every night and 


Spread my wings and fly away. 

I see me running through that open 

I believe I can fly." 
~R. Kelly 

Seniors 19 

Carissa Adams 


Matthew Adams 

178 Knoll wood Drive 

Cross Country-10,11,12 
Wrestling- 12 
School Record-10,11 

"I was put on this planet for one 
reason and one reason only... to 
have fun!" 

"I respect the house of anyone 
who sanctions havin fun in high 

-M.Adam J 
"We have only one life to live, liv«^ 
it so when it's over, there are no 

-M.Adam I 

Pepper, Spamlo, Bumpo, 8.6 

Anastasia Alexopoulous 

Rachel Apirian 

180 Lawrence Drive 

Swimming-9,10,1 1 
Key Club-9 
JCC swim Instructor-11,12 
nternship at the Reminder-12 

"The greatest regrets we have in 
life are the risks we never took." 

- Anonymous 

20 Seniors 

Salvatore Alfarone 

19 Oakwood Drive 

"Each day gets more and more liW 
the last day, still I can see it 
coming while I'm standing in the 
river drowning, this could be mv 
chance to break out, this could be 
my chance to say goodbye, at last i 
it's finally over, couldn't take this 
town much longer, being half deal 
wasn't what I planned to be, now 
I'm ready to be free so here I am 
it's in my hands and i'll savor 
even moment of this so here I ami 
alive at last and I'll savor every 
moment of this." 

-The Use< 

Mec, Roni, Sal, Dom 

Seth Appleman 

68 Northfield Road 



Astronomy Club-9 

AV tech aid for LPS-11 

Computer Technician for LPS- 12 


Scuba Diving-10, 11.12 


"Is there ever any wonder why w 
look to the skv, searching space, 
asking why? All alone, where is 
t iod f 1 poking down, we don't 


Juice, Big Apple 

Sarah Al-Huss 

147 Wheelmeadow Drive 

Field Hockey-9,10,11,12 




French Club-9,10,1 1,12 

Key Club-9 


Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

Sunday School Teacher-9,10,11,12 


"Do not go where the path may lead 
you, go instead where there is no 
path and leave a trail." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 
"The future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty of their dreams" 
-Sydney Bremer 

Al-Hou, Al, Linr 



Vladmir Alekseyevets 

245 Brookwood Drive 


"What's Money? A man in a success 
if he gets up in the morning and 
goes to bed at night and in between 
does what he wants to go." 

~ Bob Dylan 


Vladdy Daddy, Vloodsky 

Alison Anderson 1 

Northfield Road 





Indoor track-12 

Pep Band-9,10,1 1,12 

^^^m S^W 

A * Tv 4 ^^^^| 

Key Club-9,10 


Soccer Ref-9,10,11,12 

Youth Basketball Coach-9,10 

CCD Teacher-12 

"The space between the tears we 

cry is the laughter that keeps us 

coming back for more." 

^^ i j 

-Dave Mathews 


Thomas Anthony 


^t- ^■l 




Asma Awais 

250 Twin Hills Drive 

Debate Team-9 
Cross Country-10 
Business Club-9 
International Club-11,12 
Latin club-1 1,12 

I believe that unarmed truth and 
unconditional love will have the 
final word in reality. That is why 
right, temporarily defeated, is 
stronger than evil triumphant." 

-Martin Luther King Jr 

Nathaniel Balder 

Seniors 21 

John Barbeau 

79 Viscount Road 

Student Government-9,10 (Vice 


Lacrosse-9, 10,11 ,12 

Outing Club-12 

Crestview Country Club- 


"If a man does not keep pace 
with his companions, perhaps it 
is because he hears a different 
drummer. Let him step to the 
music he hears, however 
measred or far away." 

~ Henry David Thoreau 

Jay, Jayman, Barbayow 

Nicholas Barkett 

60 Wimbleton Drive 


"Be courteous to all, but intimate 
with few, and let those few be 
tried before you give them your 
confidence. True friendship is a 
plant of slow grow and must 
undergo and withstand the 
shocks of adversity before it is 
entitled to the appellation." 

~ George Washington 

Barkett, Barky, Nick 

| J* 

ffrey Beattie 

111 Longfellow Drive 


Hockey-10,ll,12(Captain 11,12) 


Men's Chorus-11,12 

WTM Challge Cup Champions 

WTM Challege Cup All 

Tournament Team-11 

CCD Teacher 

"Without vision, we are blind to 

1 Bee 

ittie, Beats, Jeff 

Alexander Bederak 


47 Longview Drive 






"I've missed more than 9,000 

shots in my career. I've lost 

more than 3,000 games. 26 


times, I've been trusted to take 

the game winning shot and 
missed. I've failed over and 
over again in my life. And that 
is why I succeed." 

~ Michael Jordan 

Carly Berezin 

180 Deepwoods Drive 

Rough Draft-12(Submissions Editor) 


Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

NCSY-9,10,ll,12(Vice President 


USY-9,10,11,12 (Vice President 


"And it you call, I will answer, anil if 
\ otl fall, I'll pick you up, and if you 
court this disaster, I'll point you 

- The Barenaked I adies 
"I've never been frightened of being 

enlightened. Hut somethings win go 
too tar though sometimes I stammer 
and mix up mv grammar you get 

what my meanings are " 

- The Barenaked Ladies 

Carlita, QB, Q Bita 

22 Seniors 

Naomi Berezin 


5 Williamsburg Drive 

Women's Chorus-9 
La Cappella-10 


"It's not brave if you're not 


~ Unknown 

Devra Barr 

> 12 Clifford Lane 

Key Club-9,10,1 1,12 

Yearbook- 10 

Senior Class Play Sets 

USY-9,10(Vice President 

Community),ll(Vice President 


"Imagination is more important 
than knowledge. Knowledge is 
limited. Imagination encircles 
the world." 

~ Albert Einstein 

Der, Devi, DevDev, Devar Barr 

Cassandra Baxter 

76 Ellington Street 

Senior Class Play 
Powder Pufff 

"Damn everything but the 

~ e. e. Cummings 

Cassie, Cass 

Matthew Benoit 

76 Blokland Drive 

Wind Ensemble-9,10,11,12 

Mens Chorus-9 

Ski Team-11,12 

Cross Country-10,11,12 

'The executive who works from 
8AM to 8 PM everday will be both 
very successful and fondly 
remember by his widow's next 


Jamie Berg J 

103 Blueberry Hill Road 

Key Club-9 
Drill Team-10 
Powder Puff 

"I wanted a perfect ending. Now 
I've learned the hard way that some 
poems don't rhyme, and some stories 
don't have a clear beginning, middle, 
and end. Life is about not knowing, 
having to change, taking the moment 
and making the best of it, without 
knowing what's going to hapen 

~ Gilda Radner 
"Once you're born you start dying so 
you might as wel have a good time." 

i BP% •> "B 

Berg, Jibbers, far 


Erin Benscht 

21 Birchwood Avenue 

Key Club-10,11 



"Life is what happens to you 
while you're busy making other 

- John Lennon 

flLr -* 



Matthew Bernadis 

Lyrics-l 1,12 

Senior District-10,11,12 

Senior Class Play 

Guitarist & Singer In My Own Band 

"One good thing about music, when 
it hits you, you feel no pain. So hit 
me with music, brutalize me with 

~ Bob Marley 

Matt, Matty B 

Seniors 23 

Daniel Bernstein 

41 Fen wood Road 

Baseball-9,10,1 l,12(Captain) 

Indoor Track-11,12 



Math Team-12 

Science League-11,12 (State 

Second Place) 

Spanish Club-ll(Vice President) 

NHS-ll,12(Fundraising Chair) 

"All there is to life is baseball, 
nothing else really matters. The 
Toronto Blue Jays are the 
greatest team in the western 


Darius Bessette 

250 Bel-Air Drive 

Cross Country-10,ll,12(Captain) 

Track&Field- 9,10,11,12 

Senior Class Play Financial 





"Comer es Poder" 

~ El Rincon 
"Never look back, never give up, 
and always reach your goal. 
Your endurance and persever- 
ance is what separates you from 
the pack" 


Superman, Dar 

Ashley Bistran 

19 Harwich Road 

Soccer-9,10,11, 12 
Wind Ensemble-11,12 
Concert Band-9,10 
Key Club-9,10 
Peer Training-9,10 
YPS-9,10,ll,12(Section Leader) 
Powder Puff 

"But I've loved these days. So before we 
end and then begn, we'll drink a toast to 
how it's been. A few more hours to be 
complete, a few more that I can say that 
I've really loved these days." 

- Billy Joel 

"Such as we are made of, such we be." 

- William Shakespeare 

Ash, Bis 

Kristina Bonatakis 

137 Wheelmeadow Drive 

Impressions-12(Art Editor) 

"Take a step back and every- 
thing will look ridiculous." 


Class of 2003 

24 Seniors 

Lisa Braun 

125 Hopkins Place 



Cross Country- 10 

Swim Team-9,10,ll,12(Captain) 

Concert Band-9 

Wind Ensemble-10,11,12 

Senior District-10,11,12 


"It is our choices., that show what we 
truely are, far more than our 

- Albus Dumbledoit 

"Dance as though no one is watching 
you, lo\ e as though vou have m\ a 
been hurt before, sing as though no 
one can hear you, live as though 
heaven is on earth 

- Sou /a 

Lift/ Lis 

Sarah Betle] 

89 Shady Knoll Drive 

/ 1 



Senior Class Play 


Buona Vita-9,10 





"You meet people who forget 

you. You forget people you 


meet. But sometimes you meet 

those people you can't forget. 

Those are your real friends." 


~ Anonymous 

Betley, Betel, Betsy, CD 

Kathryn Bielunis 

91 Longfellow Drive 

Key Club-9,10 



Dance Team-ll,12(Captain) 

Business Plan Competition-11 

r ji 

Young Entrepreneur of the Year- 


Limited Too-ll,12(Lead Brand 


Peer Leader-9, 10,11, 12 

NHS-11,12 I 


"If you can imagine it you can 3 


achieve it." 


~ William Arthur Ward 1 


"Dance like everybody is 



S^m \ 

Katie, Kate, KB, 


Richard Bontempo 


Christopher Bourbeau 

Criminal Justice intemship-11,12 



"If everyone is thinking alike 
then somebody isn't thinking." 
~ General George S. Patton Jr. 


"A pessimist sees the difficulty 
in every opportunity; an 
optimist sees the opportunity in 
every difficulty." 

~ Winston Churchill 




Trooper, Bobo, C 


Derrick Brewer 

598 Maple Road 
/ISPCC Volunteer-12 

Brewsky, Brew 

Collin Brigli 

Cross Country-9,10 


Bliss Frisbee-10,11,12(NHS Champ) 

Cool RunnersClub-11 

"The question is not 'Is God on our 
side', but are we on gods side." 

Bf^ • J 


m. l^A 

"So many times we live our lives in 

m * m 

the key" 


-The Eagles 

"The yearbook said that you'd be 

another winner, you forgot what 

success should mean." 


m jM 

"Public opinon is a weak tryrant 

compared with our own private 



Seniors 25 

Shelley Broverman 

35 Caravelle Drive 

Field Hockey-9,10 


Cross Country-11 


^^f ' 


Womens chorus-9 

wJ ! i 

Basketball Manager-11 

Powder Puff 
Senior Class play 




"And in the end it's not the years 
in your life that count. It's the life 
in your years." 


-Abraham Lincoln 


Shels, Shelly Ann 

1 Pe 

ter Cangialosi 

223 Academy Drive 

Anime Club Founder-9,1 0,1 1,12 
Star Scout-12 
Alaska Trip-10 

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live 
as if you'll die tomorrow." 


John Chamberland 

65 Longmeadow Street 

International Club-11, 12 
President Membership) 
Track&Field-9, 10,1 1,12 

"Jokes, ha, I get jokes." 

~ Homer Simpson 

"Most people would sooner die 
than think; in fact, they do SO." 

- Bertrand Russell 

J.C., J -bird, Johnny 

26 Seniors 

Rory Brown 

224 Ellington Road 


Ski team-12 

JCC Basketball-12 

Prudential Financial-11,12 

"Life is not measured by the breath 
we take, but by the moments that 
take our breath away." 

Julia Capurso 

94 Edgewood Avenue 

Wind Ensemble-9,10,11,12 
Symphony Orchestra-9,10,11,12 
Yearbook-10,11, 12 (Co-Editor-in-Chief) 

"If one advances confidently n te 
direction of his dreams, and endeavors t 
live the life which he imagined... he will 
put some things behind, will pass an 
invisible boundary. ..As he simplifies his 
life, the laws of the universe will appear 
less complex, and solitude will not 
be solitude, nor poverty poverty, nor 
weakness weakness, if you have built 
castles in the air, vour work need not be| 
lost; that is where they should be. Now I 
put the foundations under them." 

-Henrv D. Thcreau, WaldA 

J AC, Jules, JC 

Tina Chin 

67 Lincoln Road 

International Club- 10,1 l,12(Secretary 

Science Leage- 11,12 

Impressions-12(Copv Editor) 

Art Club-10,1 1,12 

Concert Band-9,10,ll(Section Leader) 

Wind Ensemble- 12 

Senior Class Plav Set Design 




Drama Qub-9 

"I always knew I'd laugh n hen l 
thought about the tiems I cried, but I 

ne\ er knew Id i rv when I thought 
about the times I laughed, 

I omorrovi it maj change. . 


T, Tiki, Tin-dawg, Tina-rina 

Lauren Burns 1 

17 Homestead Boulvard flESF^E^^^^S'^^^^^^l 


Senior Class Play ^HEfliil m^ ^^^^^Ia.1 

"Be happy and love yourself for "^L ^^^B^^^^^B 
who you ^^ idH^HI^^^^^H 

Burns, Burnsey, Carta j 

Thien-Anh Cai 

92 Branch Street 

Health Aid-11,12 

Sylvan Learning Center-12 


"You make my madness disappear. 

You rub my conscience everytime 

you're near. Help me make it 

ET ,' / ^m 

through another year, And if you 

W •/ W M 

weren't here I have no one to wipe 

r r/mJ ^k 

away my tears. And tell me there's 

nothing to fear. A man like you is 

W <^k 

one of a kind, hard to find, Comes 

once in my lifetime, I'm glad you 

chose me out of all." 


TA, Anhny, Tango 

Joseph Casper 

189 Wolf Swamp Road 




Drchestra-9,10,ll,12(Section Leader) 

azz Band-12 

Senior District Orchestra-11 

'Gotta let your soulshine, it's better 
han sunshine, it's better than 
noonshine, damn sure better than 
a in." 

~ Warren Haynes 

Hope is a good breakfast but a bad 

-Francis Bacon 

V VE - ■ * 

Joe, Joey C. 

Tyler Churchill 

233 Franklin Road 




Key Club-9 



■ * 

Tennis Instructor-12 



' Jf^^^H 


Lacrosse Manager-9 


Basketball Manager-10 

Powder Puff 


Senior Class Play 

"We only live once, but if we 

live right, once is enough." 

~ Bob Marley 


Courtney Centeno 

75 Whitmun Road 


"I can't remember all the times I 
tried to tell myself to hold on to 
these moments as they pass." 

~ Counting Crows 

1 ~^^^^A ^^^^^^L. .^B 

CC, Ceecee 

Elizabeth Cohen 

66 Crescent Road 

Swimming-9, 1 0, 1 1 

JKKto. %^ 


French Club-9,10 


La Cappella-(Section Leader)10,ll,12 



Cudas Swim team-9, 10,11, 12 


Equine Journal-11,12 

Equestrian Outfitters-11,12 

"When one door closes another one 


Liz, Lizzie, Coco 

Zachary Cohen 


34 Edson Street 

Key Club-10 
Outing Club-10 


1, Crimshaw 


Nikita Coleman 



Dance- 11,12 


Senior Class Plav 


Buena Vita-9,10,11 

Six Flags-11 


"Remember me in smiles and 


laughes, for that's how I'll 

remember you. ..if you can only 
remember me in sadness and 

tears, then don't remember me 
at all." 

"Moving on is simple, it's what 
you leave behind that hurts." 
"All or nothing..." 

Nikki, Chaquita, Keets 

Francesco D'agostino 

172 Cedar Road 

Buisness Club-12 
CCD Teacher 

"Junior year I stopped in the 
middle of the game, put my 
knee on the ball, and did the 
sign of the cross in front of a kid 
I didn't like. He didn't have a 

"Play the game for fun but love 
it while you are doing it!" 
"God put us here, so let's obey 


Jaclyn Darling 

51 Magnolia Circle 



■^ ■ 

USY on Wheels-10 


Equestrian (REX)-9,10,11,12 


Jericho Therapuetic Equine 


Powder Puff 

Senior Class Play 


. "Many people watch, but few 
1 see." 

-Monty Roberts 


Jackie, J, Darling 

28 Seniors 

Justin D'Elia 

179 Inverness Lane 

"The road we choose is the road 
we make, may we all find our 
true life." 


Claro de los Reyes 

74 Chiswick Street 


Cool Runners Club-10 

Unity Club-9,10,1 1,12 

Track-9,1 0,1 1,12 

Cross Country-10,ll,12(Captain) 

Indoor Track-11,12 

Summer Enrichment Staff-11,12 

Outing Club-12 

Senior Class Plaj 

O.rig'i.nal'i t\ : 

1, The quantity or state of being 
original. 2, Freshness of aspect, | 
design, or style. 3, The power of ' 
independence thought or 
c o ns tructive imagination. 

Clark, De Los 

Talia Cossin 

384 Converse Street 

Key Club-9,10,1U2 

Jet Jotter-11,12 (Opinions Editor) 

"Go confidently in the direction 
of your dreams. Live the life you 
have imagined." 

-Henry David Thoreau 

Tal, Big T , Tc 

Megan Danahey 

95 Dunsany Drive 



^ - " » " * 


* k\ 






Softball-9,10,ll,12(Captain 11, 


St.Mary's Basketball Coach- 




Senior Class Play 


fi •.< 

Powder Puff 


"But I loved these days. So 

before we end then begin, we'll 

drink a toast to how its been. A 

few more hours to complete. A 

few more times that I can say 

taht I've really loved these 



-Billy Joel 1 


Meg, Meggy D, Megi 

%, Megz 

Elisabeth Cramer 

42 Glenbrook Lane 

Key Club-9,10 

Baystate Student Ambassador-9.10 


Peer Training-10(Publicity Chair) 







^B ^ W 

Orchestra-9,1 0,1 1,12 


■ 1 1 

French Club-11,12 

j I I 



Class Vice President- 12 

Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

"Our memories will last a lifetime. 

We'll take the best, forget the rest 

and someday remember these as the 

best of times." 

l a im 

Liz, Crame, McGuire, Biz 

Francesco Daniele 

64 Magnolia Circle 

Concert Band-9 


Soccer-9,10,ll,12(Captain 11,12) 

Spanish Club-ll,12(President 



"Do not follow where the path 
may lead. Go, instead, where 
there is no path and leave a 


MW**- ^ ^ 

Cesco, Daniele, Pa 


Peter DePergola 

Merideth Donald 

29 Bel-Air Drive 

All-Star Cheerleading-11,12 

"Dream what you want to dream, go 
where you want to go, and be who 
you wantto be, because you only 
have one life and one chance to do 

"Time to save the world, where in 
the world is all the time? So many 
thing, I still don't know, so many 
times I've changed my mind. Guess I 
was born to make mistakes but I ain't 
scared to take the weight, so when I 
stumble off the path I know my heart 
will guide me back" 

-Erykah Badu 

Mer, Merd ,Merdy 

Seniors 29 

Rachelle Douillard-Proulx 

36 Nelson Street E. Longmeadow 

Key Club-9,10,11,12 
(District Board 10,11) 
Concert Band-9,10 
Wind Ensemble-11,12 
Powder Puff 
Senior Class Play 

"If there's a fork in the road, take it." 

-Yogi Berra 
"The most wasted of all days is one 
without laughter." 

-E.E. Cummings 
"I've learned that no matter how 
serious life requires you to be, you 
should always have a friend you can 
act goofy with." 

Rachel, RDP, DP, Rash 

Concetta Duncan 

28 Ardsley Road 

Field Hockey-10 

^^H .— ^^^^H 


N.E.D.C. Company-9,10,11,12 


Church Youth Group- 




IV j 

Spanish Club-ll(Secretary) 



Senior Class Play Choreographer 1 


Powder Puff 

"The tragedy of life is not what 
man suffers but rather what he 


^L H 

Concetta Mana, Chets, Connie D 

Jennifer Ehrlich 

265 Converse Street 


^ '* 

Key Club-9 
Concert Band-9 

1 ^M* 

Junior District-9 
Drill Team-9,10 


1 **> ♦* 

Amnesty International- 
10,11 (Treasurer) 
Horseback Riding-9,10,11,12 

m k A 

ff ■ 



r I 

f M 

Powder Puff 

— 1 

"One drink to remember and 
another to forget." 


-Dave Matthews Band 

Jen, Jenny, Jae, Bee] 

Janna Falvo 

55 Woodside Drive 

"The best and most beautiful 
things in the world cannot be 
seen or even touched. They must 
be felt with the heart." 

"Best friends never tell each 
other that they are best friends, 
they just know." 

"All or nothing..." 

Jan, fa, / 

30 Seniors 

Christina Eldridge 

15 Pinewood Drive 


"I like my music loud, so I can 
feel it, and it moves me." 

Elhj, Billy, El, Blondie 

Ian Fiedler 

89 Fairview Street 

Martial Arts- 10,11 

Historical Reenacting-9,10,1 1,12 

Richard Dybdahl 

Emily Eaton 

70 Hazelwood Avenue 

Softball-10,ll,12(Captain 11,12) 


Senior Class Play 

"You can plan a pretty picnic 
but you can't predict the 

"The eyes are not responsible 
when the mind does the seeing.' 
-Publics Syrus 


Victoria Ellis 

Shaun Fagai 

119 Inverness Lane 

Twin Hills-10,11,12 


"The only good is knowledge 

and the only evil ignorance." 


Malibu, Fagi 



Matthew Fioretti j 

%. 1 

^k IMll ,# 

Dana Fisher 

33 Duxbury Lane 

Key Club-9 

Snowboarding-9, 10, 11,12 
Teaching Assisant-10,11,12 

"Don't wander through this 
glassy surface, expecting to find 
more than me, because 
what am I without a purpose, 
but a lone mirage to see." 


Dani, Zac, Pickles 

Seniors 31 

Kaitlin Foley 

87 Converse Street 

Athletic Trainer Internship-10,12 
Ian D 3 on 3-11, 12 
Powder Puff 
Senior Class Play 

"In the end, no matter what I 
pretend, the journey is more 
important than the end or the 
start. "-Linken Park 

"My favorite red dress, is my 
avorite pair of blue 
jeans. "-Garth Brooks 

Kait, Foe 

Nicole Forrest 

22 Brookwood Drive 


Astronomy Club-9 



Jet Jotter-9,10,11 

Graduation Usher-11 

Greenwood Park and Rec-10,11,12 


Peer Training-9,10,12 

"Not everyone has a sob story, and 
even if they do, it's no excuse." 

-Stephen Chbosky 
"The most wasted of all days is one 
without laughter." 

~E.E. Cummings 
"Speak when your angry, and you'll 
make the best speech you'll ever 

-Lawrence J. Peters 

Woodz, 4est, Neffy, Cole 

Joshua Gartman 




45 Viscount Koad 











Beth Gordon 

64 Pleasantview Avenue 

Lyrics-9, 10,11, 12(Section Leader 




Senior Class Play 

"Live your life as if the world is 
what it should be, to show it 
what it can be." 

"Talking about music is like 
dancing about architecture." 
-Playin By Heart 

Beeah, Tigga, Bethy, B 


ssa Guevara 



La Cappella-11,12 

Womens Group-ll,12(Secretary) 

Volunteer at MSPCC-1 2 

Powder Puff 

Senior Class Play 

"A dream is a wish your heart 
makes when you're fast asleep." 

"If there is anything better than 
to be loved, it is loving." 


Monkey, Guev, Gucvy, Puukin 

32 Seniors 

Galina Gurok 

41 Willet Drive 

French Club-9,10 
Chamber Concert-10,11 
Key Club- 11 
Math Team- 11,12 
Science League- 12 
Programming Club-12 
Piano Lessons-9,10,11, 12 

In the depth of winter, I finally 
teamed that within me there laj an 
invincible summer.' 1 

-Albert Camus 
'Fashion is a fbnn ol ugliness, so 
intolerable we have to alter it 
e\ on six months." 

-Oscar Wilde 
Too mudl of o good thing is 
m onderful." 

-Mae West 


Christian Gagnier 

129 Farmington Avenue 



Crestview Country Club-10,11,12 

'The man who in view of gain thinks 
of righteousness; who in the view of 
danger is prepared to give up his life; 
and who does not forget an old 
agreement however far back it 
extends-such a man may be reckoned 
a complete man." 


'Every passing minute is another 
chance to turn it all around" 

-Vanilla Sky 

Chris, Quiet Storm, Gags 

Michael Gorodisher 

Stephen Hamlin 


'That's it! You people have 
stood in my way long enough, 
'm going to clown college!" 
-Homer Simpson 

Steve, Stevie, Steve-O 

Timothy Gartska 

47 Barclay Street 

Cross Country-9,1 0,1 U2 


Indoor Track-12 

Key Club-9,10,11,12 (Treasurer 11) 


Senior Class Play Stage Crew 

"The greatest risk is not taking 


Gartski, Timmy G 

Tyler Grigg 


106 Englewood Road 






t* 1 


"I'll make it." 

-Jimmy Chitwood 



"It's a dog eat dog world and 
I'm wearing milk gone under- 

-Evan Long 


"Hey, look! I'm in the yearbook 

-Chris Doney 



Ty, Griggsy, TBag, 7 

"y-Bo, Tig 

Jessica Hanmer 


123 Englewood Road 

Key Club-9,10,11,12 

Cross Country-10,11, 
Class Treasurer-9, 10,1 1,12 
Powder Puff 
Senior Class Play 





' * 

Jessy , Lou, ft 


Seniors 33 

Evan Hannay 

86 Hawthorn Street 



Hoops for Heart-10 
NHS Frisbee-lO(Champs) 
Men's Chorus-10,11 
Bliss Basketball-9,10,11,12 

"Stick a fork in it." 

-Scott Harr 


"Braves Win." 

-Skip Caray 

"It was like that when I got 

-Homer Simpson 

Autumn Harding 

218 Newton Road 




Drill Team-9,10,11 

Habitat for Humanity-12 

Powder Puff 

Senior Class Play 

"Like leaves, we must blow apart, 
but the ties between us grow 
stronger, for true friends never die, 
and in the end we'll meet again." 

"Best friends never tell each other 
that they are best friends, they just 

"All or nothing..." 

Aut, Autumnal, Adane, A.Hardy 

Jacob Hausman 

96 Pinewood Hills 

BPA-10,lU2(State Officer) 

PBA National Finalist-10,11 


Cross Country-10,ll,12(Captain) 


Key Club-10,11,12 

Boys State Award-11 


"Self confidence s the first 
requisite to great undertakings." 
-Samuel Johnson 

'Comer es Poder" 

Jake, faco Taco 

-El Rincon 


gan Hennessy 


25 Chatham Road 


Field Hockey-9,10(Captain),ll 


Swimming-9,10,1 l,12(Captain) 


Pioneer Aquatic Club-9,10,11,12 

Class Council Secretary- 

1/* ^wl 

Ronald McDonald House Teen 




District Learning Team-1 1,12 


Powder Puff 
Senior Class Play 


"It's not what the world hold for 

you, it's what you bring to it 

-Anne Shirley 


4 Seniors 

Patrick Hayes 

~ 144 Wolf Swamp Road 




Ian D. 3 on 3-10,11 


Basketball Clinic Counselor-10 

Basketball Camp Counselor-11 

Springfield Rescue Mission-11, 

Jet Jotter-12 

Indoor Track-12 

JCC Basketball-12 



Wille Mays, PJ, Hove 

Peter Hogan 

1313 South Branch Parkway 




"The world is your oyster cause, 
that's all the world is." 

-Adam Carolla 

"Guj s lets use our fear against 

-Seth Appleman 


Jeffrey Harrelson 

105 Benedict Terrace 


Soccer-9,10,ll,12(Captain 11,12) 


Concert Band-9,10,ll,12(Section 


Spanish Club-11 

MIAA Sportsmanship Summit-11 

Graduation Usher-11 


'The more you think about things the 
weirder they seem. Take this milk. Why 
do we drink 'cow' milk? Who was the 
guy who first looked at a cow and said 
'I think I'll drink whatever comes out of 
these things when I squeeze them?'." 
-Bill Watterson 

"Get it done." 
-John Rauseo 

Harry, Monkey, Hare 

Amira Hasenbush j 

42 Chatham Road 

Rough Draft-9 

Tenor Saxapone-9 

Peer Training-9,10 

Concert Band-10,11 


Yearbook-10,1 l,12(Organizations Editor) 

Brown Book Award-11 

National Merit Commendation-11 

1 f& ^'"V 


Wind Ensemble-12 


Gus and Paul's-12 

Jewish Nursing Home-9,10,11,12 

^L \ # . 


Impressions-9,1 0,1 1,12 


NCSY-9,10,ll,12(Board Member at Large) 

^^^k WB ^^H 

"There is a melody that pulsates through 

the universe, and its song is that we are all 


-Yitta Halberstam and Judith Leventhal 

^^^^■B J £ n H|r ■ f] 

Mir-Mir, Amirica, 


Kendall Hedges 

92 Hopkins Place 

Field Hockey-9,10,11,12 
Yearbook-10,ll,12(Photo Editor) 
Pep Band-9 / 10 / ll / 12(Conductor) 
Hoby Ambassador-10,11,12 

IjL, ^ 

"Be not afraid of death, but of the 
unlived life." 

r * 


-Tuck Everlasting 

-Mary Poppins 
"Oh my gosh-Its snowing!" 

-Caitlin Whitney 

* 1 

Justin Henneman 

357 Green Hill Road 





JCC Camp Counselor-11 

Business Club-11 

Ski Team-11 

Science League-11,12 

Spanish Club-1 1,12 


International CIub-11,12 

^K 1 *^ 

Spanish Video-12 

Math Team-12 

Indoor Track-12 


"Strength does not come from 

physical capacity. It comes from an 

indomitable will." 

-Mahatma Gandhi 

"Comer es Poder." 

S * 1 

W. Brett Holm 

147 Shaker Road 


Football-9,10,ll / 12(Captain) 
Spanish Club-1 1,12 

"Everything we do, we do it 

B Holm, B 

Sarah Holmquist 

167 Hazardville Road 


Church Youth Group-9,10,11,12 

Community Service-9,10,11,12 

Womens Chorus-9 

La Cappella-10,11,12 



Camp Calumet-ll,12(Counselor) 

Senior Class Play 

"Moving on is a chance that you take 
every time you try to stay together. 
Say a word out of line and you will 
find that the friends you had are 
gone forever. So many faces in and 
out of my life. Some will last, some 
will just be now and then. Life is a 
series of hello's and goodbye's. I'm 
afraid it's time for goodbye." 

Holtner, Holmfly, Betel #2 

Seniors 35 

Adam Horowitz 

53 Inverness Lane 


Cross Country-10,11 


Business Club-12 


Javonne James 

134 Catherine Street Springfield 

Unity Club- 9,11,12 

Baystate Medical Center- 11,12 

"Never give up keep you head up" 

~ Jaheim 
"Love: a word that comes and goes, 
but do people really know what it 
means to really love somebody" 

- Kirk Franklin 
"Can I get any cuter than this?" 

Suga, Black Baby, Patuneya 

Jameson Humphries 

1399 Longmeadow Street 

JCC Basketball-10 

"God places the heaviest burden 
on those who can carry its 

- Reggie White 

Jamo, Jatne 

Michael Jangl 

96 Meadow Road E. Longmeadow 



Cross Country-10 

Peer Training-9,10,1 1,12 


Outing Club-9,10,11,12 (President) 


PALS-11, 12 



WEU Camp Counselor-9,1 0,1 1,12 


"Climb the moutains and get their 
good tidings. Nature's peace will 
flow into ou as sunshine flows into 
trees. The winds will blow their own 
freshness into you while cares will 
drop off like autumn leaes." 

- John Muir 

Mike, Jangles, Jangl 

Emily Johnson 

66 Maplewood Street 


Summer Enrichment Volunteer- 


Computer Assistant-11,12 


"What lies behind us and what 
lies before us are small matters 
compared to what lies within us. 
And when we bring what is 
within us out into the world, 
miracles happen." 

~ Henry David Thoreau 

Em, Em J. 

36 Seniors 

Jonathan Jordan 

126 Field Road 

Cool Runners-11 
Spanish Club-11 

"True terror is to wake up one 
morning and discover that your 
high school class is running the 

~ Kurt Vonnegut Jr. 

Nina Iavicoli 

Julia Ishak 

73 Woodland Road 

1 I 

FAITH-1 l / 12(Organizer) 


Cross Country-9,10,11 


NHS Community Chair 

• 'fm'^r^ *1 

Masacksic Copy Editor-10,11,12 


French Club-9,10 

^^^ fjfc 1 

Science League-9,10 
International Club-9,10 

i r ** M 

"Just as I have loved you, you should 

- A *■ aM 1 

love one another" 


"I won't convince you with anything 

I say but maybe you will see his love 

in how it is portrayed - An act of 

kindness - A loving sacrifice - simple 

ltitle things that have the power to 

change your life" 

-Jaci Velasquez 

Jou-Jou, Jules, J 


David Jangraw 

17 Clifford Lane 




Wind Ensemble-9,10,11,12 

-™~ ^-"^^^M 1 



gk 4 


Science League-9,12 



Jet Jotter-9,10 


Senior Class Play 

Pep Band-9,10,1 1,12 


W. Mass District Chorus-10,11 

1 » 

Mass All-State Chorus-10,11 


^m I 

Trinity UMC Youth Group and 


Handbell Choir-9,10,1 1,12 




Boar's Head Festival-9,10,11,12 



El Rincon-11 



"There is no security in this life, there is 

w i 


only opportunity" 

W I 

Douglas MacArthur 


"Comer es poder!" 

Dave, DJ, Little Jangraw 

Michael Katoski 

43 Meadow Road 

El Rincon-11, 12 



Concert Band-9 

Science League-12 


Ultimate Frisbee Club-12(Cofounder) 

"Comer es poder" 

"Dying a little bit makes you 

appreciate life" 

~ Jerry Cantrell 
"You run and you run to catch up 
with the sun, but it's sinking, racing 
around to come up behind you 
again. The sun is the same in a 
relative way, but you're older, 
shorter of breath and one day closer 
to death." 

~ Pink Floyd 

Mikito, Mygwell, Mi 

Michael Jermyn 

18 Duxbury Lane 

Math Team-9,10,11,12 
Science League-11,12 
Jet Jotter-ll( Artist) 
Programming Team-10,11/12 

"Je fais, mon voyage" 

Mike, Mikey 

Jason Kenyon 

Seniors 37 

Jordan Kessler 

72 Farmington Avenue 


WTM Hockey-12 




\ M 

"Dream as if you'll live foever, 
live as if you'll die today." 

~ James Dean 



"It takes neither coverage nor 
intelligence to cheer for a team 
only when that team wins. The 
true test of a fan's mettle is the 
same as it is for a player. . . were 
you there when you were 

Cap'n K, Dr. Funk, Chuck 

Cheri Kevane 

Lindsay King 

27 Rockland Street 


Track & Field-9,10,11,12 



Powder Puff 

Latin Club-9,10,ll,12(President) 


"Sometimes I wish life was like 
the movies. If something goes 
wrong you can cut it out or 
retake. But real life is more like 
Saturday Night Live, if you mess 
up, you move on" 


Michael Kreitzer 

370 Pinehurst Drive 

Outing Club-10,11,12 

"The water's rising and the 
rain's still coming down. 
There's a river give feet deep 
running down main street. Grab 
your children and head for 
higher ground, 'cause the dam's 
broke loose, and the flood's 
gonna wash away this town." 


Krcitz, Kreitza 

38 Seniors 

123 Shadv Side Drive 

Women's Group-11, ^(Presi- 

"I merely took the energy it 
takes to pout and wrote the 

~ Duke Ellingtor 

Checi, Cherry, Cherr 

Jeffrey Kolonoski 

128 Lincoln Park 

Men's Chorus-9,10,1 1,12 

"To be great is to be misunder- 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

K, Killa 

Lindsey Labecki 

990 Frank Smith Road 

Drama Ensemble-9 
La Cappella-12 
Photo Club-9, 10 

"I've learned to love myself for 
who 1 am, but I hate myself for 
not doing the things I know I 
should do or doing the things 1 
know I shouldn't do, and 
justifying those actions." 

zoid, Shortness, Hot wheeli 

Tara Kilroy 

23 Greenwich Road 

Women's Chorus-9 
La Capella-10 

"I'd rather laugh with the 
sinners than cry with the saints, 
the sinners are much more fun, 
besides everybody knows only 
the good die young." 

~ Billy 
"Dance like no one is watching, 
love like you have never lost, 
live like there is no tomorrow" 

Killer, Killer Kilroy, Tee 

Isaac Kim 

335 Inverness Lane 

Symphony Orchestra-9, 10,1 1,12 

(Section Leader 10,11,12) 


Street Racing-11,12 

Senior Class Play Pit Orchestra 


"Before God we are equally wise 
and equally foolish." 

~ Albert Einstein 



Marissa Komack 

10 Viscount Road 


"Life is a rollercoaster full of ups 
and downs, twists and turns. 
Hold on and don't ever let go 
because it all happens for a 
reason. Wether to challenge 
you, make you hink, or just keep 
you on your toes. Whatever's 
meant to be is just that." 

~ Anonymous 


Jeffrey Korman 

22 Kenmore Drive 

Business Co-founder-10,11 

"I intend to live forever - so far, 
so good" 

"When everything in life is 
coming your way, you're in the 
wrong lane." 

Korman, Big G 

u v 1 

Jessica Labulis 

110 Longmeadow Street 



Six Flags-11,12 



Senior Class Play Lighting Director 

Life is like a mirror, and what you 
see out there, you must first see 
inside of you." 

~ Famous Amos 
"Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to 

~ Shakespeare 
"Somebody has to sit on the curb and 
clap as they go by. 

~ Will Rogers 
"Enjoy life. There is plenty of time to 
be dead." 

~ Anon 

Jessie, Jess, Laboo 

Arik Lakritz 

142 Blueberry Hill Road 

Science League-11,12 
Rough Draft-12 
Programming Club-12 
Programming Team-9,10,11,12 
Drama Studio-9 

"If knowledge can create 
problems, it is not through 
ignorance that we can solve them" 
~ Asimov 
"I don't love studying. I hate 
stuyding. I like learning. 
Learning is beautiful" 

~ Natalie Portman 
"The human race has one really 
effective weapon, and that is 

~ Mark Twain 

An, Lakdady, Lakpapa 

Seniors 39 

Katy Lanouette 

M ' / 


16 Massachusetts Avenue 






Powder Puff 

"Remember to breathe and 
everything will be okay." 

~ Dashboard Confessional 

i / ^k i?fc 


1 w . 


Lannie, KT 

Megan Lenke 

70 Canterbury Lane 

La Cappella-9,10,1 
Prosepct House-11 

"You never take anything 
seriously, you never get hurt. 
You never get hurt, you always 
have fun." 



T Ann Lin 

18 Blokland Drive 



Young Peoples Symphony-9,10 

(Section Leader), 11, 12 

Senior District-9,10,11,12 

All-State Orchestra-11 


Track&Field-9,10,l l,12(Captain) 

Indoor track-11,12 



Math Team-9,10,1 1,12 


Science League-12 

Key Club-9 

Senior Class Play 

"Humor is also a way of saying 
something serious." 

-T.S. Eliot 

Annie, LiV Anne 

Patricia Lin 

136 Blueberry Hill Road 

Science League-9,10,11,12 

International Club-9,10,11,12 



Key Club-9,10,11,12 


Wind Ensemble-12 

Senior Class Play Pit Orchestra 


Pep Band-9,12 

Drill Team-10 

Peer Training-10 


"Be who you are and say what you 
feel because those who care don't 
matter and those who do don't care" 

- Dr. Seussj 
"Comer es poder" 

Patty, Pishi, Pattito 


Andrew Lucia 

34 Winding Lane 

Outing Club-9,10 

"Right near the beach, boyee" 

~ Thurgood Jenkins 

40 Seniors 

Elliot Lyons 

260 Longmeadow Street 

"Mi fail English? That's 

~ Ralph Wiggurfl 
"I have never let my schooling 
interfere with my education." 

~ Mark Twain 
"Do what you will, always walk 
where you like, your steps, do .is 
vou please, I will back vou up." 

"A thug changes and love 
changes and best friends become 

"Honestly, Dibbern is the man!" 


Eric Lesser 

51 Greenwich Road 

Class President-9,10,11,12 

Debate Team-9,10,11,12 


Jet Jotter-9 / 10(features 

editor), 11 (opinions editor), 


BPA-11 (National Finalist),12 

Political Organizer-9,1 0,1 1,12 

US House of Representatives 


US Senate page- 2 


The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty of 
their dreams." 

~ Eleanor Roosevelt 

Mr. President, Less-Dogg 

Jameson Liro-Hudson 

486 Maple Road 


"The difference between a successful 
person and others is not the lack of 
strength, not the lack of will, but 
rather in the lack of will." 

~ Vince Lombardi 
"The spirit, the will and the will to 
excelare the things to endure and 
these are the qualities that are so 
much more important than any of 
the events that occasion happen." 

~ Vince Lombardi 
"Confidence is contagious" 

~ Vince Lombardi 
"Word to Big Bird" 

~ Icerck5 

Big J, Lino 

Harrison Mackler 

54 Metacomet Road 


MHS-ll,12(Community service 

International Club-11,12 
Key Club-9,10,1 1,12 
Spanish Club-ll,12(Board) 
senior Class Play Producer 
[CC Camp Counselor-11,12 

There are two things to aim at 
in life: first, to get what you 
want; and after that, to enjoy it. 
Dnly the wisest of mankind 
icheive the second." 

~ Logan Pearsall Smith 

Macko, Bumble 

Jessica Levy 

251 Wolf Swamp Road 

Women's Chorus-9 
Camp Counselor-11,12 
Senior Class Play 
Powder Puff 

"Work like you don't need the 
money, love like your heart has 
never been broken, dance like no 
one is watching, live like heaven 
is on earth" 

- Anonymous 
"Life isn't about finding 
yourself, it's about creating 

~ George Bernard Shaw 

Jess, Jessie, Levy 

Timothy Lovett 

121 Captain Road 

"Time will be the judge of our 

Tim, Timmy 

Molly Magowan 

1451 Longmeadow Street 

I J& ^ 

Concert Band-9,10,ll,12(Section 


Women's Chorus-9 

t j^^^H A 

La Cappella-11,12 

r m"r ^^ 


• JjH-f m 

All Western Mass-11 

Doubles State Finalist-11 

Key Club-9,10,1 1,12 

i r^ ^m 

Olympic Torch Bearer-11 

Metro Softball-9,10,11, 12 

Senior Class Play Director-12 

1 JB 

"Tomorrow's another day, and I am 

* ^>^ M 

not afraid, so bring on the rain." 

"Tell me I can't do something and I'll 

work even harder to prove you 


- Derek Jeter 

"It's your heart and your soul, and 

you have to do what's right." 

- Mucci 

Molls, MM 

Jennifer Maier 

Lauren Malinowski 

216 Blueberry Hill Road 
Field Hockey-9,10,11,12 

/ W^ 


Lacrosse-9, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2(Captain) 



t. «-v 1 


Graduation Usher-11 
Powder Puff 



Concert Band-9 
Pep Band-9 

V ^ 

>» 7 

"Our truest life is when we 



dream awake." 

~ Henry David Thorea 

L. Ma/, Ma/ 


lice Marshall 

861 Converse Street 


1 # 

Cheerleader- 10 

Swim Team-10,12 


Cross Country-12 

^ f wm 


Amnestv International-11 

l jy>y tft 

* 'A. ' i 


Outing Club-ll,12(Vice President) 

Y | 

A flfl 

SADD-ll,12(Vice President) 

Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 




Senior District-11 


"put vour soul on the shelf, go on 

and love yourself, 'cause everything 

is gonna be alright." 


Ally cat, AM, AD 

Corey McDonald 

32 Sylvan Place 

Science League- 11,12 
International Club-11,12 

"Success is not the key to 
happiness. Hapiness is the key 
to success. If you love what you 
are doing, you will be success- 

- Albert Schweitzer 


Yoshitomi Matsumoto 


"Life is a journey to find 

~ Giichi Fujimot 

"Those who play the game do 
not see it as those who watch." 
~ Anonvmou 

Yodi, Yoshdazvg, Yoshi 

Kathryn McGorry 

186 West Road 

La Cappella-12 



Snow boarding-10,1 1,12 

"If you can imagine it, you can 
create it. If you can dream it, 
you can become it." 

tty, Kikat, Gato 

Christopher Marble 

bO Garret Lane 

|ndoor Track-12 
'ice President-11,12 
!ig Y Produce-9,10,ll,12(Clerk) 

Yummy, yummy.yump." 

- Cy Becker 

I am Garret. I am the only Garret, 
ou are not Garret." 


Calookookoo tooky tooky tooky." 


Magical spell is el-el-poo!" 

~ Gungon 

Before vou judge me, take a look at 

- Hetfield 

Garret, John Doe 

Kaylin Mayausky 

03 Ellington Road 


Vomen's Group-ll,12(Vice 



iorseback Riding-9,10,11,12 

.a Cappella-10,11,12 

Vomen's Chorus-9 


'rospect House Volunteer-12 

We accept the love we think we 

- The Perks Of Being A Wall- 
Some men see things as they are 
nd say why. I dream things that 
lever were and say why not." 

~ Robert Kennedy 


Karen McGrath 

7 Barday Street 


Zross Country-10 

Suburban Softball League-9,10 

4etro Softball League-10,11,12 

~.ey Club-9,10 

Duting Club-10 

Amnesty International-10,11,12 


("outh Congress-11,12 


Testview Country Club-9,10,11,12 

I could not ask for more than this 
ime together, could not ask for 
nore than this time with you, 
•very prayer has been answered, 
?very dream has come true." 

Kare, Karebear 

Jeffrey Marsh 

5 Eunice Drive 

Cross Country-9,11,12 

Art Club-10 

Senior Class Play Costume 


Fit Fashion Courses-12 

> * 

Mass Art Fashion Courses-11 

Guild Art Classes-11 

Prom Dress Designer 

"Sad soul, take comfort, not 

forget that sunrise never failed 

us yet." 

~ Celia Laighton Thattor 

Clark McCarthy-Miller 

68 Ellington Street 




"The key to eating the black and 
white cookie is to get some black 
and some white in every bite. 
Nothing mixes better than 
vanilla and chocolate, and yet 
racial harmony eludes us. If 
people would just look to the 
cookie, all of our problems 
would be solved." 

~ Jerry Seinfeld 


Sean McKenna 

201 Converse Street 

Cross Country-10,11,12 



Senior Class Play Stage Manager 

"Men talk of killing time when 
quietly time kills them." 


Irish Guy 

Christina McLean 

95 Yarmouth Street 

Ski Team-9 
[Amnesty International-10,11 
International Club-12 
[Senior Class Play 
Powder Puff 

"Dream until your dreams come 



"I'd rather laugh with the sinners 

than die with the saints. The sinners 

lare much more fun, because only the 

good die young." 

-Billy Joel 

"Life's a journey, not a destination 

|and I just cant tell just what 

tomorrow brings." 


Chrissy, Chris 

Robert Kyle Michael 

128 Converse Street 

Connie Mack Baseball-10 
American Legion Baseball-11,1 

"Champions aren't born thev'r 



lit ! 

TEX, Cowboy, Spanky 

Kathryn Murphy 

Geetha Mylvaganam 

^HWf ^ M 

1031 Converse Street 

International Club-10,ll,12(Vice 
Cross Country-ll,12(Captain) 
Indoor Track-ll,12(Captain) 
Concert Band-9,11 
Key Club-12 

"Another turning point a fork stuck! 1 
in the road time grabs you by the 
wrist directs you where to go. So 
make the best of this test and dont 
ask why. It's not a question but a 1 
lesson learned in time." 

-Green Day 
"I want to thank you for making this 
day neccessary." 

-Yogi Berra 


," Geeth, G-Dawq 


44 Seniors 

1 Joseph Neil 


222 Colony Road 





Business Club(Historian) 

"Twenty years from now you 

will be more dissapointed by the 


things you didn't do than by the 

Ones vim did do. So throw off 

• , 4A ' 

the bowlines. Sail away from the 
safe harbor. Catch the trade 
winds in your sails. Explore. 
Dream. Discover." 

-Mark Twain 

"Always hold onto vour friends 



because without them you are 

^m|L_j L \ fl **"■* 

-Joe Neil 


c, Joey, Neilsy 

Jennifer O'Brien 

100 Crescent Road 

Track&Field-9, 1 0, 1 1 ,1 2(Capta 

Indoor Trackll,12 


Cross Country-1 1 

Diving- 10 

Youth Soccer Ref-10 



Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 


"Do not go where the path ma 
lead, go instead where there is 
no path and leave a trail." 

-Ralph Waldo Emer 

Jenny, Jen, Twig, OB, JO, JMO 


Ryan Mullen 

53 Rugby Road 



Mens Chorus-9,10,12 

Senior Class Play 

St. Mary's-11,12 

Youth Group-9,10 


"Every man dies but not every 
man truly lives." 

-William Wallace 

"Only the good die young." 

-Billy Joel 

Rye, Mullet 

Nathan Nadeau 

11 Shaker Road 


Ryan O'Connell 

16 Fairhill Drive 

: oreign Language Department 

La vida pasaia mas facil sin 
ementar las cosas que has 
lecho, sino las cosas que no has 


Ry, Ry Guy 

Kathleen Murphy 

95 South Park Ave 




Amnesty International-10,11,12 

Debate Club-10,11 

Key Club-9,12 

Senior Class Play-1 l(Pit Orchestra) 


Yearbook-12 (Faculty Editor) 

Powder Puff 


Carnegie Hall-9,12 




"Friendship is unnecessary, like 
philosophy, like art. has no 
survival value; rather gives value to 

~C.S. Lewis 

Katie, Kate, Kathy 

W. Kevin O'Donnell ] 

16 Roseland Terrace 

Volunteer at MSPCC-12 



"One good thing about music is 
that it makes everybody feel high." 
-Bob Marley 

OD, Goofy 

Seniors 45 

Caitlin O'Leary 

74 Forest Glen Road 

School Council Rep-9,10,11,12 

Amnestv-10,1 l(Secretary),12 

International Club (HMUN and 


Outing Club-10 

1 1 I JA 


rK T T W*W\ 

Yearbook Editor-11,12 

Powder Puff Captain 


Cross Country-9,10,ll,12(Captain) 

^^^k. J ^H^kU 

Indoor Track- 11, 12 


Assistant Kids Track Coach-11,12 

"We find comfort among those who 

~^ . |^ i> 'd^H^I 

agree with us— growth among those 

who don't." 

-Frank A. Clark 

Cait, Caitie, CaitieO 

Ryan O'Leary 

67 Wimbleton Drive 


oncert Band-9,10,ll,12(Section 

partans Drum and Bugle Cor 
Boston Crusaders Drum and Bi 
Men's Chorus-12 
Twin Hills Country Club-10,11; 
Rays of Hope Volunteer-10 

The men held tall with their 
rhests' in the air, with courage i 
heir blood and fire in their sta 
'Every man dies but not every i 
ruely lives." 


O, McLeary, Ireland 

Nathan Olszewski 

2 Russell Road 

Soccer-9,1 0,1 1,12 
Swimming-9, 10,11, 12(Captain) 
Senior Class Play 

"The measure of success is not 
whether you have a tough problem 
to deal with, but whether it's the 
same problem you had last year." 
-John Foster Dulles 


John Pappas 

424 Pinewood Drive 




"Fake it til you make it." 

-Andy Dick 

"Together we stand, divided we 
stand further apart." 


Pappy, JP 


Yuki Otani 

289 Tanglewood Drive 

Volleyball-9,10,1 1 ,12(Captain) 


Japanese Language School-9,10,1 

Powder Puff 

Do unto others as you would 1 
them do unto you." 

"Thirty years from now, it won't 
matter what shoes you wore, hov 
your hair looked, or the jeans yon 
bought. What will matter is what 
learned and how vou used it." 

Timothy O'Leary 

6 Villa Street 

A Jotter-10,ll,12(Managing Editor) 
i earbook-10,ll,12(Business Editor) 

usiness Club-ll,12(President) 
o imnesty International-9 

)uting Club-10 

eer Training-10,11,12 

Lindsay Overson 

10 Bliss Road 

\l\ that I am or hope to be I owe 
my mother." 

-Abraham Lincoln 

3e who you are and say what you 
I el because those who mind don't 
atter and those who matter don't 

-Dr. Seuss 


Scott Payne 

Indoor Track-11,12 

Inside of a ring or out, ain't 
nothing wrong with going 
down. It's staying down thats 

-Muhammad Ali 

Scoots, Scooter, Wang 

Kaitlin O'Rourke 

21 Cambridge Circle 

Field Hockey-9,10 
Volleyball-1 l,12(Captain) 
La Cappella-10,ll,12(Section 
Key Club-10 
Limited Too-1 1,12 

"Friends are the most important 
part of your life. Treasure the tears, 
treasure the laughter, but most 
importantly, treasure the memories" 

"And the trouble is, if you don't risk 
anything, you risk even more." 

-Erica Jong! 

Kate, KO, KeO 

James Pacella 


206 Colony Road 

Science Lea gue-1 1,12 
Math Club-11,12 
Spanish Club-11 
NHS-ll,12(Tutoring Chair) 
Senior Class Play 

"No one in football should be 
called a genius. A genius is a guy 
like Norman Einstein." 


Jim, Poochella, Poochie 

Amy Paysnick 

142 Cambridge Circle 

Concert Band-9 

Wind Ensemble-10,ll,12(Section 



Senior District-10,11, 12 


Symphony Orchestra-12 



Senior Class Play Pit Orchestra 

"Sometimes seems like such a 
hard life, but there's good times 
around the bend, rollercoaster's 
gotta roll to the bottom, if you 
want to climb to the top again." 
-String Cheese Incident 

Apays, Amo, Ames 

Seniors 47 

Sarah Peck 

132 Massachusetts Avenue 

"To accomplish great things, we 

must not only act but also 

dream, not only dream but also 


^ Vvi 

Pecfc, Peckee 

Rebecca Peskin 

~~ 19 Natanis Path 


Carnegie Hall-9 

Amnesty International-10,11 


Key Club- 11, 12 

International Club-12 


Powder Puff 

Senior Class Play Pit Orchestra 

Chocolate Work's-10,11,12 

Pep Band- 11 

"Nothing comes from nothing, noth 
ever could." 

-The Sound of Music I 

"For what do we live, but to make 
sport for our neighbors, and laughl 
them in our own turn?" 
-Jane Austen 

Becky, Mac, Pesky, Q, Peskin 

Caroline Picknally 

57 Wyndward Road 



m " 


Key Club- 10 



Internship with Trainer-11 

Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

Sylvan Learning Center-10,11, 12 


"I always knew I'd look back on 

the times I cried and laugh, but I 
never thought I'd look back on 
the times I laughed and cry." 


Eric Polep 

41 Pendleton Lane 

Cross Country-11 
1 loops for Heart-9,10,11,12 
Key Club-11,12 

"Kids you tried your best and 
tailed miserably. The lesson is, 
never try." 

-Homer Simpson 

"It something's hard to do, then 
it's not worth doing." 

-Homer Simpson 


48 Seniors 

Nicola Platzer 

100 Hilltop Road 

KeyClub-9,10 / ll,12(Board 11,1 
Cross Country-9,10,ll,12(Capb 
Indoor Track-12 
Amnesty International-11,12 

"Bid me run, and I will strive' 
things impossible." 

-William Shakesc 


Kathryn Poltack 

54 Chatham Road 

Soccer-9, 1 
Lacrosse-9,10 11,12 


Senior Class Play 
Powder Puff 

"I keep waiting for the tune whai 
can finall) s.n that this has all 
been wonderful but now I'm on 
m\ way." 


Katie, Stick, Ptack 

Brenton Peters 

Emma Plaut 

56 Colton Place 


"My methods of navigation have 
their advantages. I may not have 
gone where I intended to go, but 
I think I have ended up where I 
needed to be." 

-Douglas Adams 


Simon Prefontaine 

9 Captain Road 

ey Club-10 

ki Team-9,10,ll,12(Captain) 
enior Class Play 



Em, M, Emdahling 

Pre, Slytnon, Canuck 

Kathleen Petroff 

117 Crescent Road 




Women's Chorus-9 



Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

"You can't buy back time, so stop 
and love, and dance and live, and 
laugh until you cry, don't wake 
up and realize your time has 
passed you by." 

-Edwin McCain 

Katie, KP, Petroff 

Janet Pohli 

220 Twin Hills Drive 

Volleyball-9,10,1 l,12(Captain 10,12) 

&~ "V 

Yearbook-10,1 l,12(Section Editor) 

Lyrics-10,ll,12(Section Leader) 

1 1 

Pep Band-9,10,11,12 


Concert Band-9,10,11 


Chamber Concert-10,11,12 

I Cantori-10,11,12 

Swedish Fish-10,11,12 

«^ § 

Western Districts Chorus-9,10,11,12 

I i 

All-State Chorus-10,11, 12 

J I 

All-Eastern Chorus-11,12 




Who's Who Award-10,11,12 

Powder Puff 

Senior Class Play 

"May you look back on the past with as 

much pleasure as you look toward to 

the future" 

-Paul Dickson 

JPO, PO, JP, Ct 


Mary Provenzano 

Seniors 49 

Ross Purdy 

23 Woodlawn Place 


Young Marines-9 

Longmeadow Community Market- 





"Cause I'm as free as a bird now, and 
this bird you cannot change." 

-Lynard Skynard 

"I got a lot of living to do before I die 
and I ain't got time to waste." 

-50 Cent 

"Hey look it's Captain Bringdown 
and the Buzzkillers." 

-Bart Simpson 

Stephen Rafter 

Zoe Rasmussen 

119 Bel-Air Drive 

Astronomy Club-9 
Key Club-10 

Yearbook-10,ll,12(Editor 11,12) 
Chorus-9,1 0,1 1 ,1 2(Section Leader) 

"What is meant to be will be." 

-Laurvn I lil 

"Everything turns out okay in the 
end. If it's not okay, it's not the 

Mimi, T, Zeo, Zosaphitta 

50 Seniors 

Alison Quinn 

25 Lawrence Drive 


La Cappella-10,ll,12(Section 


Women's Chorus-9 

Key Club-10 

Yearbook- 1 0,1 1 ,1 2(Co-Editor-in| 


Powder Puff 

Senior Class Play 

"Dreams do come true, follows 
heart, believe in yourself and yj 
will succeed." 


AH, Quinn, Q 

Jeremy Randall 

Andrew Ratner 

120 Ely Way 


Student Life Editor-1 1,12 



Punk Rocker 

Emo Kid 

Dave's Soda & Pet Food City 

"If a man does not keep pace 
with his companions perhapsB 
is becase he hears a different 
drummer. Let him step to th( 
music which he hears, howei 
measured or far awa) 


atner, Rat, Marsh-y, Ncrl, Andm 

1255 Williams Street 

Holyoke Community College-12 

"Then as it was, then again it will be. 
Though the course may change 
sometimes, rivers always reach the 

-Led Zeppelin 

"Despair can ravage you if you turn 
your head around and look down the 
path that's led you here, cause what 
can you change?" 

-Saves the Day 

Marcy Racicot 

"Expose yourself to your deepest fear; 
after that, fear has no power, and the 
fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. 
You are free." 

-Jim Morrison 

Marc, Silly Girl 

168 Lawrence 

Krystle Randall 


Youth Lacrosse Coach-9,10 



Science League-11,12 

Spanish Club-11,12 


Squad Leader Mass. State Police 


Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

Friendly 's-11, 12 

"Highly motivated, truly dedicated, 
rough and tough." 


Love all, trust a few, do wrong to 

-William Shakespeare 


Benjamin Reardon 

8 Robin Road 

Diving Team-11 
Men's Chorus-10,11,12 
Senior Class Play 

"The more you are, the more 
you need, the more you 

-Howie Day 


Ben, Stifler 

Colleen Rafferty 

131 Crescent Road 

Field Hockey-9,10,ll,12(Captain) 


Lyrics-9,10,ll,12(Section Leader) 

I Cantori-9,10,11,12 

All-State Chorus-9 

Baystate Pediatric Volunteer-9,10 

Key Club-9,10 



Peer Training-lO(Secretary) 

State Student Advisory Council-11,12 


Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

"Oh the places you'll go! You have 
brains in your head, you have feet in 
your shoes, you can steer yourself in 
any direction you choose!" 

Coll, C-Raff, C-Diddy, Muffin 


Jonathan Rappaport 

197 Academy Drive 

Baseball-9,10,1 l,12(Captain) 


Cross Country-11 

Loaves and Fishes-12 


"The wheel is turning and you can't 

slow down, you can't let go and you 

can't hold on, you can't go back and you 

can't stand still, if the thunder don't get 

you then the lightning will." 


-Robert Hunter 

"Ain't it funny how the night moves." 

-Bob Seager 

1 A 

& J 

Jon, Rapp, Peter the Rabbit 

Lisa Reburn 

Seniors 51 

Brent Renius 

14 Essex Court 

Mountain Biking Club-9 
Cross Country-10,11,12 

"Think different." 

~ Apple Computer 


Seth Retchin 


227 Wimbleton Dr. 
20 H Jamestown Dr. 


Cross Country-10,11,12 

Indoor Track-1 1,1 2 


JCC Basketball-10,11,12 

JCC VolleybalI-9,10,11,12 


Open Pantry-9,10,1 1,12 

Cooperstown Baseball Trip-9 

International Club-11,12 

Outing Club-1 1,12 

Senior Class Play 

"Never look back; someone might be 
gaining on you." 

"Imagination is more important than 

Retchinator, Retchiko 

Emily Rosch 


133 Kenmore Dr. 

Symphony Orchestra- 9,10,11,12 

Cross Country- 10,11,12 

Track&Field- 11,12 

Cool Runners Club- 11 

Volunteer for Red Cross- 12 

Assistant Teacher at Montessori School 

of Springfield- 10,11,12 

Women's Chorus- 9 

NHS- 11,12 

Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss 

you will land amongst the stars." 

~Les Brown 
"You can make a differnece in the 
world, but keep in mind that the world 
can make a difference in you." 

Em, Emilie 

Lisa Rosenburg 

97 Cooley Dr. 

Rough Draft-10,ll,12(Photo/Aj,' 





"The wise man does not seek 
enlightenment, he waits for it. 
So while I was waiting, it 
occured to me that seeking 
preplexitv might be more fun. 
After all, enlightenment begins 
where perplexity ends." 

-Terrv Pratche 

Lis, Li 

Kendra Russell 


Lacrosse-9,1 0,1 1,12 
Cross Country- 12 
Woinens Chorus-9 
Indoor Track-12 
Powder Puff 
Senior Class Play 
Meals on Wheels-11, 


"Charge it, please! I hank you ver\ 


Russell, Dm, Pearls 

52 Seniors 

Matthew Russo 

208 Franklin Road 

Football- 9,10,U,12(Captain) 
Basketball- 9,10,ll,12(Captain) 

Baseball- 4,10 

Business Professionals Of America- 


NHS- 11.12 

"1 want to share something with yam 
the three sentences that will get you 
through lite Number one I o\ er tor 
me.' Numbei two 'Oh, good idea, 
Boss Number three. It was like thai 

when I got here 

I lomer Simpso 

"I never sleep cause sleep is the 

> ousin ol death 

\ A 


Jonathan Robitaille 

Scott Rousse 

5 Quinnehtuk Rd. 

.yrics- 11,12 

Drama Club-9 

mpressions-9,10,ll,12(Editor 11,12) 
Jough Draft-10(Reviews Editor) 

earnook- l,12(Fine Arts Editor) 

nternational Club-11,12(HMUN) 
'rench Club-9,10(Treasurer) 
Cey Club-10 
ienior Class Play 

Sing out, yeah, and everything's not 


Scottish Rooster, Scoot 

Kyle Ryan 

2 Hawthorn St. 

ioccer- 9,10,11 
-ield Hockey- 9,10 
Dance- 12 
'owder Puff 
enior Class Play 

'It's not that I like to work less I 
ust like to party more." 

'Take your time don't live life to 
ast, troubles will come and they 
vill pass." 

Kyky, Kykyry, Doiva 

Kristen Rohrbach 

145 Belleclaire Ave. 


International CIub-11,12 







Powder Puff 





"Be who you are say what you feel, 
because those who mind don't 
matter and those who matter don't 

-Dr. Seuss 



k 1 

"There is no possibility of being 
witty without a little ill nature." 

-Richard Brinsley Sheridan 

^^H r 



Matthew Ruiz 

Vincent Sabettini 


63 Albemarle Road 

Football-9,10,11,12 ^^H 

"Some are born great, some fl^^^H 
achieve greatness, and some have fl^^HT 
greatness upon them." t^^B* 
-Shakespeare 1 




Syko, Sab, The G 

re at 


Ryan Salomone 

75 Northfield Road 

Cross Country-10,11,12 
Basketball -9 
Indoor Track-11,12 
Key Club-10 
Senior Class Play 

"To give less than your best is to 
give away a gift." 

-Steve Prefontaine 

Derek Samble 

176 Dunn Road 

ockey 9,10,1 l,12(Captain) 
utomotive Tech 12 
treet Racing 11,12 

It doesn't matter if you win by I 
n inch or a mile, winning is 

-The Fast and the Furious I 

Pain is irrelevant for that it is a ] 
eakness of the mind." 


Tricky, D, Gouk 


Uicia Scher 

48 Hillcrest Avenue 




SAFL Cheerleading Coach-12 
Powder Puff 

°i 1 


"We all take different paths in 
life, but no matter where you go, 
you take a little bit of each other 
everywhere you go." 


►^^^ "1 




Jaime Schiffman 

145 Inverness Lane 



Youth Wrestling Coach-9,10,1 1,12 

Horizon Wrestling Club-9,10,1 1,12 


JCC Summer Camp Counselor- I 


"Oh tell me where your freedom I 
lies the streets are fields that nevej 
die. Deliver me from reasons why 
you'd rather cry, I'd rather flv" | 
-Jim Morrison 

Schiff, Shifty man 

Mary Beth Scully 

266 Academy Drive 


Soccer-9, 10 



Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 


"Good friends are hard to find, 
difficult to leave, and impossible to 

MB, Scully, Sculls, Bones 

54 Seniors 

Julie Seay 

75 Crestview Circle 


"1 just hope I don't become so blisfulfl 
become boring. 1 think I will always!! 
neurotic enough to do something 
H eird..." 

-Kurt CotB 
"I don't want to sell anything, buj 
anything, or process anything as .1 
career. I don't want to sell anything I 
bought or processed, or buv anything 
sold or processed, or process am thing 
sold, bought, or processed, or repair 
ait] align Bold, bought or processed. I 
You know, as a career, I don't want to 
do that 

-Say An \ thin 
"We're so trendy we can't even esafl 
ouiseh et 

-Kurt Corf 
Sally&Jillv- "BFUH" 

Plain Jane 

Anthony Santaniello 

582 Pinewood Drive 



Parking Lot Attendant-10 
Dad's Chattel-11 
"light Lessons-9 
State Street Singers-9 

Don't get in the way.' 



Malorie Schwartz 

5 Laurel Street 



enior Class Play Director 
H a Cappella-10,11,12 

'oice Lessons-10,11/12 

)rama Club-9,12 


:ough Draft-12(Lay-Out Editor) 

owder Puff 

!ommunity Theatre 

m I can't remember all the times I 
ied to tell myself to hold on to 
"lese moments as the pass." 

-Adam Duritz 

Mai, Noodle, Mimi 


Daniel Shapiro 

12 Green Hill Road 

^ind Ensamble-9,10,11,12 

izz Band-8,9,10,11,12 

X Basketball-9,10,1 l,12(Captain) 

'ross Country-11 


If you get confused, listen to the 
\usic play." 

-Robert Hunter 

Dan, Sparrow 

Vincent Santaniello 

Stefany Scliopou 

27 Dunburst Street 




Rays of Hope Walk-12 

Volunteer at Homeless Shelter-12 


Womens Group-11,12 


Indoor Track-12 

Outing Club-12 

Red, Greek Goddess, Greeek Princess, Queen 


Kerry Shea 

11 East Green which Road 


Field Hockey-9 



Sr. Districts-10,11,12 

All State-11,12 

International Club(HMUN)-9,10,l 1,12 


Peer Training-9,10 

NHS-ll,12(Tutoring Chair) 

Yearbook-10,ll,12(Fine Arts Editor) 


Dance Team-11 

Powder Puff 

Senoir Class Play 

"The most wasted time of days is that in 
which one has not laughed." 

-Sebastian Chaufort 

KShea, KER 

Seniors 55 


issa Sheehy 

79 Wenonah Road 

Drama Club-12 

International Club-11,12 


Yearbook-ll,12(Photo Editor) 
Key Club-12 
Powder Puff 

Senior Class Play 

"Use your head for something 
besides a hat rack." 

~ Grandpa 

Amos Shemesh 

112 Benedict Terrace 



Debate-9,10,12(Captain 10,12) 


Science League- 10, 11,12 



"Life doesn't start and stop at 
vour convenience, you miser- 
able. . ." 

- John Gooc 
"Holy Moly! Someone parked < 
our lawn!" 

Michael Shvakhman 


621 Maple Road 

Cross Country 
Whiffle Ball 

- Silent Bob 

"Don't eat yellow snow." 

~ Johnny Knoxville 

Tahd, Czar 

Andrea Sinclair 

39 Oak Hollow Drive 

Drama Club-9 
Dance Team-12 
Senior Class Pla\ 

"Shake it and bake it. . . but never 
fake it!" 

~ Elina Tochilniki 
"I can do all things through christ I 
who strengthens me." 

- Philippians ■fcB 
"Nothing is final until vou are dead, 
even then I'm sure God negotiates.™ 
- Ever AfW 
"To be in love is merely to be in a I 
state of perpetual anesthesia - to 
mistake an ordinary young woman » 
for a goddess." 

- H.L. Menclfl 

Rebecca Soja 

26 Oxford Road 

Soccer-9, 10,11 


Lacrosse-9, 1 




"Clothes make the man. Naked 
people have little or no influence 
in society." 

~ Mark Twain 

BDB, Sloja, Sohn 

Katherine Somers 

679 Longmeadow Street 



Yearbook- 11,12 

Amnesty International-1 1,12 


Senior Class Play 

"Here's to the nights we felt 
aln e. I fere's to the tears you 
knew vou'd cry. Here's to 
Goodbye, tomorrow gonna cool 
to soon." 



Wind Ensemble-9,1 0,1 1,12 

Lyrics- 12 

Debate Team-11 


let Jotter-9 

Pit Orchestra-9,12 



'If I could clone one thing I 
<to would clone a hot dog, you 
« :ould basically have a hot dog 

whenever you wanted." 

~ Harry Caray 


Joshua Shnider 

S5 Field Road 

Sean Skipton 



Creagh Spallino 


Jacob Shore-Suslowitz 

220 Greenacre Avenue 


Wind Ensemble-9,10,11,12 
Jazz Band-10,11,12 
Longmeadow Community 

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom 

~ Jimi Hendrix 




Chris Smith 

112 Warren Terrace 


"You can have your cake and eat 
it too." 

"If opportunity doesn't knock, 
build a door." 

~ Milton Berle 

"The highest compliment that 
you can pay me is to say that I 
work hard every day, that I 
never dog it." 

~ Wayne Gretsky 

^B i 


Stephen Spinelli III 

238 Longmeadow Street 

Swimming-9, 10,11, 12(Captain) 

Senior District-9,10,11,12 
Symphony Orchestra-11,12 
Choral Accompanist-10,11,12 
Schlastic Ail-American Swim Team 

"He said 'come to the edge.' I said T 
can't. I'm afriad.' He said 'come to 
the edge.' I said 'I can't, I'll fall off.' 
He said finally 'come to the edge.' 
And I came to the edge, and he 
pushed me, and I flew." 

- Guillame Apollinaire 

Seniors 57 

Maxine Squires 

33 Willow Circle 



International Club (BosMUN, HMUN) 

Senior Class Play Literary Producer 

Powder Puff 


USY-10,ll,12(Vice President Rel/Ed 



Ronald McDonald House Teen Board- 


"Life. Hope. Truth. Trust. Faith. 
Pride. Love. Lust. Pain. Hate. Lies. 
Fuilt. Laugh. Cry. Live. Die. Some 
friends become enemies; Some friends 
become your family. Make the best 
with what you're given. This ain't 
dying, this is living!" 

~ Good Charlotte 

SQ, Max, Maxinimiis, Neener 


Thomas Swiconek 


75 Franklin Road 


"Live everyday like it's our 

"I finally realized what hell is 
like, listening to your grandpar- 
ents breath through their nose 
while eating a pastrami on 

~ James Carey 
"You know they say, people in 
glass houses, sink ships." 

~ Boondock Saints 


ick, Szvichronic 

Lindsay Stark 

65 Greenwich Road 

Field Hockey-9 


Indoor Track-11,12 



Outing Club-10 

Amnesty International-10,11 



Edior 11,12) 

International Club-11,12 

Powder Puff 

Senior Class Play 

"Never shall I forget the the 1 
spent with you, please continu 
be my friend, as you will alway 
find me yours. 

- Beet 

Linds, Linny, L.L, Starky 

Matthew Tamsin 

Natalie Thomas 

44 Birnie Road 

Womens Chorus-9 



Horse Back Riding-9, 10, 11,12 

Mon Ami Hair Design-1 1,12 


Powder Puff 

"Sixteen springs and sixteen 
summers gone now cartwheels 
turn to carwheels through the 
town. Tell her take her time 
because it won't be long now, 'til 
she drags her heels just to slow 
the circles down." 

-Joni Mitchell 

Nannie, Minii 

58 Seniors 

Patrick Thompson 

138 GreenMeadow Drive 




Lacrosse-9,10, 11,12 

Cross Country-11,12 

Key Club-10,ll(Vice President! 

Debate Team-1 1,12 

Student Advisory Counsel-12 I 

CCD Teacher- 12 

"You have to expect things of 
yourself before you can do 

-Michael Jordan 


72 Shaker Road 


ndoor Track-11,12 

rench Club-10,H/12(Secretary) 
aj 'owder Puff 

Listen to the musn'ts, child, 
isten to the don'ts. Listen to the 
houldn'ts, the impssibles, the 
von'ts. Listen to the never 
'ft iaves then listen close to me. 
Anything can happen, child, 
mything can be." 

~ Shel Silverstein 

Em, Emila Jane, Steeleo 

Emily Steele 

Melinda Tang 

16 Shadyside Drive 

Science League-9, 10,11,12 
Cey Club-9,10,11,12 (Class Rep 11,12) 
v!HS-ll,12(Vice President) 
>chestra-9,10,ll,12(Concert Master 


oung People's Symphony-9, 10,11, 12 
(PS String Ensemble-10,11,12 

it Orchestra-11,12 
:1 Rincon-11,12 

Comer es poder." 

Invention is 93% perspiration, 6% 
lectricity, 4% evaporation, and 27% 
attterscoth ripple." 

- Willy Wonka 
A little nonsense now and then is 
elished by the wisest men." 

- Wonka 

Mindy, Gibbs, Smelly, Emu 

Elina Tochilnikova 

\rt Club-9,10,11,12 

National Leadership Conference-11 
nternational Club-11,12 
tearbook-KUZfArt Editor) 

mpressions-ll,12(Art Editor) 
ienior Class Play(Art Coordinator) 

There's a hero, if you look inside 
j2 'our heart, you don't have to be 
ifraid, of what you are. There's an 
inswer, if you reach into your soul, 
md the sorrow that you know, will 
nelt away." 

-Mariah Carey 
'Girls just wanna have fun." 

-Cindy Lauper 
Kind words can be short and easy 
o speak, but their echos are truly 

-Mother Teresa 
'Travel enriches the soul." 

Rachel Stern 

525 Wolf Swamp Road 

Field Hockey-9,10 


Cross Country-11,12 

Indoor Track-11,12 

Key Club-9,10,11,12 

Concert Band-9,10,11, 12 

Pep Band-9,10,11,12 

j M 

Camp Counselor-11,12 

d V sMfii 

Youth Track Coach-11,12 

£j \ IIJl 


1 Mi 1 

Senior Class Play 

K> ^^B 1 

Powder Puff 

■mMbA ^fl 

"Perhaps even these things, one 

day will be pleasing to remem- 




~ Virgil (Aenid) 

Abram Thai 

185 Green Hill Road 



Science League-1 1,12 


Hbw *3 

"Time is an illusion, lunchtime 
doubly so." 

"There is an art to flying. The 
knack lies in learning to throw 
yourself at the ground and miss." 

~ Douglas Adams 

jar *■- ^H I 


Jennifer Tolpa 

55 Ramblewood Drive 

Drill Team-10 

"A friendship can weather most 
things and thrive in thin soil; but it 
needs a little mulch of letters and 
phone calls and small, silly presents 
every so often-just to save it from 
drying out completely." 

"I'm glad I did it, partly becasue it 
was well worth it, and chiefly 
becasue I shall never have to do it 

Jenn, Tolpa 

Seniors 59 

Kathenne Toye 

' " ■ 587 Laurel Street 


■ i 

^Sk v ■ Basketball-9,10,ll,12(Captain) 

qK^^^^W BLacrosse-9,10,11,12 

• ^ r L ' BPALS-11,12 

i k[ l"Oops! I did it again..." 

^.<' ^L ^fl I -Britne) Spears 

I It ^1 

Katie, Toye, Kate, Katet 

Tim Travers 

246 Captain Road 





Outing Club 


"Through mugh of the last century, 
America's faith in freedom and democrafl 
was a rock in a raging sea. Now it is a sej 
upon the wind, taking root in mam 

-George W. B 
"Here's the rule for bargains: Do other I 
men, for they would do you. That's the I 
true business precept." 

-Charles Dick* 
"Plough deep while slugards sleep." 

-Benjamin Fr\inki 
"Some things are better left unsaid." 

-Mike ShavakH 
"Let's JAM." 

- Rc.irdo 

Tim, T-Bone, Rovers, T-Man 

Alex Trietsch 


Eric Walbridge 

70 White Oaks Drive 

Bottle Shop 

Walbridge, Wally 

60 Seniors 

Jonathan Viamari 

"■103 Pleasantview Avenue 

Men's Chorus-9,10,12 
Senior Class Play 

"As long as I can remember I 
wanted to be a gangster." 

-Good fellas 

Jono, Jojo, Manetee 

Sara Weiner 

14" I ynnwood Drive 


Unity Club-9,10,ll,12(Secretary) I 

International Club- 1 1 12 

Drill Team-9,10,11 

knitting Club-12 

\nim'-t\ International- 10, ll(Viofl 


NHS-11. 12 

"The last time of anything has theB 
poignancy of death itself.. .oh, the ■ 

time how clearh \ ou -it e\ er\ thinf 
as though a magnifying light had I 
been turned on it And vou grieve 
because \ nu hadn't held it tighter I 
when you had it e\ er\ da\ look at 
everything always as though vou 
were Seeing it either tor the first or 

the last time/ 

Leon Traynham 

25 Willard Avenue 




Hoops for Heart-9,10(Champion) 

Ian D 3 on 3-11,12 

Unity Club-12 

Men's Chorus-12 

Senior Class Play 

"Joe I'm not your friend." 

"This is not the beginning or the 
end. It's not even the beginning 
of the end but, the end of the 

-Jake "the snake" Roberts 
"What's the crackalackin?" 


Stephen Viamari 

182 Coventry Lane 

Soccer- 9,10,11,12 Captain 
Wrestling- 9, 10, 11, 12 

"Always leave them laughing 
when you say good-bye." 

-Mother Goose 

Steve, Via 

Daniel Whipple 

100 Grassy Gutter Road 

Soccer- 9,10,11 
Basketball- 9,10,11 
Lacrosse- 9,10,11,12 
Football- 12 

"If you go to a party, and you 
want to be the popular one, do 
this: wait until no one is looking, 
then kick a burning log out of 
the fireplace onto the carpet. 
Then jump on top of it with your 
body and yell, Log o' fire, log o' 
fire, I've never done this, but I 
think it'd work." 

-Jack Handey 

Whip, DNIP, That Gay 

Michael Tremble 

74 Warren Terrace 1 1 

Soccer- 9,10,11 ^.W»bBw^VV 

Football- 12 ' ; >"* * 

Track and Field- 9,10,11,12 

Wrestling- 9,10 

Mens Chorus- 9,10,12 ^^. ^W 

Youth Wrestling Coach- 9 

"What lies behind us and what J 
lies ahead of us are tiny matters 

compared to what lives within i 1 
us." 1 J 1 
-Oliver Wendell Holmes / 

1 \ r 

Trent, Tremble 

Hollie Wacks 

18 Essex Court 

Varsity Cheerleading- 9,10,11 

Gymnastics- 9,10,11 

The Ian D. Three on Three- 11,12 

Bob's Stores- 11,12 

Powder Puff 

"Live life to the fullest; it is your 
greatest gift!" 

-Ian Wacks 

"It's not that chocolates are a 
substitute for love. Love is a 
substitute for chocolate. Chocolate 
is, let's face it, far more reliable 
than a man." 

-Miranda Ingram 

Holls, Wacker, Wackeroo 

Joseph White 

Cross Country-9,10,11,12 
Indoor Track-11,12 

"I'm gonna love you till the 
heavens stop the rain. I'm gonna 
love you till the stars fall from 
the sky for you and I"~Robbie 

Gucci, Jose, Jojo 

Seniors 61 

Caitlin Whitney 

bJ. Nnollwood unve 
Field Hockey-9,10 

Field Hockev Coach-11 

*""^* i ^ t^k 

Basketball Coach- 10 



Kev Club-10 

Jett Jotter-10 

V 1 



Powder Puff 

E ^H 

"Time is a wheel in constant 


motion, always rolling us along. 

Tell me who wants to look back 

on all their years, and wonder 

where those years have gone..." 

-Lee Ann Womack 


, Wliittle, Tliumper 

Nikki Woodward 

J 4 hairheld lerrance 


Swim Team-9,10,H,12(Captain 12) 


Women's Chorus-9 

1 J 

La Cappella-9,10,ll,12(Section 

1 ' 



Youth Swim Coach-11,12 

USA Swimming Scholastic All 

Powder Puff 

"Map out your future, but do it in 

f 1 


"Tomorrow's life is too late. Live 

{ ^ 



^L ^H 

"We have two ears and one mouth so 
that we can listen twice as much as 
we speak." 



Woody, Nikkirae 

Florian Wieczorek 


Daniel Zwirko 

58 Shadvside Drive 




Lacrosse Bay State Games-llJ 

Odyssey Soccer-10(Counselo« 

Outing Club-12 

Holyoke Hospital-12(Voluntea 


"There is a road, no simple 
highway. Between the dawn an 
the dark of night. And if you gc 
no one may follow. That pathi 
for your steps alone." 

-Hunter and Garcia 


62 Seniors 


Callie Williams 

107 Green Willow Drive 


French Club-10,12 

Trainer Internship-11 

Amnesty International-11,12 

3oftball-9,10,ll,12(Captain 10) 

Dance Team-ll,12(Captain 11,12) 


Yearbook Photo Staff 

Kiddly Winks-11 


Powder Puff 

Senior Class Play(Choreogapher) 

'Starbucks run?" 

'Happiness is not a state to arrive at, 
nut a manner of travelling." 

-Margaret Lee Rurbeck 
Life is not a problem to be solved, 
nut a reality to be experienced." 

-Soren Kierkegaard 

Cals, C-dubs, CW, Calzone 

Nathan Zyla 

16 Edson Street 

Summer Enrichmen-10,11 
[an D 3 on 3-11 (Champion) 
s-l NHS Frisbee-11 (Champion 
J Big Y-l 1,12 

'I have never let my schooling 
interfere with my education." 
-Mark Twain 

Nate, Zippy, Little Zip 

Frances Wiseman 

French Club-lO(Secretary) 
Peer Leadership-10,11 
International Club-10,11,12 
AFS-10,ll,12(Secretary 10, 
President 11,12) 
AFS Costa Rica-12 
Pep Band-9,10,11,12 
Concert Band-9,10,11 
Wind Ensemble-12 

"Dancing is the loftiest, the most 
moving, the most beautiful of 
the arts because it is no mere 
translation or abstraction from 
life, it is life itself." 

-Havelock Ellis 

Sara, Franny, Wisey 

CLASS of 2003 

Seniors 63 


If- -J 


Br t 






Darius Bessette, Jake Hausman and Clark De Los Reyes 
get some work done in the library after school. (Above) 


Zoe Rasmussen and 

Caroline Picknally stop to 

smile for the camera on 

their way to class. (Right) 



Chris Marble poses for a pic- 
ture on Halloween while 
dressed up. (Left) 

64 Seniors 

Molly Magowan and Jessica 

Labulis take a break from class to 

pose for a quick picture. (Left) 

Clark De Los Reyes gets caught 

by the camera on his way out of 

school. (Right) 

Rebecca Peskin calls a friend from 
school. (Left) 

iia Capurso and Ann Lin smile for 
he camera during an ICE block. 

Seniors 65 

How would you describe LHS in one word? 








Advice to Incoming Seniors: 

Don't ever give up. 

Make this year your best. 

Get college stuff done early! 

ICE Blocks are invaluable . 

You'll never live up to the Class of 2003. don't try. 

Have fun! 
Don't worry be happy! 

Favorite Teacher Sayings: J 

"If you're not going to be good, be careful!" - Mr. Sweeny 

Questions? Comments? Screams of hatred and pain?" - Mr. O'Conne 

The life you save could be your own." - Mr. Slate 

"Heart on fire, brain on ice." - Mr. Mucci 

"Oh Jeez, Oh Crow! " - Mr. O'Sullivan 

"Warm Fuzzies/Cold Itchies." - Ms. Cuthbert 


Biggest Difference Between Freshman and Senior Year: 


Size of backpacks 


More studies = Less time in school 



Not getting lost 

IfLHS had a motto, what should it be? 

We came, we skipped, we got detention. 

Comer es poder. 

Work hard and play hard, or accomplish nothing. 

We are the Lancers, the mighty, mighty Lancers! 

Your night just got a little more interesting. 

i planning your high school education, make your schedule as complex 

as humanly possible. 

What will you miss most about LHS? 

Spicy Chicken 


Familiar Faces 

Friday night football games 


Mixed freedom 

All my friends being in one place. 


Matt Bernadis 

Alyssa ( iuevara 

68 Seniors 

Baby Pictures 

Carly Berezin 

Jonathan Viamari 

milv I .lion 

Lauren Burns 

Katie Petroff 

Eric Polep 

tylei Griggs 

Jessie Hamner 

Caroline Picknallv 

Alison Quinn 

Jackie Darling 

Emily Rosch 

Jenn Tolpa 

Niki Platzer 


Clark de lo*. Rev es 

Joe Neil 

Sara Weiner 

Justin Henneman 

Katy Lanouette 

dsay Labeck 

Jim Pacella 

1 mm I 

Vladimir Alekseyevets 

Krystle Randall 

Tara Kilroy 

Seth Appleman 

Emily Johnson 

Ryan Mullen 

Jessica Levy 

Kerry Shea 

Jameson Humphries 

Lisa Bra mi 

Seniors 69 

Corev McDonald 

Scott Rousse 

Dan Whipple 

Marcy Racicot 

Kathryn Bielunis 

Kathryn McGorry 

Jeff Korman 

Sarah Betley 


Caitlin O'Leary 

Lindsay Overson 

Melissa Sheeh) 

70 Seniors 

Michael 1ft in \ 11 

Dana Fishei 

Matt Heniot 

hristian Gagnier 

: f Marsh 

Yuki Otani 

Colin Bright 

Tim O'Leary 

Rachelle Douillard- 

Rory Brown 

Kaylin Mayausky 

^ JEW 

[ay Bourbeau 

Nick Barkett 

Liz Cohen 

from cradle 
to graduation 

• • • 

Jenny O'Brien 

Jaime Schiffman 

Seniors 71 


72 Juniors 

"For long you'll live 

and high you'll fly , 

And smiles you'll give and tears 

you'll cry. * 

And all you touch is all you'll ever 


~David Gilmore 

Juniors 73 

CLASS OF 2004 

Meagan Ahrens 

Hillary Allan 

Robert Amatruda 

Meghan Andrews 

Katrina Art 

Ozaire Awais 

Stefan Ayotte 

Jeffrey Bagge 

Michael Baker 

Richard Baker 

Kristopher Barkett 

Igor Basovskiy 

Matthew Beaudry 

Lauren Bedard 

Brittany Belkin 

Rachel Berg 

Katelyn Bergeron 

Lee Berman 

Matthew Bertuzzi 

Deziel Bessette 

Justin Betley 

Zachary Bitzer 

Aleksandr Bloom 

Whitney Bloom 

Sean Boutin 

Joseph Bragdon 

Alexandra Brault 

Christopher Breen 

Thomas Broderick 

Amanda Brown 

I racey Brown 

AJyssa Burstein 

Mary Beth Cadieux 

I hien-Van Cai 

Carly Chase 

Jen Dikan and Sara Goddard 
concentrate on their playing 
during a Concert Band per- 
formance, (left) 

Jimmy Fortsch sails over the bar 
while pole vaulting, (right) 

74 Juniors 

(left) Alex Lattell andTom Koenigs 

(right) Sean Boutin and Russel Hill 

Alison Fitzpatrick 

Alexander Fontaine 

James Fortsch 

Joseph Furnari 

Kristie Gandelli 

Rebecca Gauthier 

Andrew Ghahramani 

Diana Gitlen 

John Glynn 

Sara Goddard 

David Gogel 

John Golden 

Lauren Gorenstein 

Ryan Graveline 

Rufus Green 

Jessica Grimes 

Derek Guzzo 

Derek Gyllenhammer 

Valerie Haberman 

Jamie Haddad 

Maura Hall 

Jeffrey Hambro 

Michael Hayes 

Lauren Heaton 

Matthew Higgins 

Thomas Hill 

lennifer Hoff 

Kimberly Howard 

Nicholas l lumberston 

foe! I [umphries 

Linda I [wane 

Sarah Jackson 

KeU) [akobek 

Adam [anes 

Amanda [ason 

76 Juniors 

(left) Khambrel Wilson 

(right) Calvin Lecompt and Greg 

(left) Brett Johnston 

(right) Kaolin McEvoy 

Erik Jefferson 
Marques Jenkins 
Brett Johnston 
Caitlin Joyce 
Jessica Judson 
Peter Kadushin 
Shruti Kashikar 

Eleanor Katz 
Rebecca Katz 
Tyler Kenefick 
Ryan Kennedy 
Gina Kevane 
Jee-Hye Kim 
Soyoung Kim 

Michael Kirstein 
Thomas Koenigs 
Kasey Koerner 
Jillian Kos 
Ashley Kowarsky 
Tiffany Kowarsky 
Elisabeth Krill 

Patrick Kubala 
Brittany Lafountain 
Alex Lattell 
Emily Laurenzano 
Kenneth Leavitt 
Calvin Lecompt 
Jennifer Leduc 

Christina Lee 
Rainey Leverett 
Adam Levy 
Ashley Lewis 
Ali Libbos 
Jacob Licht 
Joann Lippert 

Juniors 77 

(left) Ozaire Awais and Rob 

(right) Ryan Coughlin 

(left) Lauren Gorenstein 

(right) Krislyn Robinson and Rebecca Katz 

Nicholas Magliato 

William Maier 

Aerik Mansfield 

Adam Manzi 

Katie Manzi 

Jonathan Marchand 

Laura Marinelli 

Amelia Marsh 

Emmie Matty 

James Maxwell 

Donald Mayou 

Bailley Mazur 

Michael McDonough 

Kaolin McEvoy 

Michael McKay 
Christopher McKenna 
Adam Mehle 
Marc Merrill 
Bryan Methe 
Andrew Michael 
Sarah Micley 

Christine Mooney 

Kristen Moore 

Rhonda Moore 

Radhames Mora 

Andres Moral 

Lisa Mujalli 

Ryan Murphy 

Darlene Murray 

i i ii Nadelman 

I loise Narrigan 

K\ It- Newcombe 

Huong Nguyen 

Magdalena Nowak 

Emily Nuzzo 

78 Juniors 

(left Adam Manzi 

(right) Emily Laurenzano and Sarah 


Rory O'Brien 
Rory Pasini 
Richard Pearson 
Michael Phillips 
Andrew Pillard 
Richard Pinkman 
Kathleen Plummer 

Joe Prapaiski 
Kathryn Premont 
Erin Randall 
Ryan Reardon 
Jonathan Reavey 
Chelsea Reilly 
Matthew Retchin 

Mehdi Rizvi 
Christopher Roach 
Krislyn Robinson 
Tiffany Ronen 
Jarith Rosazza 
Victoria Rothschild 
Mia Rothweiler 

Denis Rudchenko 
Lindsay Rufo 
Jonathan Ruiz 
Elizabeth Ryan 
Victoria Sabettini 
Daniel Sampson 
Anthony Sarno 

Melissa Schroyer 
Jocelyn Scudder 
Brian Shea 
Alex Shebar 
Lucy Sheehan 
Jennifer Sherman 
Kara Shypula 

Juniors 79 

(left) Jodi Weisser, Katie Manzi, 
Lauren Heaton, Ashley Lewis, and 
Jocelyn Scudder 

The friendships we 
make today will 
last a lifetime. 


Nina Sidman 

Tanya Simmons 

Adam Singer 

Leigh Skelton 

Alexander Sklar 

Andrew Slasinski 

Alexandra Smith 

Nicole Sobel 

Randall Somerville 

Evan Souliere 

Marina Stein 

Matthew Sullivan 

Robert Sullivan III 

Melissa Sunter 

Benjamin Swasey 

Lindsay Tagliapietra 

Ashlie Talbot 

John Togneri 

Tiffany Tranghese 

Mary Tuohey 

Leigh Urbschat 

Arshia Vakil 

Zachary Van Schouwen 

Nicole Varteresian 

Monica Vazquez 

Corey Vincent 

Molly Wagner 

Ian Waite 

Daniel Webber 

Jamie Webber 

Katie Weinmann 

Eric Weiss 

Jodi Weisser 

Andrew Wernick 

John Whang 

Erica White 

Rebecca Whiteford 

Aaron Wilkins 

Thomas Williamson 

Khambrel Wilson 

Priscilla Wytrwal 

Lauren Young 

80 Juniors 

Juniors 81 


"-*?&; ^ 



'A*" "^V:^ 

82 Sophomores 


Give me wings 
I'll fly away, 
magnificent and free 


-Rod Stewart 

Sophomores 83 

CLASS OF 2005 

Friends Greg Appleman and Patti O'Malley are 
all smiles at the sophomore lock-in. 

Mary Petroff, Christine Casaceli, Julia Ballis, and 
Anna Pion pose for the camera in the gym. 

Daniel A 


Jason Airman 

Yannick Amegan 

David Apirian 

Gregory Appleman 

Sydny Axler 

Carolyn Bagley 

Julia Bailis 

Alexandra Balise 

Mallory Bardin 

Zachary Baru 

Sara Begg 

Jennifer Bellenoit 

Andrew Benton 

Jake Berezin 

Jared Berezin 

Elizabeth Berger 

Dennis Berte 

84 Sophomores 

Julia Bienkowski 
Mary Bitzer 
Patrick Blakeman 
Meghan Brault 
Benjamin Brown 
Conner Brown 

Danielle Buoniconti 
Allison Burke 
Tyler Camp 
Alethea Campbell 
Thomas Cangialosi 
Margaret Carpenter 

Ryan Carroll 
Christine Casaceli 
Timothy Casartello 
Daniel Casey 
Nicole Cassista 
Patrick Chamberlain 

Elsie Chamberland 
Ketti Chauhan 
Laura Chechette 
Elizabeth Chipkin 
Sarah Cohn 
Philmore Colburn 

Larry Coleman 
Candace Collins 
Clare Collins 
Rebecca Compton 
Timothy Conboy 
Robert Conley 

Robert Conlin 
Michael Consolini 
Nicole Covalli 
Daniel Covey 
Ashley Cox 
Megan Croteau 

Giancarlo D'Agostino 
Joseph Deluca 
Christopher Denmark 
Matthew Denver 
Alexandra Derby 
Brent Desellier 

JL~ B 

Sophomores 85 

Susan Dimauro 

Heather Dobson 

Paige Doyle 

Catherine Drennan 

Nicole Duncan 

Robert Ehresman 

Meaghan Ehrhard 

Emily Ehrlich 

Brooke Faber 

Anthony Falvo 

Allison Ferris 

Kimberly Ferris 

Shayla Fiedler 

Alexandra Fioretti 

Robert Flynn 

Michael Foss 

Marc Gagnier 

Jennifer Gallucci 

Ann Gartman 

Anthony Gauthier 

Leann Gerlach 

Jayme Gershen 

Sara Gibby 

Kirsten Giguere 

Katharine Gilbert 

Shayna Gilman 

Sarah Gould 

Kent Graham 

Alexander Grassetti 

Hannah Grayboff 

Cameron Green 

Jamaica Groeneveld 

Jeffrey Guerra 

Derek Haagsma 

Kelsey Hall 

John Hanmer 

Elizabeth Harris 

Sarah Harris 

Isaac 1 lausman 

Luke Hayes 

Kelly Healy 

Elise I [eaton 

86 Sophomores 

Robert Henley 
Andrew Hess 
Sean Hobin 
Victoria Holden 
Terrell Hollins 
Charles Holm 

Mario Iavicoli 
Heather Ingalls 
Ramsay Ishak 
Daniel Israel 
Adam Jackowitz 
Jonathan Jaffe 

Jonathan James 
Christian Johansen 
Meredith Johnson 
Justin Jordan 
Frederick Kapinos 
Matthew Katz 

ssica Viamari and Jessica Parker show off their team spirit, (right) 

Ferris, Janet Kung, and Rebecca Compton take a break from an 
intensive game of basketball at the sophomore lock-in. (below) 

Cheerleaders Maddie Leigh 

and Brooke Faber smile for 

the camera before the big 

game, (below) 

Surprise! Meredith Johnson is 
caught off guard, (below) 

Sophomores 87 

The Sophomore Lock-In 

Exhausted from a night of 

partying, Sarah Harris and 

Thomas Cangialosi take a 

nap. (right) 

Kevin Robinson, 
Daniel Casey, Anna 

Pion, Brian Klein, 

and Jovan Dubinsky 

are excited to be in 

school at 3 a.m. (left) 

Daniel Casey and 
Elizabeth Tredeau say 
cheese!!!" (left) 

(Danielle Meth, Jennifer 

Gallucci, and Kevin 

Robinson boogie down at 

the sophomore lock-in. 


Caroline Keady 

P. J. Khosrowjerdi 

Rachel Kim 

Matthew King 

Brian Klein 

Maria Koenigs 

Kathleen Koerner 

Shayna Komack 

Elliott Krach 

Catherine Kranz 

Janet Kung 

Philip Landry 

Sarah Laurenzano 

Justine Le 

Justin Leavens 

Madeleine Leigh 

Nicholas Leigh 

Nicholas Leventis 

88 Sophomores 

Elyse Linson 
Danielle Loizzo 
Sarah Longo 
Alexandra Low 
Jessica Madnick 
Samantha Marble 

Gordon Marsh 
Kaitlin Martin 
Leigh McGoldrick 
Sean McMahon 
Caroline Meehan 
Nicholas Melikian 

Nora Meserve 
Danielle Meth 
Meghan Morehardt 
Allyson Moriarty 
Nicole Muratore 
Shannon Murphy 

Benjamin Nadeau 
Sang-Jin Nam 
Patrick O'Connor 
Jacob Odentz 
Patricia O'Malley 
Matthew O'Rourke 

Amanda O'Sullivan 
Andrea O'Sullivan 
Nicholas Paar 
Sara Packin 
Jessica Parker 
Jenna Parzivand 

Nehal Patel 
Angela Perrakis 
Colleen Perry 
Mary Petroff 
Margaret Porter 
Daniel Potito 

Theodore Pratt 
Kevin Preston 
Timothy Rafter 
Justin Rappaport 
Douglas Ratner 
Rebecca Reuben 

Sophomores 89 

Erich Roberts 

Kevin Robinson 

Margaret Roche 

Emanuel Rodriguez 

Jenna Ross 

Lorene Rothschild 

Alberto Rubinaccio 

Grigoriy Ruge 

Drew Sadowsky 

Erica Santa 

Gia Santaniello 

Joseph Sapojnikov 

Eric Sarno 

Lauren Scheiper 

Zachary Schiffman 

Auden Schmitt 

Corrie Schmitt 

Michael Sekor 

Matthew Selbovitz 

Jonathan Shaker 

Zachary Shapiro 

Leilani Sharpe 

Yoni Shemesh 

Keerthi Shetty 

Alison Shypula 

Farrel Simpson 

Ellen Spallino 

Taijhia Steele 

Melissa Stern 

Joshua Stewart 

Timothy Stewart 

Kyung Suh 

Caitlin Anne Sullivan 

Caitlyn Tara Sullivan 

Heather Sunter 

Ella Sussman 

Jeston Sussman 

Danielle Suter 

Brooke Talbot 

Gregory Tariff 

Eve Thau 

Justine Therrien 

90 Sophomores 

Nicole Muratore and Christine 

Casaceli stop between classes to 

take a quick pic. (bleow) 

Elsie Chamberland, Jayme Gershen, and 
'atrick O'Conner hang out at lunch, (above) 

Jaime Thomas 
Gregg Tobin 
Robert Travers 
Elizabeth Tredeau 
Geoffrey Veysey 
Jessica Viamari 

Silvanna Vivenzio 
Andrew Warnock 
Emma Welch 
Susan Whitehouse 
Deveron Wicks 
Thomas Wilbon 

Meghan Wilson 
Lindsay Wright 
James Wu 
Andrea Yaffe 
Collin Young 
Eric Yuen 

Elise Heaton and Emma Welch chill out 
after school, (above) 

Friends Forever 

Sophomores 91 





"■ ■-._■■-■ ,Aiy. 

.*%,*- ,_««{? 


,-*r 1 ^iV-.l' 

92 Freshmen 

"...Oh give these 
clay feet wings to fly; 
to touch the face 
of the stars" ^ 

-Loreena Mckennitt 

Freshmen 93 

CLASS OF 2006 

Smile Lindsay 
Coughlin! (right) 

Laura Anthony, Erin 
Reiter, Britney Tober, 
and Jacqui Lakritz stop 
to have a chat on the way 
to class, (left) 


Jack Abbott 

Jillian Aberdale 

Michael Adamski 

Akindele Afolabi 

Lindsay Agnew 

Greg Alexandru 

Brian Airman 

Ashley Anderson 
Erik Anderson 
Laura Anthony 
Gregory Asher 
Jeffrey Asher 
Katherine Aye 
Katelyn Baker 

Salomone Baquis 

Justin Barber-Merullo 

Robert Bard in 

Elizabeth Barney 

Jacob Barr 

Kristen Bautz 

Emily Berger 

Angela Bertelli 

Claire Berube 

Alexander Bistran 

Amanda Bolduc 

Giuseppe Bonfiglio 

David Borowsky 

Emily Bourdeau 

Michael Brock 

Ashley Brown 

Allison Burton 

Thien-An Cai 

[sabelle Calderon 

Richard Camerota 

Colin Campbell 

94 Freshmen 

Matt Lisanki poses for the 
camera just before class 
starts, (below) 

fU. | 


/ 1 


A few of the freshman girls 
finish up their lunch and 
head out to the busy halls, 

'^y£J N ; 

1 l^^^^^B 



■kit ^ 


Christopher Capurso 
Andrew Caron 
Taylor Carr 
Merissa Carvalho 
Matthew Casartello 
Daniel Chase 
Suzanne Chipkin 

Rebecca Ciciretti 
Alyssya Clark 
Nicholas Cline 
Craig Colburn 
Michael Collins 
Sarah Collins 
Natasha Conti 

Zev Cossin 
Lindsay Coughlin 
Alexandra Coutu 
Alexander Cramer 
Thomas Cresci 
Sam Crimmins 
Garrett W Cropsey 

Sean Daly 
Elizabeth Davidow 
Brendan Dean 
David Deluca 
Frances Donahue 
Caitlin Donnelly 
Christine Donnelly 

Sarah Dukeshire 
Joseph Elliott 
Rebecca Ernst 
Alexander Fagan 
Owen Fenton 
Kevin Flanders 
Jacob Freeman 

Freshmen 95 

Greg McQuade and Dele 
Afolobi head out after a long 
day. (left) 

Elizabeth Barney and Rob 
Login smile for the camera 
kneeling beside their class- 
mates, (left) 


Danielle Friedrich 

Jonathan Galuska 

Caitlin Garreffi 

Leonid Gayshan 

Anthony Gentile 

Andrew Grassetti 

Andrew Green 

Jennifer Greim 

Brian Griggs 

Michael Grimaldi 

Meghan Griswold 

Matthew Grodd 

Carolyn Gross 

Javier Guevara 

Devin Haddad 

Douglas Haddad 

Tyler Haddad 

Margaret Hannay 

Mallory Harris 

Lauren Hauser 

Carrie Hemmelgarn 

Brandon Henneman 

Ashley Hess 

Brian Hirschberg 

Matthew Hiser 

Tracy Hosley 

Scott Janes 

Thomothy Jangl 

Gregory Karamian 

Adam Karas 

Brennan Kenefick 

Carly Koerner 

Yelena Kondel 

Johannah Kos 

Matthew Kusiak 

Jimmy Sullivan stops at his 
locker to grab a few books, 

96 Freshmen 

There is nothing like a smile 
from Salomone Baquis to get 
you through a science class, 

Tim Maranelli and Will Plaut 
Take a break before starting a 
science experiment, (above) 

Carly Koerner and Claire 
Berube hang out after school 
before heading home, (above) 




Marc Labb 
Jace Labonte 
Adam Lafrance 
Jacqueline Lakritz 
Danielle Laliberte 
Brittany Lantzakis 
Jared Laptas 

Tamira Lasky 
Andrew Leduc 
Kellum Ledwith 
Alexandra Leichthammer 
Joseph Lepper* 
Rebecca Lesser 
Andrew Lewis 

Gregory Lewis 
Anna Licht 
Ryan Liebel 
Matthew Lisankie 
Alexandra Litvinov 
James Liu 
Robert Login 

Margaret Lonergan 
Stephanie Lussier 
Mary Kate Lynch 
Andrew Macdonald 
Sarah Mac Donald 
Michael Mancus 
Cassandra Mansfield 

Kylee Mante 
Jennifer Manzi 
Timothy Marinelli 
Amanda Marsh 
Bernard Marshall 
Seana Mazzarino 
Jack McCarthy 

Freshmen 97 

Katherine Aye and 
Ian Nicoll start up a 
converstaion during 
an ICE block, (left) 

A hungry Anna Licht starts 
her lunch after some tiring 
classes, (right) 

Kelsey McClure 

Michael McColgan 

Caitlin McDonough 

Ryan McKee 

Gregory McQuade 

Connor Miehm 

Brendan Morton 

Roxanne Mulvihill 

Hari Mylvaganam 

Ruben Mylvaganam 

Ryan Nelson 

Lyndsey Neville 

Emma Newcombe 

Ian Nicoll 

John Niedzwiecki 

Christina Nilsson 

Heather O'Connell 

Meghan O'Donnell 

Kellen O'Gara 

Matthew Ogden 

Lindsay Palazzi 

Stephen Panto 

Sarah Papale 

Dana Peck 

Geoffrey Peck 

Dylan Petitt 

Brian Phillips 

Joseph Ii Piccuirro 

William Plaut 

Robert Pohli 

Kareem Pollard 

Benjamin Porwaj 

Bryan Premonl 

Rachel Ran< ourl 

S Madeleine Reav ej 

Owen Fenton and Login 
Newcombe fool around before 
class gets going, (left) 

Ashley Hess remains focused 
and prepared ready to take on 
her competitor, (right) 

98 Freshmen 

Kelsi McClure is in a hurry to 
beat the bell to class, (left) 

Greg O'Martian and Bradon 
Henneman are gearing up for 
a soccer game, (left) 

Brian Shotland shares a joke 
with his teamates waiting for 
the soccer game to begin, 

Brett Reiter 
Erin Reiter 
Anthony Riley 
Meghan Riley 
Angelina Rinaldi 
Andre Robitaille 
Roman Romanenko 

Justine Rosazza 
David Rosenthal 
Sisi Ruan 
Marina Ruge 
John Ryan 
Lindsay Salvati 
Benjamin Schill 

Matthew Schroyer 
Sean Sea ton 
Steven Selden 
Ryan Shapiro 
Ashley Shaw 
Michael Shea 
John Shicko 

Brian Shotland 
Megan Sikand 
Christine Simmons 
Valerie Skalinsky 
Daniel Skehan 
Sarah Squires 
Zachary Stambovsky 

Alexander Stankiewicz 
Jameson Stark 
Michael Stein 
David St George 
Jimmy Sullivan 
Kristyn Sullivan 
Zachary Sweeney 

Freshmen 99 

David St. George gives 
us a smile before get- 
ting back to his work, 

Taylor Carr and Caitlin 
Donnely stop and smile be- 
fore their next bite of lunch, 


Marissa Teed 

Luke Thomas 

Brittany Tober 

Liya Tochilnikova 

Jessica Topitzer 

David Tower 

Michael Tranghese 

Christoher Tredeau 

Mark Tremble 

Rayna Trietsch 

Raffaele Truoiolo 

Vianchi Tulloch 

Vilenti Tulloch 

Erin Tuohey 

Jennifer Turcotte 

Sara Turrini 

Abigail Twohig 

Kaitlin Vincent 

Kyle Waite 

Stephanie Warga 

Jesse Weiss 

Matthew Weiss 

Rachel Weiss 

Paul Weisser 

Michael Wenning 

Zachary Williams 

Kylee Yam 

Todd Young 

Tanya Zilewicz 
Catherine Adams 

100 Freshmen 

^^ '^H 

Wa ^H 

■ <"*• 

m F 


"°" -■ 


o^ J 

A - L**^* ^^^^^■'iESP 


JK-o ■»- ^^B 

/' ; jr .^P 

p^ "^fm 

^m - ,/^P^ 

During a tough day of school, 
Ashley Shaw sits back and listens 
to some music, (below) 

An energetic group of fresh- 
man boys hanging out after 
school, (above) 

Our memories 

our dreams. " 

- Edward Hoagland 

Freshmen 101 


r^s , 






y. . 







JN/vN v - / V/b 



102 Faculty 

"Fly, Fly little wing, fly beyond 

Fly , fly precious one, 
Your endless journey has begun 

-Celine Dion 

Faculty 103 



Dr. Thomas McGarry 


Lawrence Berte 


Mr. Berte loves spending time with 
his family. He also enjoys spending 
his summers at Cape Cod and boatin 
Go Yankees! 

Mr. O'Shea enjoys spending time wi 
his wife and three children. He is an 
avid basketball player and fan, and 
continues to instruct US History at B< 
Path College. 

Mrs. Sutter really enjoys working wil 
all of the students at LHS. In her spa 
time, she enjoys the opera and build- ' 
ing furniture. 

Marty O'Shea 

Assistant Principal 

Jacque Sutter 

Dean of Students 

Secretaries Carol Garvey and \!auree|j 

104 Faculty 

Sra. Alves teaches Spanish I, II, and III 
Honors. When she is not teaching 
students in school and at the homework 
helpline, she loves to cook and garden. 

,i Mrs. Barker teaches English. Among 
lii ier many outside activities, her favorite 
0£ is teaching swim lessons to infants and 

Although Mrs. Bazos works at LHS full 
time during the school year and sum- 
mi Tier, she still finds time to enjoy movies, 
eading, and exercise. She is truly 
relieves that if you work hard, good 
:hings will come to you. 


Mr. Blanchard teaches Biology and 
ui Honors Chemistry. He loves to play 
with words, sing in class, and develop 
lis American Flyer lay-out. "You can 
io it." "Chipmunks disguised as stu- 



VIr. Dibbern and Mr. Staples pose out- 
ride of the auditorium after teacher 
<areoke before the holiday break. 

Linda Ackley 
Lisa Alves 
Kim Arnold 
Ruthann August 

Mary Ellen Barker 
Lisa Barr 
Sue Bayley 
Irene Bazos 

Linda Berard 
Bill Blanchard 
Matt Bonefant 
Janice Boyer 

Faculty 105 

Amy Brazee Maureen Cadieux 

Vesta Browne Deb Callahan 

Kimberly Buescher Maggie Camp 

Barbara Burke Russell Campbell 

George Carellas 
Claire Carle 
Cheryl Casanova 
Bob Charron 


Mrs. Browne is chair of the Business 
Education Department and is avail- 
able to work with students in the 
Career and College Resource Cent 
She is also the Key Club advisor 
year she has taught Entrepreneurshid 
and Personal Finance in addition to 
the Career Development course: 
arranged internships and Coopera 
Work Experiences. During her sp 
time, she enjoys cooking and can 
frequently be seen seen around town 
power walking after school and ear] 
in the morning. 

Mrs. Buescher teaches French I, 
French II, French III Honors and 
advises the French Club. She also 
coaches indoor and outdoor track. 
Her hobbies include running, hiking, 
and skiing. 

Mrs. Burke is a basic skills specia 

Mrs. Casanova teaches special educa- 
tion. She is an avid reader who loves 
to travel, especially on cruises. 

Mrs. Callahan and Mrs. Nielson shall 
the love during LHS's annual art 

106 Faculty 

5 in VIr. Cormier teaches ninth grade Hon- 
va 3 rs and eleventh grade English. Outside 
nf the classroom, he is the advisor to the 
et Jotter, the Class of 2006, and 
F.A.I.T.H. club. "Forever— is composed 
uipf Nows~" Emily Dickinson. 

The advisor of NHS, Mrs. Connor, 

Enjoys working out when she's not 
sp serving as one of the school's guidance 

e; VIr. Conway teaches Calculus, Senior 
Trigonometry, Algebra I, and Advanced 
Vlathematics Lab. He enjoys woodcarv- 
ng, working with stained glass, and 
appears from time to time as an actor at 
:he Summer Theatre at Mount Holyoke 


VIrs. Coyne teaches Biology. When not 
eaching, she enjoys gardening, reading, 
wimming, and being with her family— 
especially her puppy, Baci." 


lo Amen Ms. Cuthbert isn't celebrating 
Vlole Day with enthusiasm, she teaches 
Chemistry and Enviromental Chemis- 

Remember, it's all about the 
Warm Fuzzy.'" 


Vlr. Delano teaches Work and United 
>tates History. His hobbies are thor- 
)ughbreds, fishing with Mr. Slate, and 
ninerals. "Wear a smile" and "This is 
he earliest you have been late." 

VIr. Devine is a social worker— a per- 
sonal and family counselor. In addition, 
ie is the coach of indoor and outdoor 
rack and field. "Deny your desires and 
/ou will find what your heart longs 

Faye Clymer 
Molly Colgan 
Ann Marie Connor 

Mr. Dibbern teaches Conceptual Phys- 
ics and Biology. He enjoys anything to 
io with science and loves spending time Martv Conway 
with his wife and kids. 

Mark Cormier 
Janet Coyne 
Peter Crumb 
Karen Cuthbert 

Mike Deary 
Bob Delano 
John Devine 
Jamie Dibbern 

Faculty 107 

Mary Ellen Dillon 
Karla Drake 
Patricia Dussalt 
Joy Dykstra 

Craig Epstein 
Gideon Fischer 
John Fitzgerald 
Robin Games 

Hilary Godin 
Laura Goldstein 
Jeff Goodwin 
Tim Gray 

Mrs. Dillon teaches World History 
Phycology. She enjoys gourmet coc 
ing as well as running, hiking, and 
biking with her family. 

"God bless America." - Mr. Fischer 

Ms. Drake teaches Junior and Senior 
English. After teaching in New York, 
City for ten years, she loves discussini 
big concepts like free will and fatalisa 
right here in Longmeadow. She live! 
in Europe for seven years, speaks 
German fluently, and loves to travel. 
Ms. Drake works as a consultant forti 
SAT I and SAT II Writing tests in her 
free time during the school year 

Mr. Epstein teaches United States 
History, Constitutional Issues, and 
World History. Outside of the class- 
room, he enjoys music and golf, 
is not a threat, it's a promise!!" 

Faculty members and their children 
agree that LHS's rendition of West 1 
Side Story was fantastic. 

108 Faculty 




Mrs. Guistina teaches Geometry, 
Introduction to Computer Program- 
ming, and AP Computer Science. She 
enjoys creating crafts with her chil- 

Mr. Hirsch teaches AP Physics and 
Conceptual Physics. He is also the 
coach of the Science League team 
(page 201). Mr. Hirsch loves the 
outdoors. Canoeing, hiking, 
backcountry and downhill skiing, and 
biking keep him busy when he is not 



n ^Dr. Howard teaches Honors Physics 
and Conceptual Physics. 

Ms. Jacek teaches two sections of 
^Algebra II and enjoys time with her 
'as own two boys! 

Mr. LeBlanc teaches English I and II, 
loves broadway, advises Masacksic, 
and enjoys playing golf. 

Mr. Linden teaches Biology. His 
nterests outside of school include 
swimming, hiking, skiing, and coach- 
ng softball. 

dK vis. Cuthbert goes batty in her new 
fel Halloween costume. 

Virginia Guistina 
Rita Hawker 
Lorie Healy 
Ron Hirsch 

Eric Howard 
Marilyn Howe 
Faith Hyland 
Pauline Jacek 

Meredith Laughlin 
Sue Lawson 
Roger LeBlanc 
Rick Linden 

Faculty 109 

Scott Little 
Karen Locke 
Donna Lyons 
Sandi Macdonald 

Mary Beth Maloney Ann Meeropol 

Devron McCummings Ann Moore 

Linda McPartlan Jessica Moore 

Linda McShane Joan Morey 

Ms. Locke is a resource room 
teacher. She loves her work! When 
not in school, she enjoys camping, 
crafts, reading, whale-watching,^ 
spending time with her children 
and husband. 


Ms. Lyons is one of LHS's guidance 
counselors and the assistant cross j 
country coach. She enjoys running 
and playing golf. Ms. Lyons has ] 
participated in a marathon race inl 
Washington D.C. this year. 

Sra. Maloney teaches Honors Span- 
ish IV, Spanish V, and Spanish II. ' 
She is the advisor for the Class of 
2003 and enjoys reading, music, and 
kayaking in Maine. 

Mrs. McShane teaches Seniors and 
Creative Writing. She loves Maine, 
golden retreivers, cooking, garden^ 
ing, reading, writing, and painting. 

Mrs. Moore teaches English at 
Longmeadow High School. Outside 
of the classroom, she enjoys spend- 
ing time with her husband and 
coaching soccer. 

Senior Jenny O'Brian spends time 
with our beloved cookie lady, Betsy. 

110 I acuity 

Mrs. Morse loves to walk with 
i Brinkley, Wyne, and her family. She 
)i also enjoys gardening on a spring day, 
it swimming unter the stars and observ- 
ing students engaged in learning. "For 
every smile you give, you will get one 

Mr. Mucci is the department 
chairpeson for the music department 
hjand teaches Concert Band, Jazz En- 
semble, Orchestra, and Wind En- 
semble. He is also the musical director 
of the Massachusetts Wind Ensemble 
at the New England Conservatory of 
Music in Boston. 



Mrs. Neilson teaches Architectural 
Design, Computer Animation, Com- 
puter Art and Design, Intro to Photo, 
and A.P. Portfolio. In her free time, 
she enjoys sci-fi, gardening, attending 
extra-curricular courses, computer art, 
jntj photography, and family time. 

Mr. O'Connell teaches Algebra II, 
Geometry, and Pre-Calculus. In his 
free time, he studies the history of 
mathematics, hikes, and swims. 

Mrs. Peters teaches Algebra II honors, 
Functions and Triginometry, and 
Algebra II. She has been teaching for 
31 years (Texas, Philippines, Florida, 
and Massachusetts) at the middle 
school, high school, and college levels. 
She has completed courses in Peer 
Coaching, Mentor training, and Non- 
violent Crisis interventionn training. 
She is very involved with her children, 
and avid reader and gardener. Her 
love of the outdoors brings her to 
Maine ever summer and lots of camp- 
ing experiences. She has traveled 
extensively most recently to Austria, 
Germany, Czech Republic, and Japan. 

Vivian Morse 
Mike Mucci 
Jane Murphy 
Judy Neilson 

Robert O'Connell 
Gary O'Sullivan 
John Pantuosco 
Nancy Peck 

Sue Peters 
Adrian Phaneuf 
Pam Pion 
Heather Pollard 

Faculty 111 

Janice Pontacoloni 
Erica Pratt 
Matt Ream 
Carol Rhodes 

Vito Riccio Judy Scott 

Nicole Roccapriore Karen Shea 

Mike Rosemond Dave Slate 

Alex Rotsko Joanne Sleigh 

Coach Pratt teaches Sophomore and 
Senior physical education and is an 
LHS field hockey coach and official. 
She enjoys skiing, mountain biking, 
hiking, and other outdoor sports. Shj 
also enjoys traveling (domestic and 

Sra. Rhodes teaches Latin I, Spanish 
III, and AP Spanish and advises the 
Spanish Club. She is an avid college 
football fan, gardener, horsewoman, 
and traveler. A lover of animals, she 
has two Arabian horses. 

After a brief career as a bullfighter in 
the running of the bulls in Pamplona, 
Spain, Sr. Riccio returned to 
Longmeadow to teach Spanish. He 
raises miniature Olde English Ban- 
tams, endangered species of cacti, ana 
Christmas trees. He touches the earth 
and makes it bloom. 

Mr. Rosemond enjoys bullfighting, 
Latin percussion, Salsa dancing, and 
conga lines. A guidance counselor, 
class advisor for the junior class, and i 
MCAS guru, Mr. Rosemond is very 
happy with LHS. 

Mrs. Shea, chairperson of the math 
department, teaches Geometry and BC i 
Calculus. Cooking, golfing, and 
traveling to the Carribbean are her 
favorite things to do when she has the 

Mr. Slate teaches biology to freshmen, i 
sophomores, and seniors. 

Mrs. Sleigh teaches AP Biology to 
seniors. She is a football and hockey ■ 
aficionado and in her free time, she j 
enjoys spending time with her three 


112 Faculty 


ai Is. Snyder teaches World and Asian 
[istory. Her interests include classical 
ute, guitar, studying Japanese, and 

l former heavy-metal guitarist and 
igh school wrestler, Mr. Staples 
?aches Sophomore and Junior English. 
ni)utside of the classroom, Mr. Staples 
thdvises one of the school newspapers, 
le he Rough Draft. 


Irs. Steele is LHS's school nurse, 
ssistant coach for the Dance Team, 
nd a yoga student. 

Ir. St. George is a physical education 
acher and coach of the football team. 

Ir. Sweeney teaches World History II, 
nited States History II, and Sociology 
: Communit. He enjoys spending 
me with his wife and two children, 
arley-Davidson motorcycles, hockey, 
id live music. "Do unto others as 

ajDU wouuld have them do unto you." 


ai Ir. Thomson teaches Lyrics, Men's 
horus, and Music Lab. 

Irs. Vassilopoulos teaches the alter- 
native class at LHS. She loves bicy- 
ing, knitting, photography, and 

(r. Walker teaches World History, Art 
istory, AP European History. He 
ijoys spending time with his wife and 

Lori Snyder 
Mark Staples 
Charlotte Sleele 
Geoff St. Pierre 

Nick St. George 
Jill Stewart 
Ray Suzor 
Joe Sweeney 

Peter Thomsen 
Lorraine Vassilopoulos 
Stewart Walker 
Robert Weir 

Faculty 113 

Pat Hogan Welch 
Kathy Wells 
Kayla Werlin 
Kate Wiseman 

Philip Fisher 
William Kirpatrick 

Mrs. Wells teaches AP Statistics, Probability 
and Statistics, and Functions & Triginometry. 
Outside of school, she a mom to her son Russ 
and her daughtor Megan. She enjoys running 
as a way to keeping in shape. 

Ms. Werlin teaches La Cappella, Women's 
Chorus, and Music Theory at LHS. Many of 
this year's seniors have had Ms. Werlin as 
their music teacher since they were 5th grad- 
ers at Williams Middle School. In addition to 
teaching at LHS, she loves singing, cooking, 
and gardening. 

Sra. Wiseman teaches Spanish II, Spanish II 
Honors, and Spanish IV. She enjoys visiting 
Spain, reading, gardening, and spending time 
with her grandchildren. 

Mr. Kirpatrick teaches Freshman and Junior 
English. Outside of school, he enjoys golf, 
skiing, tennis, and Tai Chi. 

114 Faculty 

Cafeteria Staff 

Custodial Staff 

Faculty 115 

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and 
three-fourths theater. " Gail Godwii 

1: Senora Maloney 
reveals her dramatic 
side wearing the Class 
of 2003's West Side Story 

2: Mr. Dibbern shows 
off his reindeer getup. 

3: Mr. Staples makes a 
face for the camera 
while performing a 
scene before his Junior 
British Literature Class. 

4: Mr. O'Connell graces 
the LHS stage, letting 
his students hear his 
best Billy Joel. 

116 Faculty 

1: Mrs. Maloney, Mrs. Peters, 
Mrs. Smith Coyne, Mr. 
Kirkpatrick, and Mr. Suzor 
perform as the faculty chorus. 

2: Ms. Neilson sings the 
rubric for the AP Art assign- 

3: Mr. Thomsen stands 

4: Mr. Delano shows his 
enthusiasm in front of the 

Faculty 117 


Teachers open the the door. 
You enter by yourself. 

Chinese Prove] 

" "M 

m J 


w ^M 


i *~-' T 

118 Faculty 


*~ I 



%i ik i 

«^ #t. 



Faculty 119 

Farewell to... 



{ • 

jfc * 

1 ^B 

Bill Blanchard 


Peter Crumb 


120 Faculty 



Ray Suzor 



Faculty 121 

Student Life 




122 Student Life 

I'd fly above the trees over 
the seas in all 
degrees ^k 
to anywhere I please" 

-Lenny Kravitz 

Student Life 123 


No homework, teachers, or class!! 

Amy Paynisck, Kate O'Rc 
Caitlin Whitney, A 
Bistrian, Caroline Pick- 
Katie Lanouette, Liz C. 
Kristin Rohrback, Kerry 
and Zoe Ramussen smil 
local Mc Donald's befo 
tending the John Maye 
cert, (above) 

Soul Shopping... Malon Reevy and Carrie Hemmelgarn smile 
for the camera while picking up some needed Starbucks, and 
new GAP clothes. (Above) 

Hangin' with the homies! Freshmen Ryan Liebel, Dylan 
Skellon, Jacob Freeman, and Matt "Chewey" Heiser pose for a 
picture while hanging out over vacation. (Below) 

Kylie Yam, Kathrine Aye, and Cathlin Donally, and an- 
other girl play basketball on a crisp fall afternoon during 
a long weekend. (Above) 

Katie Toye, Cassie Baxter, Katie Petroff, Colleen 
Rafferty, Marybeth Scully, Liz Cramer, and 
Courtney Centeno smile while out clubbing dur- 
ing one of their vacations. (Rignt) 

124 Student Life 


Yeah Baby! No school! 

Rachel Apirian, Kathryn Bielunis, and Callie Williams smile from the train while 
visiting France. (Left) 

A whole Group of seniors traveled up to Tyler Churchill's moutain 
cottage for a great get-away with their buds. (Above) 

ellen O Gara, Cait Mc Donough, and Erin Tuohey smile while on the 
ound during a chilly vacation day. (Above) 

Devra Barr and Maxine Squires pose with Minnie 
Mouse while visiting Disney World during De- 
cember vaction. (Above) 

Elina Tochilnikova smiles on the bow of a ship on a trip through the 
English channel while visiting Great Britian. (Above) 

Student Life 125 


What the students do for fun when not in school! 

There's nothing like a nice evening with the gals, as Emily Rosch, Max 
Squires, Jessie Levy and Emily Johnson prove. (Above) 

Hey You! Joe White points at the 
photographer. (Above) 

Freshman class officers, Matt Grodd, Tyler 
Haddad, Kellin O'Gara, and Ashley Brown. 

Janet Pohli smiles for her friends 
before rolling her fifth gutterball. 

Friends since fifth grade, seniors 
Carly Berezin, Tina Chin, and Emma 
Plaut smile all in black dresses. 

Seniors, Colleen Rafferty, Katie Poltack, Katie Toye. 
Cramer, Emily Steele, and Katie Petroff hit the busy 
town of Longmeadow. (Above) 





k Jfe 



r 3 


126 Student Life 

Eric Lesser and Zach Cohen show that it's ok to s»| 
in touch with your inner child. (Above) 


$$ Kids at work, making money!! $$ 

I growing 

Vicki Ellis and Rebecca 
Katz smile while working 
at CVS. Little do they see 
the line of customers is 

Peter Cangialosi smiles 
while putting some 
carts away. Keep up 
the good work. (Right) 

Beth Gordon smiles while 
standing behind the counter 
while working Thursday night 
at Shoenique. (Right) 

Derrick Brewer is concen- 
trating at his job as a cashier at 
BigY. (Below) 

Sarah Betley smiles while at work in 
Longmeadow's Friendly's Restaurant. 

Lana Cotton taps in numbers to ring 
up products at the most popular 
employer, Big Y. (Above) 

Student Life 127 

Good Times at L.H.S. 

128 Student Life 


i ^i. 


*% <~** 




Matthew Staver/Bloomberg Nmw/LaniK^ 


< - 

' . ' - 

U2's humanitarian lead singer Bono visits 
Africa and tours Midwestern America to 
raise awareness and support for African 
AIDS epidemic relief. 

Nuclear crisis arises when North Korean 
leader Kim Jong II breaks a 1994 pledge 
with the United States not to build 
nuclear weapons. 


M eauty 

pageant leaves Nigeria 
iftei islamic fundamentalist 
i groups kill more 

In Venezuela, an opposition 
strike demanding President 
Hugo Chavez's resignation 
paralyzes the country's oil 
exports and turns to bloodshed 
as Chavez supporters retaliate. 

The oil tanker Prestige 
spills more than 5 million 
gallons of oil off the 
northwestern coast of 
Spain before splitting in 
two and sinking. 

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter 
receives the Nobel Peace Prize for his 
decades of work for peace, democracy 
and human rights worldwide. 

~\ Once presumed dead, Al-Qaeda leader Osama 
bin Laden returns to Middle Eastern air waves 
with recorded anti-American threats. 

Over 100 people, mostly foreign tourists, 
are killed in an October terrorist bombing 
of two nightclubs in Bali, Indonesia. 


*- v 

/^ In an effort to eliminate Al-Qaeda, 
the United States continues its war 
on terrorism by maintaining a steady 
military presence in Afghanistan. 


1 1 


,<L lv- ■ 

F t~ mmmA 1 

Wide Work 



Emergency workers in the United States and 
overseas receive smallpox vaccinations as a 
preventative measure against bioterrorism. 

"y After being subpoenaed to testify before a 
Massachusetts grand jury about sex abuse 
among Catholic priests, embattled Boston 
Cardinal Bernard Law resigns. 

~y More than 25 states implement the Amber 
Alert System, which posts information 
about abducted children on TV and 
interstate signs, leading to the recovery 
of dozens of children nationwide. 




B M || || — ^- 


^ For weeks in October, alleged snipers 
John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo 
terrorize Washington, D.C., Maryland and 
Virginia, randomly killing 10 people and 
injuring three others. 

S/ The space shuttle Columbia breaks apart on 
reentry into the Earth's atmosphere, killing 
all seven astronauts aboard. 

Peter Cosgrove/AP/Wide World Photos 

not return safely to 
Earth, but we can pray 
they are safely home. " 

- President George W. Bush 

■wg.T j jM mA t 

Gene J Puskar/Getty Images 

On July 28, nine 
Pennsylvania coal miners 
are rescued after being 
trapped for three days in 
a mineshaft flooded with 
over 70 million gallons 
of water. 

Getty Images/Artville 

Midterm elections make 
history as Republicans, the 
party controlling the White 
Mouse, gain congressional 
seats rather than losing them. 

John Pjrtipiio AP W«je Worm Photos 

Several large corporations 
inflate profits while top 
executives make off with 
millions in accounting 
scandals that send shock 
waves through global markets. 

^ In October, Minnesota ^ Sparked by summer drought, ^ A weakened economy 

Senator Paul Wellstone 
dies in a plane crash 
along with his wife, 
daughter and five 
other victims. 

wildfires — including one set 
accidentally by a forlorn 
forest ranger— tear across 
the western United States. 

repeatedly drives down 
interest rates and delivers 
retailers their worst holiday 
shopping season in decades. 

^ President Bush signs the Homeland 
Security Act, officially creating a 
Department of Homeland Security 
dedicated to preventing terrorist attacks. 

Kevin lamarque/Reuters/landov/AFP Photo/Juan Barreto/Corbis 




^ Throughout 2002, Americans search for ways 
to recover and rebuild from September 11. 
On the one-year anniversary, survivors, 
families and friends gather at all three sites 
to commemorate the lives lost. 

Reed Saxon/AP/Wide World Pholos 

^ Federal employees from the 

Transportation Security Administration 
begin screening all checked baggage 
and random passengers at airports. 

^ The possibility of the United States 
waging war against Iraq meets 
disapproval both at home and abroad. 

~y The U.S. Senate passes a resolution 
condemning a Ninth Circuit Court of 
Appeals ruling that reciting the Pledge of 
Allegiance in schools is unconstitutional. 

Patients in Florida are the first to receive 
the VeriChip, a computer chip bearing 
personal medical data that is injected into 
the forearm. 

-Tablet VC 

Microsoft's Tablet PC enables users to write 
directly on the screen rather than typing 
a keyboard. 


The Journal of the American Medical 
Association reports that children who 
grow up with pets have a reduced risk 
of developing common allergies. 



/laria de Jesus and Maria Teresa Quiej 
Alvarez, 1 -year-old Guatemalan twins 
born joined at the head, are successfully 
separated after over 22 hours of surgery 

Just before burning up in Jupiter's 
atmosphere, the Galileo spacecraft 
captures the closest shots ever taken 
of Jupiter's moon lo. 

NASA/AP/Wide World Photos 

at Clonaid, who believe aliens 
created humans, claim to 
have produced the first 
cloned human. Neither claim 
is proven genetically. 

/AP/WWe World Photos 

A El Nino causes snow 
and ice storms up and 
down the East Coast, 
rainstorms in California 
and a devastating 
December tornado 
in Mississippi. 

A A blanket of pollution over 
South Asia, dubbed the 
"Asian Brown Cloud," 
threatens the lives of 
millions worldwide with 
respiratory disease. 

^ Early tests indicate an 
experimental vaccine to 
be 100 percent effective 
against the human 
papilloma virus that 
causes cervical cancer. 

V University of Arkansas V For $300 to $1 ,000 per injection, 

researchers discover that people craving eternal youth 

microorganisms grow in attend BOTOX parties to inject 

conditions similar to those on the FDA-approved paralytic 

Mars, suggesting the planet once toxin into their skin to relax 

hosted or currently hosts life. their muscle tissue. 

^ General Motors introduces the Hy-wire- 
a car powered by hydrogen and oxygen 
that emits heat and water rather than 
harmful exhaust. 


N The U.S. Education Department reports that 
average geography scores of the nation's 
fourth and eighth graders, while low, have 
improved from 1994. 

% Ellula introduces HotAir Speakers, 
a set of battery-powered, inflatable 
speakers that are small enough to 
fit in your pocket when deflated. 

^ McDonald's unveils new lower-fat french 
fries due to the new Healthy Eating Pyramid 
and in response to many former patrons 
suing for making them overweight. 

^ 1970s peasant shirts are alive and well on 
runways and in school halls. 

David Dyson/Camera Press/Retna 


Neal Gfaham/Omni-PholoComniuiin.,inuiF» «««,«„., , 

^ The Institute of Medicine ^ Jewelry designers Le Ann 
announces that maintaining Carlson and Denise Gaskill 

health now requires one hour add style to safety with 
of exercise daily, doubling the Lauren's Hope for a Cure 
previous recommendation. medical ID bracelets. 

^ Kmart rejuvenates the 
Joe Boxer brand with ads 
featuring the dancing Joe 
Boxer guy, Vaughn Lowery. 

^ Everyone from hot 
young movie stars to 
aging rock stars sports 
the newest fashion 
trend, turquoise jewelry. 

Theodore Wood/Camera Press/Retna 

^ The cola war puts new 
flavors to the test, 
including Dr. Pepper 
Red Fusion, Pepsi Blue 
and Vanilla Coke. 

^ Krispy Kreme lovers 
start a new tradition 
by celebrating their 
vows with doughnut 
wedding cakes. 

^ Several companies introduce flavored water 
enhanced with vitamins and other nutrients. 



^ European fashion hits the sidewalks and 
clubs of the United States with retro-style 
bowling shoes. 

^ Busy singles try out speed dating, which 
gives couples several minutes to talk 
one-on-one before moving to a new 
partner at the next table. 

Mark Gormus/Richmond Times-Dispatch/AP/Wide World Photos 



AFP/Yoshikazu Tsuno/Corbis 

w *& 

to* Ifii' njfc' 

T «£ m: i 


^ The Mohawk makes a hair-raising 
comeback after being donned by 
everyone from U.S. World Cup star 
Clint Mathis to actor Ryan Phillippe. 

^ Digital innovations include camera 
phones — cell phones that can transmit 
still and video images through mobile 
phone lines. 

M the 2002 Academy Awards, Halle Berry 
and Denzel Washington win Best Actress 
and Best Actor Oscars. Berry is the first 
female African-American to win the award. 

Spider-Man, starring Tobey Maguire 
and Kirsten Dunst, spins a $11 4 million 
opening weekend box-office record. 


With over 6 million viewers, "The Osbournes" 
is the biggest hit in MTV's 21 -year history. 



1 9 



1 i . ♦ * 1 

"T"* 7- 

™ _, ■ ■ 









<\vid gamers tune in to G4, the first 
cable TV channel dedicated solely 
to video games. 

Viewers return week after week for a bit 
of innocent American nostalgia on NBC's 
hit drama "American Dreams." 



1 wuy 


^ Ron, Harry and 
Hermione are back to 
hitting the books and 
battling evil forces in 
Harry Potter and the 
Chamber of Secrets. 


f\ "The Bachelor" and 
"The Bachelorette" keep 
millions tuned in to ABC 
to see who will receive an 
on-air marriage proposal. 

John Barrett S«samt Street Getty Irruges 

f\ PBS's "Sesame Street" 
introduces the Muppet 
Kami, an HIV-infected 
orphan, in an effort to 
educate young people 
worldwide about AIDS. 

Wh I 

^ Jennifer Aniston wins her 
first Emmy Award and a 
Golden Globe for her role 
as the new mother Rachel 
Green on NBC's popular 
comedy "Friends." 

V Virtual unknowns Nia 
Vardalos and John Corbett 
steal America's hearts in the 
year's surprise smash hit 
My Big Fat Greek Wedding. 

^ Peter Jackson receives 
a Golden Globe Best 
Director nomination for 
The Lord of the Rings: The 
Two Towers, the year's 
most anticipated sequel. 


/ Cooper/1 

Cynical Simon Cowell and company stir 
up big ratings for Fox's "American Idol" 
and big record sales for winner Kelly 
Clarkson, a waitress from Texas. 

After a two-year hiatus, Leonardo DiCaprio 
returns to the big screen with two holiday 
blockbusters, Gangs of New York and 
Catch Me If You Can. 

Chicago, a film adaptation of the hit 
Broadway musical, wins three Golden 
Globes, including Best Picture: Musical or 
Comedy, and receives 13 Oscar nominations. 

a m 


HBO Films' comedy Real Women Have 
Curves promotes positive self-image with 
the dazzling debut of Latin-American 
actress America Ferrera. 

CBS scores a ratings doubleheader with 
a pair of forensic investigation dramas, 
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and 
"CSI Miami." 

Newcomer Norah Jones takes home 
five Grammys, including Album of 
the Year, for Come Away With Me. 

Multi-talented Eminem raps up 
five Grammy nominations for The 
Eminem Show and big box-office 
success in 8 Mile. 


^ In October, legendary 
hip-hop DJ Jam Master 
Jay of Run-DMC is shot 
and killed in a Queens, 
New York, music studio. 

V After a six-year 
romance, No Doubt's 
Gwen Stefani marries 
Bush's Gavin Rossdale 
in September. 

^ Country crossover star Shania 
Twain hits No. 1 on the Billboard 
albums chart with Up!, a double 
CD with every song in both a 
pop and country version. 

Former Beatles rock legend Paul McCartney 
brings in $2 million a night, for a total of 
$103 million, on the year's top-grossing tour. 

Issei Kato/Reuters/Undov 



Vf -v 



The Strokes, Spin magazine's 2002 
Band of the Year, lead a resurgence 
of rock 'n' rollers, including The Hives 
and The Vines. 

Armed with a steady beat and 
punk-rock-blues riffs, The White Stripes' 
stripped-down rock shines on the highly 
acclaimed White Blood Cells. 

Alpha-Mark Allan/Globe Photos 

Alan Jackson's triple-platinum album 
Drive wins five Country Music Association 
Awards and is named the USA Today 
No. 1 country album of 2002. 

Nirvana, the famed grunge band's 
long-awaited greatest hits album, 
features "You Know You're Right," 
the last recording Kurt Cobain made 
before his 1994 suicide. 


Dallas Cowboy running back Emmitt Smith 
breaks Walter Payton's 16,727-yard mark 
to become the NFL's all-time leading rusher. 

The Detroit Red Wings capture the 2002 
NHL Stanley Cup over the Cinderella 
Carolina Hurricanes. It's a record ninth 
cup for retiring coach Scotty Bowman. 



Richard Carson/Reulets/Lando 1 

Paul Warner;AP/Wide World Photos 


^ Serena and Venus Williams continue to 
dominate women's tennis, becoming the 
first sisters to be ranked No. 1 and No. 2 


Council of Women's 
Organizations battles with 
Augusta National chairman 
William Johnson over the 
issue of female membership at 
the famous Georgia golf club. 

^ An 18th place finish in the 
NASCAR season finale at 
Homestead-Miami Speedway 
is enough to earn Tony 
Stewart his first Winston 
Cup Series championship. 

Chns Faytok/Tlw Stat ledget/Corbis-Syoma 

^ Despite an injured toe, 
Shaquille O'Neal powers the 
unstoppable Los Angeles 
Lakers to a third straight 
NBA championship title in 
May 2002. 

ESL; I lBMm&< 

S/ The U.S. men's soccer ^ The U.S. Postal Service team 
team advances to the propels Sports Illustrated 

World Cup quarterfinals magazine's Sportsman of the 

for the first time, by Year Lance Armstrong to his 

defeating Mexico 2-0. fourth consecutive Tour de 

France victory. 

Chnslof Stache/AP/Wide World Photos 

Mike Powell/Getly Images 

^ The top-rated defense of 
the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
shuts down the No. 1 
offense of the Oakland 
Raiders to win Super Bowl 
XXXVII 48-21. 

Malt A. Brown/Newsport/Corbis 

^ LPGA pro Annika Sorenstam, after a 
record-setting 13-win 2002 season 
worldwide, accepts an invitation to play 
the Colonial tournament on the men's 
2003 PGA Tour. 


The Ohio State Buckeyes beat the heavily 
favored Miami Hurricanes in double overtime 
to win the BCS National Championship. 
The 31-24 victory is the school's first 
national football title since 1968. 

The new sport of SlamBall takes 
basketball to the extreme on a specially 
designed court with four trampolines in 
front of each hoop. 

4^ Skateboarding reaches new popularity 
heights thanks to the high visibility 
of the X Games and the "Tony Hawk's 
Pro Skater" video game series. 

^ Surfing welcomes a tidal wave of women 
to the sport after receiving a Hollywood 
endorsement in the popular summer flick 
Blue Crush. 

The sports world loses two legends- 
baseball's "Splendid Splinter" Ted 
Williams and Johnny Unitas, one of 
football's greatest quarterbacks. 

Zacarais Moussaoui, widely believed 
to be the 20th hijacker, goes on trial 
for his involvement in the September 11 
terrorist attacks. 


Printed in USA < 2003 Jostens Inc 02-0342 (1768) 

Life in the Fast Lane 

Student Life 129 

\ le Shoots. ..He Scores! 
Above: Mary Bitzer, Ali Fioretti, and 
Brian Klein watch in awe as their 
friend shoots .1 l<iv up into the hoop. 

130 Student Life 

All Night in the School! 

Can you really have fun in school? 

Robby Ehresman, Isaac Hausman, Catie Kranz and Jeston Sussman 
smile for the camera while chatting in between activities. (Above) 

Everybody Cuddle! 

Look at all the sophomores! After many activities, these kids 

are tired and are taking a break. (Above) 

Student Life 131 

Senior Recess 

Where they go when they have wheels 

Caught in the Act! 
When caught 
leaving school 
Andrew Ratner 
flips out his golden 
ticket -a pass to 
leave school. 

Rachel Stern makes a quick get-away in her red sports 
car. Hope the cops don't catch her. (Below) 

Amy Paysnick ( bottom left) and Mary Provenzano 
(bottom right) leave the building and walk toward 
their cars. 

Katie Toye and Cassie Baxer smile as their friend snaps a 
shot of them driving from party to party thanks to Katie's 
car. (Above) 


Matt Russo smiles from inside his car as he leaves 
school. Gosh, its good to have wheels. (Right) 

Eldridge strolls 
toward her car 
as she leaves 
school for 
home. (Right) 

132 Student Life 


Look at how they slack off. 

f|| i 1 1 1 ■ m . 

There are two types of Seniors in this world: TimTravers (Above Left) slouches on the ground due to 
Senior ennui, while Katie Bielunis (Above Right) is busy debating her point in class. 

Josh Snyder 
glimpses at the 
camera wondering if 
he'll get into trouble 
by leaving during 
school hours. Don't 
worry Josh, we 
won't tell. (Below) 

This whole crew smiles because finally these girls can 
relax after three years of tough work. (Above) 

Maybe at 
the end of 
the year!) 
I Notice the 
shelf, and 

Amy Paysnick just can't 
handle it anymore, she's 
outta here. (Above) 

Alice Marshall and Marcy 
Racicot went out for 
breakfast at Friendly's 
before a busy day at 
school. (Left) 

Student Life 133 


Class of 2003 

Directors, Malorie Schwartz 
and Molly Magowan smile 
for the camera before open- 
ing night, (above) 

What they won't do for the au- 
dience... Leads Janet Pohli and 
Dave Jangraw let the audience 
watch their characters fall in 
love, (above) 

The Shark boys scheme about 
how they're going to fight dur- 
ing the popular song "Tonight." 

Chino, played by Fancesco Daniele, con- 
veys to Maria, Janet Pohli, the serious 
matter of her brother's death, (left) 

The Jet boys sing about their plan of attack for 
later at the rumble, (below) 

Mambo! Mambo! Seniors show off their dancing skills during the 
Mambo scene, (below) 

134 Student Life 

Behind the scenes... 

Fellow Jets, Ben Reardon 

and Mike Tremble, smile 

for the camera as they 

chill while backstage. 


Christina McClean, Rachel Stern, 
and Lisa Braun hand out pro- 
grams before the show begins. 
(Above, Left ) 

All the shark girls pose for a picture. 
Which do they like better, Puerto Rico, or 
Manhattan? Neither, they love LHS! 

Costume designers, Jeff Marsh 
and Krishna Bonatakis, smile 
just before they go to help 
people put the finishing 
touches on their costumes. 

Matt Bernadis is just playin 
it cool during the second 
act. Go Matt, go! (Above) 

The Backstage crew smiles 
for a picture during inter- 
mission, without them the 
show wouldn't haven't 
flowed properly. (Right) 

Student Life 135 

136 Student Life 

Student Life 137 

Line Dancing 

Look at 

all the 


Seniors Jessie Hanmer, Tyler Churchill, Jenny 
O'Brien, and Colleen Rafferty show how 
"Cotton-eye Joe" should be done! (Above) 

All the 

students are 

having a blast 

in the gym 

showing off 

their dance 



The boys 
learning to I 

Mike Collins and Dan Skien get 
their groove on during the elec- 
tric slide (Above) 

138 Student Life 

The girls learning to 



Boot Scootin' Boogie! 

Callie Williams leads the girls through learn- 
ing how to mambo with the help of fellow 
Senior Class Play dancers Nikita Coleman and 
Niki Platzer. (Above) 

Two girls shaking their booties during 
a block of dancing. (Above) 

/ nost as competitive as American Idol . . . 
le judges (gym teachers) decide who 
s >uld be admitted into the Dance Hall 
dFame. (Above) 

Coach Rotsko shows the boys 
how to do the mambo properly. 
One, two, three... well maybe its 
hopeless for some (John 

Mr. O'Connell, Mrs. 
Browne, Rachelle 
Douillard-Proulx, and 
Christie McLean all 
dance the block away 

Coach St. George and 
Coach Hawker discuss 
dance steps while 
Coach Rotsko checks in 
wandering freshmen. 


Student Life 139 

Fruit Sale 

Hard at work, music students Sean Boutin, Alice 
Marshall, Shaun McMahon, and Andrew Ratner 
keep the fruit line moving. 


To the cars! Juniors Anna Chin 
and Dave Gogel take their fruit 
out to the cars of waiting custom- 
ers. (Above and left) 

140 Student Life 





Weak in the knees... Mr. Walker's knee* 
buckle under the tremendous weight of the 
fruit as he smiles for the camera. (Above) 


Yummy! Senior Janet Pohli puts 
a box of fruit into her car for her 
family to enjoy. (Above) 

Hittin' the Books 

(Students actually studying... or almost) 

Jordan Kessler thinks 
hard about the mo- 
tifs in his literature 
homework. (Left) 

Chelsea Riley smiles 
for the camera during 
her study where she 
dilgently studies Math. 

Senior Pete Hogan is 
hittin' the books all 
right. . .he's using them 
as pillows. (Right) 

Kambrel Wilson fo- 
cuses on his test as 
someone secretly 
takes a picture of him. 

These boys show that learning is fun! Friends and school 
work! What could be better? (Above) 

Adam Mehley stares into space contemplating 
the deep complexies of life. No, just kidding! 
He's just listening to some good tunes. (Above) 

Student Life 141 

Junior, Senior Semi-Formal 

A mystical night at "The Oaks" 

Couple Matt 
Benoit and Elina 
dance romantically 
around the floor. 

Sara Wiseman and 
Tina Chin smile for 
the camera while 
out to dinner with 
friends before the 
dance. (Above) 

A panoramic view of just part of the dance floor. (Above) 

Darius Bessette (Above, Left) can't decide whether he 
wants to dance or not, while Tina Chin (Above, Right) is 
tired from dancing in her high heels. 

142 Student Life 

A panoramic view of just port of the dance floor. (Above) 

Dance the Night Away 

Fun for everyone who went 

Jeremy Randall and Alyssa Levy dance 
to a slow song. (Above) 

Isaac Hausman diverts his attention 
away from his date long enough to 
smile for a picture. (Above) 

A great shot of couples 
slow dancing at the Junior 
Senior Semi- Formal Dance. 

There is a slight issue over 
who gets to dance with 
who as Cameron Leroy and 
Ryan O'Connell talk while 
dancing. (Right) 

Jake Hausman and Patti Lin 
kiss while dancing. 

Mike Jerman falls asleep in 
an awkward position after 
dancing hard earlier in the 
night. (Above) 

Student Life 143 

Fine Arts 

144 Fine Arts 

"I feel it more than ever 

And in this perfect weather 

we'll find a place together 

fly on my wing" 

-Red Hot Chili Peppers 

Fine Arts 145 

Wind Ensemble 

By Section: Piccolo- Christina Lee; Flute- Naomi Berezin, Anna Chin, Tina Chin, Jillian Aberdale, Alex Smith, Meghan Wilson; Oboe- Julia Capurso, 
Elizabeth Berger; Clarinet- Catherine Kranz, Kendall Hedges, Ji Yoon Kim, Rebecca Ciceretti, Emma Newcombe, Eve Thau, Elizabeth Barney, Christina 
Nilsson; Bass Clarinet- Matt Benoit; Bassoon- Kent Graham, Rochelle Douilliard-Proulx; Alto Sax- Josh Shnider, Jake Shore-Suslowitz, Jennifer Gallucci; 
Tenor Sax- Rebecca Gauthier, Amira Hasenbush; Baritone Sax- Julia Ballis; French Horn- Jennifer Hoff, Sarah Micley, Leigh Urbschat, Justine Therrien, 
Jenna Parzivand; Timpani- Sara Wiseman; Trumpet- Amy Paysnick, Ryan Coughlin, Lisa Braun, Ashley Bistran, Adam Jackowitz, John Togneri; 
Euphonium- David Jangraw; Trombone- Matthew Sullivan, Magda Nowak; Bass Trombone- Dan Shapiro; Tuba- Stephen Spinelli, Maria Koenigs; 
Percussion- Ali Fioretti, Patricia Lin, Elyse Linson, John Whang, Erica White 

The Longmeadow High School Wind E 

semble began as a very promising group this \ < 

and has only gotten better. They began the yel 

To the Right: Seniors Steve Spinelli |^^ I with a wonderful performance at the Winter Cc 

and Amy Paysnick warm up in the kj i ■ r i • i j • j 

band roombeforeagreatperformance / 1 cert PW 11 ^ a mlx of classical and new Wind 

at the conceit MM f I semble literature. A very ambitious group, 

students have worked extremely hard to achie 
attain their wonderful sound and talent. The grcd 


Below: Christina Nilsson plays her 
clarinet during the Winter Concert 


erformance of "Sparkle. 

146 Fine Arts 

performed the songs from the Harry PoH 
soundtrack at the Pop's Concert, and music 
Lord of the Rings. The final performance of 
year's seniors was a great success and a beaut 
major work. Hopefully next year will be as event 
and musically stimulating as the music and talc 
exposed this year. 

To the Left: The flute section of 
Wind Ensemble shows their 
wonderful abilities during the 
performanceof "October, "at the 
Winter Concert. 


By Section: First Violins- Melinda Tang, Patricia Lin, Nicole Sobel, Colleen Perry, Elizabeth Cramer, Concetta Duncan, Huong Nguyen, Kathleen 
Murphy, Elizabeth CrolL Alison Quinn, Janet Kung, Maxine Squires; Second Violons- Anne Lin, Julie Kim, Andrew Slaskinski, Emily Rosch, 
Lyndsey Neville, Maggie Lonergan, Kristyn Sullivan, Elyssa Auerbach, Connor Miehm, Suzanne Chipkin, Sam Crimmins, Derek Gyllenhammer, 
Nicole Covalli, Boyun Kim; Viola- Isaac Kim, Julia Bienkowski, Scott Rousse, Katie Manzi, Adam James, Matt Selbovitz, Mark Nam, Thomas 
Koenigs, Christopher Tredeau, Leigh Dale, Eric Weiss, Ashley Anderson, Caitlyn Sullivan; Cello- Abram Thau, John Hanifan, Rachel Kim, Katrina 
Art, Jennifer Hoff, Rebecca Ciceretti, Michael McKay, Maria Koenigs, Becky Peskin, Allison Burton, Rachel Rancourt, Matt Bertuzzi, Lauren 
Hauser; Bass: Joseph Casper, Alex Fontaine, Erich Roberts, Jennifer Manzi. 

This year the LHS Symphony Orchestra soared 
to new heights with interesting and original selections 
of music. The group started the 2002-2003 year with the 
Winter Concert, opening with a nearly flawless perfor- 
mance of "Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23," a piece 
featuring the amazingly talent pianist, Steven Spinelli. 
The concert closed with Jean Sibelieus' "Finlandia," a 
piece never performed by the LHS orchestra. In the 
Pop's Concert in February, "The Harry Potter Sym- 
phonic Suite," was performed beautifully. The Major 
Works Concert was a large success and was enjoyed 
greatly by the audience. Music aside, the group had one 
of its best years yet, and its largely thanks to the hard 
work, dedication, and enormous talent of the members. 

jbove: Nicole Sobel and Colleen Perry lead 
i e group into the auditorium for a wonderful 
L'rformance at the Winter Concert. 

Above: Jen Hoff, Rebecca Ciceretti, and Joe Casper 
look at Mr. Mucci for cues in between pieces during 
the Winter Concert. 

To the Left: The talented Mr. Mucci faces the audi- 
ence after conducting the group in "Finlandia" 
during the Winter Concert. 

Fine Arts 147 


In Alpha Order: Hillary Allan, Naomi Berezin, Elizabeth Berger, Matthew Bernadis, Julia Bienkowski, David Borowsky, Sean Boutin, Carly Chase, 
Elizabeth Croll, Francesco Daniele, Douglas Duquette, Rebecca Ernst, Beth Gordon, John Hanifan, Isaac Hausman, Russell Hill, David Jangraw, 
Julie Kim, Philip Landry, Katie Manzi, Alice Marshall, Sean McMahon, Sarah Micley, James Pacella, Janet Pohli, Colleen Rafferty, Andrew Ratner, 
Meghan Riley, Scott Rousse, Lauren Scheiper, Kerry Shea, Michael Shea, Josh Shnider, Alexandra Smith, Matt Sullivan, Leigh Urbschat, Erica 
White, Khambrel Wilson. 

To the Right: Liz Berger, Carly Chase, 
Jangraw watch intently as Mr. 
Thomsen begins to conduct the next 
piece of the program. 

Below: Mr. Thomsen works those 
arms while continuously conducting 
lyrics at the Winter Concert. 

148 Fine Arts 

Lyrics has evolved greatly over the past four years. The dedication, 
motivation, and love for music has increased with time. The year started out 
with a wonderful performance at Umass in November. After much practice 
and night rehearsals, the Winter Concert was a big success. The group 
performed pieces such as, "Like Snow," "Ka Hia Manu," "Der Abend," and 
"Lillibulero." These pieces are a great variety of different styles and periods 
of music. At the Pop's Concert the group performed the popular song, 
"Virtual Insanity," showing off not only the group talent, but the talent of 
individual members of the chorus. After working extrememly hard for the 
Major Works concert, the audience enjoyed the moving performance. The 
group traveled to the MICCA festival in the Spring I vrics also chosen 
to perform at All State in March because of their great talent and dedication. 
We will all miss this years seniors, but as usual the group will continue to 
prosper and succeed in the future. 

Kerry Shea 

Below: Senior Jim Pacella, Junior Et\ 
White and Freshman Mike Shea she 
off their vocal abilities during the W ^ 
ter Concert. 

n ! lpha Order: Sean Boutin, Carly Chase, Beth Gordon, John Hanifan, Russell Hill, David Jangraw, Phil Landry, Katie Manzi, Jim Pacella, Janet Pohli, Colleen 
iuerty, Scott Rousse, Kerry Shea, Erica White. 

I Cantori has done quite well this year 
IdMte their loss of last years seniors. In the 
ter Concert Cantori performed three french 
Irigal pieces as well as the jazz classic, "How 
h the Moon." At the Pop's Concert Paul 
lion's "Like a Rock," and "This Can't Be 
i e," showed the amazing talent of the singers 
le group. The Spring Concert was a big 
:ess and it is always sad to say goodbye to 
year's seniors. (Kerry Shea, Beth Gordon, 
een Rafferty, Janet Pohli, Dave Jangraw, Jim 
alia, and Scott Rousse) Good Luck next year I 

Kerry Shea 

1 ( M^tim' 


s9kvj4i %. wL M ^^ [JB 3*J 

Above: Kerry Shea, Russell Hill, Janet Pohli, Dave 
Jangraw, Colleen Rafferty, John Hanifan, and Carly 
Chase smile for the audience after a lovely perfor- 
mance at the Winter Concert. 

To the Left: Erica White, Sean Boutin, Katie Manzi, 
Scott Rousse, Beth Gordon, Jim Pacella, Kerry Shea, 
and Russell Hill stand with serious faces before 
beginning their first peice. 

Fine Arts 149 

La Cappella 

In alphabetical order: C. Bagley, J. Bellenoit, J. Berg, S. Betley, S. Broverman, T. Brown, L. Burns, C. Casaceli, J. Cash, N. Cassista, L. Chechette, E. Coh 
S. Cohn, N. Coleman, L. Cotton, M. Croteau, C. Drennan, S. Dukeshire, C. Eldridge, E. Emanuel, K. Gandelli, L. Gerlach, J. Gershen S. Gilman, S. Godda 
J. Grimes, A. Guevara, K. Hall, E. Harris, A. Hasenbush, K. Healy, E. Heaton, K. Hedges, S. Holmquest, K. Howard, L. Hwang, H. Ingalls, C. Keady, S. Ki 
L. Labecki, K. Lanouette, M. Lenke, R. Leverett, A. Lewis, Y. Lai Li, S. Longo, A. Low, M. Magowan, S. Marble, K. Mayausky, K. McGorry, N. Meserve, jj 
Moore, L. Mujalli, K. Murphy, S. Murphy, K. O'Rourke, S. Packin, L. Palazzi, K. Petroff, M. Petroff, C. Picknally, K. Plummer, M. Porter, M. Provenzai 
A. Quinn, E. Randall, Z. Rasmusssen, L. Rosenberg, J. Ross, A. Schmitt, M. Schwartz, J. Scudder, M.B. Scully, J. Seay, A. Shaw, M. Sheehy, K. Shypula 
Stark, M. Stern, D. Suber, K.Y. Suh, H. Sunter, J. Thomas, N. Thomas, A. Twohig, M. Wagner, S. Weiner, E. Welch, C. Williams, M. Wilson, N. Woodwa 

The section leaders of La Capella; top row: J. Berg, L. 
Burns, S. Betley, M. Magowan, K. O'Rourke, A. Quinn; 
Bottom Row: K. Murphy, K. Petroff, Z. Rasmussen, E. 
Cohen, K. Lanouette 

*\bove: Sophomore Auden Schmitt 
belts out her part and watches as 
Mrs Wcrlin conducts the choir 

150 Fine Arts 

Abo\ e: Members of La Cappella use .ill of 
their wonderful vocal skills to sing out "It's 
Raining Men," at the Pop's Concert 

I o the I ett: Sophomore Catherine Drennaa 
and Senior Amira Hasenbush sing in har- 
mony during o\w ot I a Cappella s perfor- 

Women's Chorus 

Ir ilpha Order: Elyssa Auerbach, Claire Berube, Ashley Brown, Taylor Carr, Merissa Carvalho, Natasha Conti, Alexandra Coutu, Leigh Dale, Elizabeth 
t 'idow, Caitlin Garreffi, Jennifer Greim, Meghan Griswold, Brittany Lantzakis, Alexandra Leichthammer, Rebecca Lesser, Alexandra Litvinov, 
I )hanie Lussier, Sara McDonald, Jennifer Manzi, Caitlin McDonough, Hannah Micley, Kellen O'Gara, Madalyn Palmer, Vanessa Rea, Erin Reiter, 
Ji ine Rosazza, Brittany Tober, Erin Touhey, Kaitlin Vincent, Rachel Weiss, Tanya Zilowicz, Elana Zygman. 

egan Griswold, Elizabeth Davidow, 
d Alex Litinov sing with wonderful 
>sture at the the Fall Concert. 

A section of the group, sing their hearts 
out while attempting to dress like Avril 

A group of freshman girls intently watch Mrs. Werlin 
as she conducts the group during the Fall Concert. 

low: With serious faces, the members of Women's 
horus show how they can carry a tune. 

The freshman girls show the audience that 
although they may be young, they still can 
put on a great show. 

Fine Arts 151 

Concert Band 

Flute: M. Jason, L. Palazzi, R. Kim, A. Brown, D. Meth, J. Dikan, S. Baquis, A. Levy, S. Goddard, S. Papale, T. Hosley, J. Topotzer, J. Cash, J. Kos, S. Ruan; Oboei 
K. Bergeron, L. Coughlin, K. Shetty; Clarinet: E. Erlich, N. Katz, C. Hopkins, E. Krill, S. Jackson, A. Fitzpatrick, A. Low, K. Gilbert, A. Moriarty, S. Packin, J 
Kos, N. Varteresian, R. Ernst, E. Chipkin, I. Calderon, C. Gross; Bass Clarinet: B. Klein, R. Cook; Alto Saxophone: S. Gould, Greg. Tariff, R. Compton, D. Peck.l 
K. Martin, E. Souliere, P. Kadushin, D. Gogel, R. Amatruda, R. Mylvaganam, G. Cropsey, P. Doyle, R. Stern, C. Vincent, A. Anderson, D. Haddad; Tenoi 
Saxophone: H. Dobson, Y. Shemesh, T. Marinelli, C. Capurso, M. Dimaro, M. Diruzza, A. Stankiewicz, A. Robitaille; Baritone Saxophone: S. Dukeshire; French 
Horn: S. Mickley, J- Parzivand, E. Berger; Euphonium: W. Maier; Trumpet: R. O'Leary, G. Appleman, J. Glynn, E. Tredeau, D. Tower, S. Nam, J. Wu, J. 
Berrouard, M. Kusiak; Trombone: D. Sampson, B. Johnston, G. Marsh, N. Paar, A. Bistran; Tuba: B. Reiter, P. O'Coner, J. Veysey; Percussion: J. Harrelson, M.i 
Maowen, M. Bertuzzi, A. Cramer, T. addad, T. Jangl, E. Jefferson, D. Laflamme, S. McKenna, H. Mlvaganam, R. O'Connell, Z. Schiffman, M. Sekor, Z. Sweeney 

From left; Freshman 

Amanda Brown, 

Sophomore Rachel Kim, 

and Freshman Lindsay 

Palazzi on their flutes in 

the Fall Concert 



i^*~~ J^M 1 

K UPm 


In the Right: Molly 

Magowen, Matt Bertu//i, 

and Za< h S< hitfman look 

,it then music and Mr. 

during the performance 

in the I all Concert, 

152 Fine Arts 

Above: Freshman Garrett 

Cropsev playing A Little French 

Suite in the Fall Concert 

To the I eft: [unior lennifer 

Dikan plays Lord of the 
Rm£< in the Pops Concert 

Jazz Band 

Saxophone: J. Schnider, J. Shore-Suslowitz; Tenor Saxophone: R. Gauthier, A. Hasenbush; Baritone Saxophone: J. Ballis; Trumpet: R. Coughlin, A. Paysnick, A. 
I in, A. Jackowitz, L. Urbschat; Trombone: M. Sullivan, M. Nowak, D. Sampson, D. Shapiro; Bass: J. Casper; Drums: I. Hausman, J. Wang; Percussion: E. White; 
Bfr: D. Ratner; Piano: D. Barowsky 

Below: Erica White practices before one of 
Jazz Band's evening rehearsals. 

Above: Sophomore Julia Balis looks 
at her music intensely while playing 
in the Pop's Concert. 

To the Left: Seniors Ashley Bistran 
and Amy Paysnick whip their lips 
into shape before hours of rehearsal. 

Above: Senior Josh Shnider plays one 
of his many wonderful solos in the 
Pop's Concert. The group will surely 
miss his talent after he graduates this 

Fine Arts 153 

Men's Chorus 

In Alphabetical Order: Jack Abbott, Aklindele Afalobi, Richard Baker III, Kristopher Barkett, Nick Barkett, Igor Basovskiy, Jeff Beattie, 
Beaudry, Deziel Bessete, Benjamin Brown, Thomas Cangialosi, Daniel Chase, Nicholas Cline, Philmore Colburn, Larry Coleman, Mich 
Collins, Eric Cromwell, Justin D'Elia, Thomas Delis, Clark de los Reyes, Jay Fahy, Jacob Freeman, Leonid Gayshan, Anthony Gentile, Andi| 
Green, Devin Haddad, Brandon Hennemen, Tyler Haddad, Charles Hopkins, Jeff Kolonoski, Justin Leavens, Bernard Marshall, Yd 
Matsumoto, Michael McDonough, Greg McQuade, Adam Mehle, Kyle Michael, Ryan Mullen, Nate Nadeau, Ryan Nelson, Rory O'Bri 
Ryan O'Leary, Gregory Omartien, John Pappas, Jordan Pasch, Geoffrey Peck, Rob Pohli, Ben Porway, Doug Rarner, Ben Reardon, Bri 
Renius, Tony Riley, Jarith Rosazza, David Rosenthal, Jon Ruiz, Tony Santaniello, Anthony Sarno, Jon Shaker, Brian Shea, Michael Shea, Br 
Shotland, Jameson Stark, Leon Traynham, Mark Tremble, Mike Tremble, Jono Viamari, Andrew Warnock, Zachary Williams, Todd You 

Right: John Pappas in his moment to shine singing his 
solo in For the Longest Time at the Pops Concert 


Bottom: Members serenading the crowd with Ave 
Maria in the Fall Concert 

Below: Several Men's Chorus members perfomring a 
very smooth rendition Smooth Criminal in the Pops 

154 Fine Arts 


Fine Arts 155 


156 Fine Arts 

Fine Arts 157 

"Come fly with me 

Let's take off in the 

blue > 

Come fly with me 

pack up let's fly 


-Robbie Williams 

Sports 159 

o<3sx> FOOTBALL 

The Longmeadow High Football team had a great 
year, finishing the regular seaon 10-1. The defense stepped 
it up this year letting up just less than 10 points per game. 
The Lancers went on to win the Superbowl against 
Westborough on December 7 with a score of 42-7. 

160 Sports 


aches: Hubbard, Rosio, Yanni, Epstein, Rotsko, St. George, Drummy, Noonan, 
iwford; (row 1) B. Holm, M. Russo, J. Pacella, J. Jordan; (row 2) J. Casper, V. Sabetini, 
hiffman, J.Liro-Hudson, N. Barkett, J. Gartman, M. Tremble, N. Nadeau; (row 3) J. 
lonoski, J. Humphries, R. Mullen, D. Whipple, D. Bernstein, S. Appleman, P. Hogan, 
Michael; (row 4) T. Koenigs, C. Vincent, M. Jenkins, A. Wilkens, Z. Bitzer, R. 
nerville, J. Humphries, S. Boutin; (row 5) T. Stewart, C. Holm, E. Jefferson, A. Lattell, 
onlin, M. Foss, G. Appleman, R. Knaus; (row 6) T. Baker, M. Higgins, M. McDonough, 
Donnelly, J. Togneri, J. Geera, J. Furnari, J. Stewart, G. Tobinn; (row 7)K. Hall, D. 
:haels, R. Graveline, E. Cromwell, R. Coughlin, R. Cook, A. Aubinaccio, R. Travers, 


Coaches: Hubbard, Epstein, Yanni, Rosciao; (row 1) J. Piccurrio, D. 
Chase, B. Marshall, D. Afolabi, D. Haddad, B. Griggs, J. Weiss, T. Young; 
(row 2) R. Romananko, P. Logan, N. Klein, M. Shea, J. Abbott, R. Pohli, 
T. Marinelli, S. Janes; (row 3) B. Kenefick, M. Stein, M. Mehenim, J. 
Laptas, S. Forsch, J. Dowd, G. Alexandreu, A Lafrance; (row 4) M. 
Hussein, M. Collins, B. Deane, J. Sullivan, G. McQuade, T. Riley, D. 
Petite; (row 5) M. Casartello, M. Wenz, G. Peck, D. Haddad, J. Elliot, M. 

bch Epstien pumps the team to John Jordan Us in celebration 

Aory with an inspirational after winning a game, (below) 

tech. (above) 

Dan Bernstein catches a pass to 
help win the game, (above) 

Sports 161 


Senior Marissa Komack cheers 
on the teamat the game, (above) 

The varsity squad prepares to 
cheer while watching the game, 

Sophomore Brooke Faber and Se- 
niors Kaitlin Foley, Meredith 
Donald and Alicia Scher on the 
varisty squad cheer for the Lanc- 
ers with a big smile, (left) 

Juniors Caitlin Bergeron and 
Deziel Bessette stay positive and 
continue to cheer in the cold, 


162 Sports 

Deziel Bessette practices his 
cheers in preparation of an up- 
coming game, (left) 

Tine team congratulates each cither after a successful cheer, 

Sports 163 


Looking back, our laughter, dancing (Seth), and countless hours of practice 
have made this year's Cross Country team superb. We struggled through the 
rain and blistering heat all to earn a winning season amongst our rivals. With 
our coaches (Coach R. Campbell and Coach D. Lyons), captains, and Charlie 
Casartello leading the way, we were able to achieve great standings at the 
Western Mass Meet. What a great end to my four years. 

Darius Bessette (Captain) 

Clark De Los Reyes races towards 
the finish, (right) 

Nicola Platzer is determined to 
get to the finish, (above) 

Team captains (top row)Jake 
Hausman, Geetha Mylvaganam, 
Nicole Platzer, Caitlin O'Leary 
(bottom row) Darius Bessette and 
Clark De Los Reyes pose for a 
picture before their meet, (right) 

Senior Matt Retchin finishes un- 
der the hot sun. (left) 

Senior Matt Adams paces him- 
self to come in first, (right) 

164 Sports 

bnt row (left to right): D. Bessette, J. Hausman, C. De Los Reyes 
S:ond row: S. Retchin, M. Benoit, J. Marsh, R. Salomone, S. McKenna, 
"Gartska, B. Renius, M. Adams 

lird row: Coach Campbell, B. Bardin, R. Mylvaganam, P. Blakeman, D. 
hnlon, D. St. George, J. Asher, S. Baquis, M. Retchin, S. Crimmins, J. 
I luca, L. Hayes, J. Glynn, J. Bragdon, D. Berte, G. Marsh, J. Golden, M. 
j mble, ]. Levins, N. Paar, Coach Lyons 

Front row (left to right): N. Platzer, G. Mylavaganam, 

Second row: M. Wilson, A. Moriarty, E. Rosch, A. Marshall, R. Stern, E. 

Nuzzo, A. Durfee, R. Whiteford, 

Third row: Coach Campbell, E. Lynch, E. Sussman, J. Sussman, M. Stein 

L. Sheenan, N. Katz, D. Laliberte, Coach Lyons 

Fourth row: M. lynch, A. Anderson, J. Manzi, R. Ernst, K. McClure, C. 


Members of the team in the middle Ryan Salomone leads the teamto 
of a meet, (above left) victory, (above) 

Coach Russell Campbell and Charlie 
Carsartello talk about strategy for the 
day's meet, (left) 

Sports 165 

Above: Rory O'Brien leaps to 
defend his goal. 

At right: Senior Steve Viamari 

plays hard and steals the ball 

from the opposing team. 



Ryan Murphy looks down field 
for the ball. (Right) 

At left: Senior Francesco Daniele 

dives to keep the ball away from 

the other team. 

166 Sports 

Left: The Lancers fight for the ball. 

Luke Consolini steals the ball, (above) 

Sports 167 



Coach Delano gives his freshmen team 
a motivational pep talk before a game, 

Varsity cools off during ha Iftime. (bot- 
tom left) 

Meagan Ahrens makes an incredible 
and quite frankly .1 scary save, (bot- 
tom right) 

Number 11, Molly Wagner chases an 
East Longmeadow opponent for the 
ball (right) 

168 Sports 

Sports 169 



"The team's hard work, commitment, and talent led to our most success- 
ful season on record. Among the many highlights was our coach's 200th 
career win. It has been an honor to be part of such a dynamic team. This 
season will most definitely set a great standard for the future of 
Longmeadow High School Girl's Field Hockey." 
-Colleen Rafferty (Captain) 

■ M .. ' Ldim^ 

Sophomore Patti O'Mally got 
after the ball against the 0| 
posing team, (above) 

Captains Emily Steele, Laure 
Malinowski and Collee 
Rafferty take time out from 
tough practice to pose for 
quick picture, (left) 

HI ^VH \L 

«-3^H Wr/// h 

Sophomores Victoria Holden 
and Caroline Meehan stop for 
a picture, (left) 

Senior Emit) Steele chases to make 
the ball to go for a goal, (right) 

170 Sports 


Junior Varsity 

1) Emily Steele, Lauren Malinowski, Sarah Al-Husseini, Col- 
lai ferry, Kendall Hedges; (row 2) Tori Holden, Caroline Meehan, 
aret Carpenter, Elyse Linson, Katie Manzi, Maria Koenigs; 
3) Meg Andrews, Jenny Gallucci, Carolyn Bagley, Shannon 
is, Nicole Duncan, Jesse Viamari, Coach Simons. 

(Row 1) Taylor Carr, Caitlin McDonough; (row 2) Maggie Lonergan, 
Ali Fioretti, Catherine Drennan, Katie Kranz, Sarah MacDonald, 
Caitlin Vincent; (row 3) Coach Pratt, Ashley Hess, Amanda Bolduc, 
Patti O'Malley, Allison Burke, Paige Doyle, Mary Petroff, Caitlin 

Senior Lauren Malinowski 
fights for the ball to win the 
game, (above) 

The Lancers pose for a picture after 
winning the game, (left) 

Sports 171 




(Above) The Varsity girls congratulate each other on a 
game well played. 


(Above)The team stands ready for what the 
opposite team serves up. 

(At right) Senior Captains 
Kate O' Rourke, Yuki Otahi, 
and Janet Pohli are all smiles 
during their senior night. 

~ >■ 


(Above)Meaghan Rile 
passes the ball to Kati 
Sullivan while Rebecc 
Reuben runs up to sup 


172 Sports 

Junior Varsity 

(1 1 to right) 

BJk Row: Mary Bitzer, Coach Kelly Grezbien, Marybeth Cadieux 

Mdle Row: Diana Gitlen, Ashley Cox, Kelly Healy 

Fnt Row: Yuki Otani, Janet Pohli, Kate O'Rourke 

Msins: Brooke Talbot 

(left to right) 

Back Row: Keerthi Sheety, Katie Sullivan, Kerry Hemmelgarn, Eve 

Thau, Coach Anna Stowell 

Middle Row: Maggie Porter, Meg Riley, Erin Reiter, Rebecca Ruben, 

Danielle Meth 

Front Row: Farrel Simpson, Lauren Young, Heather Dobson 

?niors Yuhi Otani and Kate O' Rourke and 
nior Mary Bitzer anticipate the serve. 

(Above) Senior Janet Pohli and 
Junior Marybeth Cadieux stay 
tall at the net. 

(Left) Senior Janet Pohli pre- 
pares to serve the ball, as Jun- 
ior Diane Gitlen stands ready. 

Sports 173 


o o 


Ian Nicole, a new freshman to the 
team, looks for a clean shot before 
taking his swing. 

Shaun Fagan winds up for his 
practice swing, while getting 
ready for his next meet. 

Colin Young after a great shot, 
looks in the direction of his 

Robert Flynn, a sophmore in the 
high school, steps up to take a 
putt in a match. 

174 Sports 

After putting the ball, Eric 
Nadelman, looks after it. 

Teammates compare scores after a challenging game of golf. 

Ian Nicole, a fresh- 
man, winds up for a 
hard swing. 

Shaun Fagan, a senior, follows 
through and watches his ball af- 
ter a great shot. 

Sports 175 




Junior Travis Suber flies over his op- 
ponent to score a layup. (right) 


Seniors: Joe Casper, Matt Russo, Evan 
hannay, Pete Depergola and Nate 
Zyla. (right) 




Sophmore Devron Wicks prepares to 
the ball against Westfield. (bot- 
tom right) 

Sophmore Phil Landry prepares to 
shoot a three pointer, (bottom left) 

1 i 

■ * 


176 Sports 

The Men's Junior Varsity Basketball Team 

The J.V. Team gets a pep talk during a Matt Katz drives towards the hoop, 
game, (above left) (above) 

Rufus Green gets cheered by the 
crowd, (bottom left) 

Sports 177 



Christine Casaceli, a sopho- 
more on the varsity team, pulls 
away from an opponent in or- 
der to take a shot. 

Mia Rothweiler drives 
in hard against 
Northhampton for a 

The varsity team huddles u p for a last 
minute talk before stepping on the 
court for their game. 

178 Sports 

The team gets some words of advice 
from their coach, (left) 

Mia Rothwieler tries to score a lay- 
up. (above) 

Lauren Young drives to the 
basket, (above) 

Sports 179 


Mikey Hayes shows off his flashy ski- 
suit, (right) 


Captains, senior Simon Prefontaine 
and junior Molly Wagner pose for the 
camera. (Right) 


Rob Hon ley looks towards the finish, 
(bottom right) 

Simon Prefontaine tucks around a 
turn, (bottom left) 

180 Sports 

Longmeadow High School Ski Team. 

Top Row (left to right): M. Hayes, F. 

Kapinos, R.Heney,J.Glynn,M.Bennoit, 

J. Peck, S. Prefontaine. 

Second Row: D. Webber, J. Parker, H. 

Dobson, W. Plaut, Z. Williams, M. 


Bottom Row: A. Burke, A. Mulhern, A. 

Durfee, J. Ross, A. Cramer. 

Jenna Ross rounds a pole, (top left) Arthur Mulhern flies downhill. 



Jessica Parker shoots around a curve. 


Sports 181 


Kight: Men's Swim Team, Back row: 
Greg Alexander, Todd Young, Matt 
Bertuzzi, Russell Hill, Adnan Faruqi, 
Alex Lattel, Coach J.P. Galli. Middle 
row: Jon Galuska, James Liu, Chris 
Breen , Elliot Krach, Matt Lisankie, 
James Wu. Front row: Mike Stein, 
Steve Spinelli, Nate Olszewski, Chris 
Tredeau, Ji-Yoon Kim. 

Right: Team Captains, Steve Spinelli 
and Nate Olszewski. 

Far right: Steve Spinelli takes a big 
breath before he goes under again to 
win the race. 

182 Sports 


Middle: Tim Marinelli executes and Above: Matt Lisankiecrawlstrokes hi?, 
backwards dive off the diving board. hardest, and splashes even harder. 

Left: Chris Trudeau backstrokes his 
way to the finish line. 

Sports 183 


Meghan Hennesy backstrokes 
through the water. (right) 

Right: The Womens Swim Team 

Bottom Left: 

Kellen O'Gara performs the 

Bottom right: 

RainaTrietsch glides through 

the water. 

184 Sports 

Above: Laura Marinelli takes flight as 
she begins her dive. 

Left: A Lancer powering her way 
through the water. 

Sports 185 



The Wrestling team this year had a great season with a strong 
showing from the majority of the team. A large number of the team 
participated in the Western Massachusetts championships, and hoped 
to do well. The captains Tyler Griggs and Steve Viamari did a 
great job leading the team and will be missed next year, but the 
juniors will be rerady to take charge of the team next year. 

Seniors, Sean Skipton, Tyler Griggs, 
Jaime Schiffman, and Steve 
Viamari. (right) 


Junior Ryan Murphy tries to pin his 
opponent. (bottom left) 

Junior Zach Bitzer squares off at the 
start of his match. (bottom right) 

Coach Astertios celebrates the vic- 
tory of one of his wrestlers. (right) 

186 Sports 

The Wrestling Team 

:k row: L. Cotton, Coach Astrarios, Altaian, Z. Bitzer, E. Weiss, J. 

ffman, C. Green, A. Mansfield, R. Murphy, A. Rubinaccio, B. Marshall, 

Cassatello, Z. Shapiro. 

:ond row: Sean Skipton, R. Romenko, R. Foss, J. DeLuca, D. Petit, 

:ggs, A. Gressete, Juan Perez. 

int row: S. Dailey, P. Kadushin, DeLuca, T. Griggs, S. Viamari, John 

Luca, B. Shotland. 

Sophmore Mike Foss prepares to shoot 
in on his opponent. (upper left) 

Captains this year, Tyler Griggs and 
Steve Viamari pose for the 
camera. (above) 

Senior Steve Viamari tries to keep his 
opponent in a hold. (left) 

Sports 187 


This year our team came a long way. We've gone through some 
bumps in the road, but we stuck through them and went back 
to the playoffs. Our three other captains Vinnie Santanello, 
Derek Samble, and Joey Furnari, as well as myself tried to keep 
the team going everyday, and took each game one step at a time. 
We were very proud to be chosen to lead a team as skilled as the 
one we have now. 

- Captain, Jeff Beattie #18 

188 Sports 

Labb, Methe, and Denmark look 
on as their teammate Samble steals 
it away. (right) 

*vinnie Santanello passes the puck 
to a teammate. (Bottom left) 

Aiebel blocks his opponent to de- 
fend the goal. (Bottom right) 

'ont Row- Flanders, Lysick, Samble, Santanello, Furnari, Beattie, T. 

ravers, Liebel, Levitt 

|;cond Row- Coach Moriarty, Coach Berk, Ayott, Hyzer, Malickien, O' 
[ourke, Graham, R. Travers, Flynn, Denmark, Coach Danine, Coach 

lack Row- Methe, Fortsch, Labb, Johnston 

Captains (from left to right) Joseph 
Furnari, Vinnie Santanello, Derek 
Samble, and Jeff Beattie are proud to 
be leading the team, (left) 

Seniors (from left to right) Vinnie 
Santanello, Tim Travers, Derek 
Samble, and Jeff Beattie pose for the 
last time as Longmeadow Hockey 
players, (top) 

Sports 189 


190 Organizations 

Til fly away to a land 

where joys never end, 

Til fly away" 

-Albert E. Brumley 

Organizations 191 



By Amira Hasenbush 
Masacksic, the Longmeadow High 
School Yearbook, is a very busy arte 
active club. Every day after school, 
dilligent editors and staff members 
can be found in room 113, working 
produce the beautiful book that yot 
see before your eyes. The book cou 
not have been completed without th 
relentless efforts of advisor, Mr. 
LeBlanc and editors-in-chief, Malor 
Schwartz, Julia Capurso and Alison 

Student life editors, Janet Pohli and Andrew Ratner decide which 
pictures to use on their pages, while co-editor, Alice Marshall works 
with Mr. LeBlanc on the computer. 

The co-editors-in-chief, Julia Capurso, Malorie Schwartz 
and Alison Quinn pose for a quick picture before getting' 
back to work on this gorgeous yearbook. 

Anne Lin, Sara Colegrove, Kerry Shea, Alice Marshall, Darius 
Bessette, and Malorie Schwartz dazzle the photographers once again. 

r -w 

""' . 

1- L 

192 Organizations 

lust ,1 small sampling of the 2002-2003 yearbook staff. 

Key Club 

Talia Cossin, Julia Capurso, Melinda Tang and Justin Henneman sit together ant 
give their opinion on a recent topic at a Key Club meeting. 

Key Club 

By Nathaniel Balder 

The Key Club is back and better than ever this year. 
They provide us with little jobs that go unnoticed and 
are underappreciated, but are important nonetheless. 
The board members include: Niki Platzer, John 
Chamberland, Kaitlin Dugre, Nora Katz, Philip 
Landry, Ketti Chauhan, Lee Berman and Liz Chipkin. 
Aside from their nearly countless hours of volunteer 
work that the close to 120 active members performed, 
the club planned its own events, including a spaghetti 
dinner in the spring to benefit the Joe Winseck Schol- 
arship Fund. Mr. Winseck was a long-time and well- 
liked history teacher who passed away in the spring of 
2002. The Key Club also joined other Key Clubs 
across New England to participate in a region-wide 
project on children's safety. The club teamed up with 
Baystate Medical Center to educate the public about 
everything from the importance of wearing bike 
helmets and seatbelts to what the appropriate water 
temperature should be in a young child's bath. Under 
the guidance of its long-standing advisor, Mrs. Brown, 
the Key Club has enjoyed another succesful year. 

Ketti Chauhan watches a recent speaker at 
a Key Club meeting. 

Maggie Lonergan and Leah 
Dale work together on a 
poster to publicize one of 
the Key Club's latest 
community service projects. 

Organizations 193 

National Honor Society 















F « 























The 2002-2003 NHS board(left to right) BACK: Julia Ishak, David Jangraw, Kerry Shea, Jim 
Pacella, Dan Bernstien, Harrison Mackler; FRONT: Ann Lin, Zoe Rasmussen, Melinda 
Tang, Emily Eaton. 

Advisors Mrs. Connor and Mr. 
O'Connell are proud of the 
achievements of the members of 

National Honor Society 
By David Jangraw 

The Longmeadow chapter of the National Honor Society is 
working hard to make this year a successful one by further- 
ing the four main pillars of NHS: scholarship, leadership, 
service and character. The activities of NHS are separated 
into three main areas: tutoring, fund-raising and community 
service. Community service encompasses the Society's 
outreach programs, designed to fill a need within the school 
and/or community. Sponsored projects this year include the 
Rays of Hope Walk, the Crop Walk and a holiday Toy Drive 
through the Grey House program. This year has been one of 
many great successes and we look forward to future years. 

Kaolin McEvoy, Katie Manzi and Lauren Heaton show their 
excitement before becoming new members of NHS. 



Kathrvn I'remont, Becky Gauthier, Amanda Brown and Anna Chin study 
together .it an early morning NHS meeting. 

194 Organizations 

Emma Plaut supports her friend Laura 
Marinelli before the Nl IS induction. 

Business Professionals of America 

Business Professsionals of America 

by Alex Shebar 

The Business Professionals of America, or BPA as they are most commonly known, are one of the 
strongest and most active clubs at Longmeadow High School. Teaching young and upcoming white 
collar workers all they need to know about the industry, the club consists of a little less than forty 
members, and many of them are active full time. The club has had many accomplishments throughout 
this year such as many successful fundraisers, like selling bread from The Italian Bread Shop to hungry 
students. BPA also had the chance to compete in a competition held in Chicago consisting of students 
from around the country. With such leaders guiding the group as Tim O'Leary (president), Bobby 
Sullivan (vice president), Mike Kirstein (treasurer), John Togneri (secretary), Joe Bragdon (fundraising 
chair), Andrew Wernick, (member chair), and Joe Neal (historian), BPA was able to be a strong and 
effective organization throughout the whole year. BPA tries to have its members achieve an understand- 
ing of the business world for an upcoming profession after school is over, and they were very successful 
with that goal from 2002 into 2003. 

Organizations 195 

Jet Jotter 

Jet Jotter 
By Eric Lesser 

The name of the game this year for the Jet Jotter has been construction. The staff 
has been hard at work building a solid framework for success. The editors have 
created a new process for editing, writing, and publishing stories while an en- 
larged and motivated staff has been busy polishing potential. Several new, 
younger editors and writers have assumed leadership and have worked hard to 
improve the paper by writing spectacular articles and widening our school 
newspaper's scope. The Jet Jotter, while becoming closer as a team, has also 
reached its goal of creating some wonderful journalism! 

Alex Shebar takes time to pose for the 

Rough Draft 

Rough Draft 
By Talia Cossin 
The Rough Draft, the 
school's "alternative" news- 
paper, is active again this 
year creating and providing 
satirical pieces for the school 
and community. The pur- 
pose of this alternative 
newspaper is both literary 
quality and satirical humor. 
A traditional issue is a 
newspaper for April Fool's 
Day. Under the guidance of 
advisor Mark Staples and the 
editor-in-chief Alex Shebar, 
the Rough Draft expects to 
publish three times this year. 
Active seniors include Lisa 
Rosenberg and Carly 
Berezin, supervising editors. 

196 Organizations 

Alex Shebar and Huong Nguyen work diligenth 01 j 
the next issue. 


2002-2003 Impressions Staff 

By Lucy Sheehan 

This year, the Impressions staff is working hard to 
achieve its goal of combining a love of art, poetry 
and prose to create a school literary magazine 
which represents the diverse perspectives and 
voices of the school community. Each year a selec- 
tion of student works is published in the annual 
magazine, designed by Impressions staff. Led by 
editor-in-chief Emma Plaut, the diverse staff hopes 
to encourage the creative minds of the school's 
students to reveal themselves through the publica- 
tion of student writing and art. The staff members 
make posters, read and discuss students' submis- 
sions, determine the contents and layout of the 
magazine, distribute the magazine, and, most 
importantly, have fun! 

jider the guidance of advisor Linda McShane, the staff hopes to create a magazine that highlights the talented and 
ginal works of the school's art and literary community. This year's magazine staff is working under the direction 
(its editors Elina Tochilnokova as art liaison, Kristina Bonatakis as art editor, Anna Chin and Tina Chin as copy 
jitors, Lucy Sheehan as literary editor, Scott Rousse as English department liaison, Alex Shebar as publicity editor 
Id Michael Jermyn as layout editor. 

Knitting Club 


Knitting Club 

This year a new club has challenged longstanding ideas about an old art. The Knitting 
Club has brought the pastime of knitting from the sitting rooms of old ladies, into the 
realm of teenage girls, not to mention teenage boys. A group of 30 students, ranging 
from freshmen to the vice-principal, Mr. O'Shea, the knitting club brings in all types. 
This group, which is two-thirds boys, meets for an hour after school, once a week in 
Mrs. Colgan's room to knit, talk and generally have a good time. The knitting club 
allows anyone and everyone to come together to enjoy an activity that is not hard to 
learn and allows its participants to take their minds off of their daily stress, and talk 
with friends. Some of the most enthusiastic members include the club's founder and 
president, Jimmy Fortsch, and his cohort Nick Magliato. The knitting club is helping 
to abolish the stigma that has been attached to knitting for decades. 

Organizations 197 

French Club 

French Club 
By Chris Marble 

Oui! This is the French Club! Supervised by Ms. Buescher and Mr. Ream, the 
French Club is expanding its members' knowledge of the French language and the 
culture associated with it. Once every three weeks, the club meets to explore 
aspects of the French culture such as food, clothing, etc., and plan up-and-coming 
events and trips. While the club has not had any events or trips at this point in the 
year, it does have some big plans for the future, such as a fund-raising candy sale. 
This will help raise money that will be used for the French Club breakfasts that are 
held perodically, and trips to French restaurants or stores, such as Northampton's 
"Cafe Casablanca." The club's president is James Maxwell. 

Spanish Club 


Harrion Mackler and Emily 
Eaton practice a Spanish 

Spanish Club 

By: Harrison Mackler 

The Spanish Club, a newly formed organization at LHS, 

meets in Senora Rhodes' room with the aim of improving 

conversational Spanish. Watching educational Spanish 

films and engaging in conversations helps us become the 

Spanish speakers of the future. 

198 Organizations 

The 2002-20(13 Spanish Club 

American Field Service 

The 2002-2003 AFS and foreign exchange students visiting on an LHS hosted AFS 


By Ozaire Awais 
AFS, otherwise known as the 
American Field Service, is in full 
effect this year with many new 
events that raise the awareness of 
foreign exchange students and 
promote global understanding. The 
club was designed to help and 
provide resources for foreign 
exchange students coming from 
other countries and students here, at 
LHS, who wish to become foreign 
exchange students. 

The club organizes activities for foreign students in order to make their stay here in the New England area a memorable one. 
One such activity took place during Jan 9- 12th. A total of eleven foreign exchange students from all over New England went to 
Northampton with members of AFS and had a pizza party, a pot-luck dinner and brunch, and went bowling. Ms. Pollard is the 
advisor for the club and Ryan O'Connell is currently the president. Former club president, Sara Wiseman, is currently living in 
Costa Rica as an exchange student. Other club officers include Tina Chin as the club's secretary and Cameron Leroy as the 
treasurer. Leroy recently came back from Japan where he was also an exchange student. The club has a bake sale every few 
■ weeks and proceeds from the sale go toward the activities organized. 

Students Against Destructive Decisions 


Students Against Destructive Decisions is a club that spreads awareness 
about drug and alcohol abuse. This year brought many great fundraisers 
including donations, ribbon and lollipop sales. Just before prom, we 
had fourth graders from the local elementray schools make postcards to 
send to the seniors reminding them to make intelligent and safe deicions 
on prom night. This year, SADD has become more involved with LHS 
students and the surrounding community. We are thankful that many 
underclassmen have gotten involved. We wish SADD many sucesses in 
the future. 

The 2002-2003 SADD board: Katy 
Lanouette (Treasurer), Maxine Squires 
(Secretary), Zoe Rasmussen (President); 
missing from photo: Alice Marshall (Vice 

2002-2003 SADD 

Organizations 199 

International Club 

International Club 
By: Melinda Tang 

This year, the International Club has 
continued on its path of growth and 
development. With the guidance of 
new faculty advisor, Mrs. Colgan, and 
the board members, the club meets 
every week to discuss international 
issues. In December and March, the 
club made its way to Boston to partici- 
pate in the Harvard and Boston Univer- 
sity Model United Nations simulations. 
Discussing issues such as conflict 
diamonds and global aging, the Interna- 
tional Club learned to open up to 
opinions of other countries and work 
together with students from around the 
world to resolve issues facing world 
leaders today. 


Maxine Squires, Tina Chin and Scott 
Rousse listen to a lecture at the 
Harvard Model UN. 

Rachel Kim, Justine Lee and 
John Wang participate in a 
meeting at the Harvard Model 


Amnesty International 

Amnesty International 
By Matt Fioretti 

Amnesty International is advised by Mr. Fitzgerald. According to Mr. Fitzgerald, "This 
club helps to promote political awareness to the students and help them to get to know 
what is going on in the world around them." This small democratic discussion group is 
known nationwide. It is found in many other high schools and on some local college 
campuses. Amnesty International is known as a human rights group, and it covers 
interesting topics, such as women's rights and the abolishment of the death penalty. The 
club also deals with many other current events to bring people up to speed on what's 
going on, with topics such as the potential war with Iraq and the terrorist threat within 
our country. "These topics are important as they relate to the Charter of the United 
Nations, which is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," said Mr. Fitzgerald. The 
club also supports democratic peaceful protests on these issues but is not known as a 
hands-on type of club. 

200 Organizations 

fter a rough hike, Bobby Sullivan 
id Matt Grodd crash and decide to 
no further. 

n Outing Club 

Outing Club O 

Led by our club advisors, Mike Jangl '03, 
president; Alice Marshal '03, vice-president; 
} Bobby Sullivan '04, treasurer and Annie Durfee 
'04, secretary and the guidance of our advisor 
Mr. Golen the Outing Club's purpose is to get 
out and enjoy the outdoors, with minimal 
impact on environment. Our most important 
motto is "take only pictures, leave only foot- 
prints." Some of the activites we enjoy include 
hiking on the Appalachian trail, skiing and 
snowborading. In late February we expect to 
spend our third annual weekend at the Noble 
View Chapter of the A.M.C in Russell, MA for 
snowshoeing and hiking, depending on snow. 
It promises to be a great year. 

M / 

J/-^«It**' %M 

^ »A»j/' 



m \ 

At Of A 

H M 


Alice Marshal and Rebecca Reuben 
stop at the peak of their mountian 
hike to admire their achievement. 

••i • iu ■•'■ 

... ■;_ 


%ft a 

The 2002-2003 Outing Club Left to 
Right: PJ. fchosrowjerdi, Matt Katz, 
Matt Grodd, Bobby Sullivan, Zack 
William, Alice Marshal, Mallory 
Harris, Rebecca Reyban and Eve Thau. 

Science League 


Science League 

The Science League is not only a club, but a national organization. Mr. Hirsch, the 
science chairman at Longmeadow High School, has been running the club since it first 
began about twelve years ago. The following is how it works: the coaches that repre- 
sent each school gather in June to make up a schedule for the meets that we compete 
in every year. Every meet consists of three events: a construction-type event, a content 
event, and a general event. The biggest rival for Longmeadow throughout the years 
has been Minnechaug High School, and there is usually about a one or two point 
difference between first and second place. These activities provide an enjoyable way 
to experience science outside of the classroom. Some of the goals of this club are to get 
as many students as possible involved and interested in science. The Science League 
aims to see all of the participants having fun, while doing the best that they can. Even 
if you are not the best science student in the classroom, you can still enjoy science in 
the world around you. So, if you like science, meeting new people and having fun, 
then the Science League encourages you to join. 


Organizations 201 

Math Team 

Alex Sklar, Andrew Wernick, Ann Lin and 
Mike Kirstein work on a weekly practice 

Mrs. Peters checks Derek 

Gyllenhammer's math. 
Math Team 
By Eric Lesser 

"I like math," David Jangraw, a four-year veteran and de facto captain of the 
Math Team, declares. Dave and twenty other Longmeadow High School Stu- 
dents who feel the same way gather in advisor Mrs. Peter's room three 
Tuesday's a month to crunch Number Theory, Algebra, Analytic Geometry and 
Trigonometry in preparation for their monthly competitions with neighboring 

"How many people can you talk math to?" asks Mrs. Peters. "I am intrigued by 
their methods of problem solving." 

Longmeadow routinely comes in second to Deerfield at the monthly 
meets; however, at the first meet of the year, the Longmeadow Math 
Team pulled in a tremendous upset. "Beating Deerfield" according 
to Dave, was his favorite moment in Math Team. 
The Math Team's reward for beating Deerfield? A pizza party, 

courtesy of Mrs. Peters. The team members hope to celebrate around 

Ann Lin and Mike Katoski puzzle over a difficult prob 

The 2002-2003 Math Team 

another pizza pie in April. 

As Schools Match Wits 

As Schools Match Wits 

By Whitney Bloom 

As Schools Match Wits is not only a group that 

meets within the walls of Longmeadow High 

School; it is a group that meets at the Channel 

22 News Studio in Chicopee to compete 

against other high schools in a quiz show 

based on students' knowledge. For the many 

members involved in this amazing group, As 

Schools Match Wits has been more than just a 

gathering of a motley bunch of students; it 

has been a group that has risen to success. 

Along with their advisor Dr. Berger, members 

Chris Breen, Keerthi Shetti, Adam Janes, 

Maggie Lonergan and John Whang have all 

worked hard this year to defeat Pioneer 

Vallev Rgional, Lee High Scool and Hopkins 

Academy in order to make it to the playoffs. 

Already having been on three shows this season, the members of this group are well prepared to face Holyoke 

Catholic, Enfield, St. Joseph's and Connick High School in the playoffs. Such playoffs will take place in April 

and May at the Channel 22 News Studio in Chicopee and will be aired for the public in June. The first prize will 

hopefully be awarded to the Longmeadow team, $150 and a dictionary for each member. 

The 2002-2003 As Schools Match Wits Team 

202 Organizations 

Mock Trial 

Mock Trial 
By Carly Berezin 

With the bang of the gavel, the members of the Mock Trial Team prepare to 
argue their case. Acting as witnesses and lawyers, the fourteen students read 
affidavits, examine, cross-examine and give opening and closing arguments to 
impress the judges and win points. This year's case: Racial Profiling and 
Search and Seizure Laws. Playing the defense or the prosecution, the team 
argues their case in front of a panel of judges. After a victory in their first trial 
against the High School of Science and Technology, the Mock Trial Team 
appears to be on their way to an undefeated season. With the help of advisor 
Louis White, the team is one step closer to reaching the finals in Boston. 
Members of the Mock Trial team include Erica White, Julie Kim, Mike 
McDonough, Jillian Zeppa, Katie Premont, Shruti Kashider, Christina Lee, 
Brett Reiter, Adam Karus, Maggie Lonergan, Meg Reily, Anna Chin, Suzanne 
Chipkin and Sara Dukeshiere. 

Debate Team 

?bate Team 

Ian Fiedler 

e Debate Team has returned for another year at LHS and is 
ing better than ever. Under their advisor, Ms. Pollard, a new 
story teacher, the team has swept the season with intelligent, 
gressive tactics. In fact, the first and second place for 
livduals are both held by members of the Longmeadow Debate 
am. The team also hosted a debate in January. Divided into 
o teams, Longmeadow One and Two, the team includes Eric 

ser, Amos Shemesh, Anna Chin, Sarah Micley, Adam Janes, 
in Whang, Tom Koenigs, Matt Higgins, Robert Knaus, Joe 
:cuirro and Scott Janes. 

Eric Lesser smiles confidently before his debate. 

e 2002-2003 Debate Team 

Organizations 203 

Art Club 

Katy Lanouette and Krislyn 
Robinson spend quality time 
together on an Art Club trip. 


Rachel Apirian and Kara 
Shypula take cooking lessons 
from a chef at a restaurant in 
New York. 

Amy Paisnick, Kaitlin Whitney, Callie 

Williams, Rachel Apirian, Kara 

Shypula and Krislyn Robinson enjoy a 

dinner out with the Art Club. 

Tina Chin, Elina 
Tochlinikova and Julia 
Chesnovetsky get up 
close and personal with 
a camera lense. 

Art Club 

By Jennifer Ehrlich 

The Art Club has been working on projec 
in school and throughout the community 
for the past year. In an effort to beautify 
the school they painted the school's old 
trashcans as well as several murals that 
now hang in the art hallway. As a service 
project they made publicity art for the "la 
D. Three-on-Three" basketball tournamer 
The club meets on Wednesdays to work c 
their projects with their advisor, LHS art 
teacher Mrs. Godin. Members include 
Jacob Licht, Tina Chin, Shayla Fiedler, 
Radha Morra, Rebecca Reuben, Hannah 
Grayboff, Ella Sussman, Jessie Sussman, 
and Justine Therrien. 

Anime Club 

Anime Club 
By Katelyn Baker 

The Anime club has returned for its fourth year. It is dedicated to Japanese animation or Anime. Throughout 
these years it has grown to approximately seven to twelve members who attend weekly meetings. These mem- 
bers range from freshmen to senior. Normal meetings are held on Tuesdays in room 13. During these meetings 
the Anime Club watches different anime series or movies and sometimes holds discussions about the anime they 
just watched. Sometimes they draw anime style illustrations. So far this year, the Anime Club has watched two 
series, Outlaw Star and Love Hina and one movie, Akira. On special occasions, the Anime Club will do different 
activities. For the holidays their president and founder, Peter Cangialosi, brought in a Playstation and food for 
the members. Peter Cangialosi, is not only the president and founder, he is also the supplier of the anime that the 
club watches. A concern arises among the members about how the Anime Club will continue into the future 
years, after Peter Cangialosi graduates at the end of this year. This issue is yet to be resolved. 

S Programming Club 

Programming Club 

Students who feel the need or desire to further de- 
velop their programming skills outside of the class- 
room can do so in the Programming Club. The Pro- 
gramming Club is meant to provide experience and 
an extra challenge to those who are ready for it. 
Mind-bending algorithms test abilities to find a 
solution. Along with these challenges, new tech- 
niques, languages, and current computer science 
events are shared to keep up with an extremely fast 
moving field. Anyone who wishes to join will be 
welcomed regardless of skill level. 

204 Organizations 

The 2002-2003 Programming Club (left to right) BACK: Ozaire 
Awais, Brian Shea, Ari Lakritz, Derek Gyllenhammer, Mike Baker; 
FRONT: Matt Schroyet and Andrew Slasinski 



ly Sandra MacDonald 

ETCO is an acronym fo the Metropolitan Council of Education Opportunities. 

ETCO has been the program of choice for minority families since it began in 1968. The METCO program has 
een the model for other states. The students begin the program in kindergarten and follow through to gradua- 
|on. In the beginning the prurpose of the program was to offer a solution to the problem of racial imbalance. The 
rogram has surpassed the origial purpose some years ago. The METCO program does exist as a viable choice 
)r minortiy families and benefits both the urban and the suburban communities that it serves. The ultimate goal 

the program is to teach all children to live not by rules that are black or white, but a common golden rule. 

1 expenses including tuition and transportation are provided by the Massachusetts Department of Education. 
)nce a child enters the school system, he/she is expected to meet its criteria both academically and socially. The 

ETCO program and its students have participated in every aspect of the school community. METCO has 
rought well received cultural programs to the schools. Ninety-seven percent of the students go on to four-year 
Dlleges. The METCO program has added generously to Longmeadow's General Town Fund. 

Members of METCO 
pose for a great group 
picture, (right) 

There's nothing like a great 
buddy.... Tracy Brown and 
Marques Jenkins show their 
friendship, (left) 


A Better Chance 

A Better Chance program in Longmeadow has been around for 27 years, 
and this year will mark its 28th year of service. This national program 
provides gifted inner city youths, mainly from New York City, with an 
opportunity to excel in school and obtain a high quality education at 
Longmeadow High School. The ABC scholars are removed from a 
difficult educational atmosphere to a more academically challenging one. 
Therefore, they have a greater chance of becoming more succesful. 

Organizations 205 

Drama Club 
By Ben Swasey 

Don't let the name of their first play 
fool you. The Longmeadow High 
School Drama Club is back and boom- 
ing in its first year after a four-year 
hiatus. Their first play, "The Worst 
High School Play in the World/' was a 
critical and financial success, as the 
club sold over 200 tickets and made 
approximately $1,000 profit. Founded 
by three long-time thespians, Rebecca 
Lesser, Kellen O'Gara, and Taylor Carr, 
and with advisor Hilary Buxbaum, the 
Drama Club is a group of 60 up and 
coming actors and actresses. Every few 
months, the Drama Club puts on a new 
production. In the meantime, the club 
meets once a week, and up to four 
times a week when rehearsing. While 
at rehearsal, the club members work 
hard to create a set, design wardrobe, 
practice with the script, and complete 
all other facets of production that a 
quality play demands. Their next play, 
G.S.3., is a musical that presents a 
whole new challenge to this motivated 
bunch of dramatists. 

Drama Club 

The 2002-2003 Drama Club 

Dance Team 

The Dance Team 
By Alison Fitzpatrick 

The Longmeadow High School Dance Team embarks on its first full year of involvement and events in 
the community. The captains of the Dance Team, Callie Williams and Kathryn Bielunis, have worked 
diligently to create an active club which captures the enthusiasm of girls who are interested and would 
like to participate in a dance group. Callie and Katie have appointed a freshman, Natasha Conti, as 
"Junior Captain", with hopes that by attracting freshmen to the team, it will be able to proceed into the 
future as a fully functioning, energetic group. Thanks to the club's advisors Mrs. MacDonald and Mrs. 
Steel, the Dance Team has been able to spread its cheer to the community. "Katie and Callie knew many 
girls who had taken dance lessons and enjoy the performing arts. Many girls don't try out for the 
cheerleading team, but wish to use their talents elsewhere. Many could not find the place to exhibit 
them", says MacDonald. 

Audiences of this group include, Longmeadow Days patrons, children at the Shriners Hospital in Spring- 
field, and elderly at nursing homes. Practices for the Dance Team are weekly in the Longmeadow High 
School gymnasium, on Thursdays, from six to seven-thirty pm. The Dance Team's involvement in the 
community has been outstanding, and the dedication of its participants is to be commended. Members of 
the Dance team include: Captains, Callie Williams and Kathryn Bielunis, Jr. Captain Natasha Conti, 
Yelena Kondel, Megan Sikand, Justine Rosazza, and Liya Tochilnikova. 


206 Organizations 


Rufus Greene and Vianje 
stand for the Unity Club. 

Unity Club 

v Club J 

Unity Club 

The Unity Club is an organization focused on celebrating diversity inside and ouside 
of the school environment. With the help of their advisor Sandra MacDonald, the 
members of the Unity Club are involved in several different activities throughout the 
year in order to help in their community while showing their strength between stu- 
dents of different races, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Previously named "Umoja/ 
meaning "Unity," the club hopes to break down prejudicial barriers and eliminate 
stereotypes in order to make our school a more socially aware environment. 

Tahir Graham, Chris Chapman and Rufus Greene surprise the 
yearbook photographer. 

Indoor Track Team 


taf *4 

r mm; k J 



Kaitlin O'Leary sprints 
I for the finish line. 

Lucy Sheehan rounds out 
another lap. 

Sarah Colin stays tough and 
keeps up her pace. 

Clark De Los Reyes keeps his 
eyes on the prize. 

Organizations 207 

Women's Club 


Women's Group 2002-2003 Members are: Ms. Roccapriore, Kaylin 
Mayausky, Alyssa Guevara, Rebecca Katz, Priscilla Wytrwal, Thien-van Cai, 
Stefany Scliopou, Jessica Elin, Sara Begg, Nicole Sobel, Julia Ishak, Erica Santa, 
Elsie Chamberland, Cheri Kevane, Natasha Conti, Samantha Marble and Jessica 

FAITH club 
Julia Ishak 

FAITH club is back again this year and has been 
keeping active by planning events and involving itself 
in the community! The first event was See You At the 
Pole, a chance for people of different faiths to come 
together and share in spiritual community, which 
proved to be a special time for everyone involved. 
Then FAITH club's first sommunity project this year 
was a collection for the Ronald McDonald House 
charity. A couple dedicated members even gave up 
some of their lunch break to collect spare change. 
They ended up collecting almost $80, which says a lot 
not only for their dedication but also for the generosity 
of LHS students. Apart from trying to reach out to the 
community, FAITH club has organized fellowship 
activities that have turned out to be a lot of fun for all 
who have attended. One example was a lunch out at a 
pizza restaurant and then ice-skating! Under its advisor 
Mr. Cormier, FAITH club has once again achieved its 
goal of ofering a spiritual dimension to the LHS 
community and has specifically used this year to give 
back to the community, a goal that can be attributed to 
the faith that there is in FAITH club. Members include 
Kelsey Hall, Mike McDonough, Emily Johnson, 
Meredith Johnson, Ramsay Ishak, Maggie Porter, 
Emma Welch, Elise Heaton, Melissa Sunter, Christina 
Lee, Eliza Mujalli and Julia Ishak. 

208 Organizations 

Women's Group 
Compilation of Thoughts 

Women's Group this year is proving to be a 
great experience for everyone involved. Each 
week the group meets to discuss issues that 
teenage girls face. Through the discussion, the 
group learns about ways to avoid problems sue j 
as eating disorders and unhealthy relationships 
These meetings also provide the opportunity to; 
make new friends and to strengthen friendships 
One important concept the girls have been 
exploring this year is the mass media's portray;] 
of the "perfect" woman and how essential it is | 
that this idea be substituted with valuing a 
woman for who she is on the inside. Apart frorl 
discussion activities, the group has done a walk 
for breast cancer and is planning to do a walk 
against domestic violence. They are also 
planning to do a random act of kindness to a 
local charity or shelter. It is obvious from their 
accomplishments this year that Women's Groui 
is a wonderful way for young women to come 
together and make a difference. 


2002-2003 FAITH Club at See You at the Pole(Left to Right) Michael 
McDonough, Maggie Porter, Emma Welch, Kelsey Hall, Merideth 
Johnson, Emily Johnson, Ramsay Ishak, Julia Ishak. 

Young Democrats 

The Young Democrats 

By Eric Lesser 

"I wanted to learn more about government," explains Maggie Lonergan, on her reason for joining the Young 

Democrats. The club meets in Room 249 on Thursdays after school. According to advisor Mr. Fitzgerald, the 

purpose of the club has been to facilitate "general discussion of different candidates and issues of concern to 

Longmeadow students." Active club members include Maggie Lonergan, Leigh Dale, and Amanda Marsh, all 


The club was active during the 2002 campaign season, volunteering on the unsuccessful Shannon O'Brien for 

Governor and Kathy Grady for State Representative campaigns. Since last November's loss, however, interest 

in the club has waned, and the membership is currently inactive. Maggie has been "disappointed" by the lack 

of interest in the club since the elections. 

According to Mr. Fitzgerald, the lack of interest in the club has followed a "general trend away from political 

parties and a diminished interest in politics." 

Maggie remains hopeful, however, that interest in the Young Democrats can be re-sparked next year. "We hope 

to work more with recruiting." 

Parents Advisory Council 

The Parent Advisory Council was established to help 
facilitate communications between teachers, administrators, 
students and their parents. The Parent Advisory Council 
utilizes its strong foundation of volunteers to coordinate 
school related activities for the enrichment of all students. 
Lynn Travers, PAC President 2002-2003 

Mrs. Stewart, Mr. Berte and Mr. Conway listen intently to 
the suggestions of other members of the Parents Advisory 

Mrs. Smith expresses her opinion on a recent topic of 

President Travers looks through the meeting 
ligenda with fellow PAC members. 

Various members of PAC participate in a recent meeting. 

Organizations 209 


Katie Toye! 


Chuck, Jim, Mom, 

and Dad 

Congratulations Kait! 

To our cheerleader, 

we wish you much 

happiness and 

success in the 

years to come. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Tim and Meg 

Congratulations Peter! 

From finger painter to 
Picasso. You're paint- 
ing yourself a colorful 
future! We are very 
proud of you. 

Love Always, 
Mom and Dad 

210 Ads 

Way to go seniors! 


Harry & Karen Bacopoulos 

240 Brainard Rd. 

Enfield, CT 06082 



Good luck from 
everyone at 
Baco's pizza! 

Congratulations Dave 


1 d 

%:. /f 

■ * 

/ . _ ii 

k ^ 

We are so proud of you. 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Rebecca 

Congratulations Joe! 

May all your wishes come true. 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Phil 


Congratulations "J" 

"Can't keep my eyes from the circling 

skies, tongue-tied twisted just an Earth 

bound misfit, I" 

-Pink Floyd, Learning to Fly 

Love Always, 

Hope your ride through life is a 
smooth one! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Steven, Emily 
(Lexie and Rex) 

Ads 211 


Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the 
mind, flight to the imagination and life to 

everything. " -Plato 

Thank you for the music and the joy you have brought to our 

lives. We are so proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Emily, Chris, Arielle and Toby too 


Congratulations to the 
Class of 2003! 

The Beatties and 

212 Ads 

Keep lighting the world with your laughtei 

Nos meilluers voeux de succes! 
Mama, Pops and Ginger 

Congratulations to the Girl Scout Troop #1? 

Kristen, Sarah, Kathleen, Caitlin, Kendall, Caroline 

Katie, Katy, Carrie 

Wishing you all the best! 

Love, your Troop leader Kathy Lanouette 

Congratulations Bunkie! 

We are so proud of your spirit and drive! 


Love, Mom and Dad 

To Party! 



ve, Mom, Dad, Cliff and Dodger 

Megan Lenke 

Congratulations ! 

We're so proud! 

With all our love, 
Your family 

Niki Platzer 


Running on air, , mad with life, 
dizzy, reeling, upward I mount... 

YouVe come a long way from 
Frau Laumann's Erste Klasse! 
We are so proud of who you 
are and what you have accom- 
plished. Herzlichen 

All our love, Mom, Dad, Luke 
and Mark 


Ads 213 


To Our 

Favorite Irish 




Mom and Dad 

(Foley and Williams) 

Congratulations Colleen and Liz! 

214 Ads 

It doesn't matter where you go in life, what you 

do, or how much you have... 

It's who you have beside you." 

The Raffertys and The Cramers 

Keep reaching for the stars! 
We love you and are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Krista, Brandon, Katie, Kellie 

Way to go Emily & Colleen! 

From first grade soccer to varsity field hockey, 

you are: 
Awesome Athletes 

Super Students 
Terrific Teammates 

We are proud of all your accomplishments. 
Love, The Steele & Rafferty Families 

Ads 215 



Where did the time go? 

We are so proud of you, Seth! 
Love, Mom and Dad 


The Future Looks Brigh ! 


Best Friends Forever! 


Love Always, 

Your Proud Parents 


From The 

Market Experts... 





The # l 

Real Estate 


In Western 



567-6151 • 567-3361 

216 Ads 


"Deep calls to deep at the thunder of thy cataracts; All thy waves and 
billows have gone over me." 

Psalm 42, verse 7 

Congratulations, Stephen, we are proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Kate 

Thomas M. Anthony 

We are so proud of you! 
You are very talented 
and will be successful in 
life, no matter what you 
decide to do. Be happy 
and congratulations! 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad and Laura 

Ads 217 

Congratulations Malorie! 

"Be the 

change you 

wish to see 

in the 



Enjoy the journey! 
Love, Mom, Dad and Forbes 

Today ynarfoy the/ be$iYwti*\ty, 

tomorrow mx^rhytKe/end/, 

and/ yywieM)Kere/ iAvthe/ middle/. . 

we/ became/ the/ be^t of frLe*\d\. 

'*- -$T: ^ 

Ti 1 f AvJ 


■V *i ^H 

1 Jm 


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Christina McLear 

Love Always, Your Family 

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I WM', 1 Ml ! 

Ads 219 

Eric and the 
Class of 2003 

We're so prou< 
of you!! 

Mom, Dad and Rachai 


Nina Iavicoli 

We are all proud of you. You'll 
always be one of our most pre- 
cious gifts. Your family is always 
with you. Keep Smilin'! 

All our love, Mom, Dad, Mario, 

Nick, & your Zia's and Zizi's too! 
220 Ads 

Dan Whipple 

Happy Graduation and 
good luck in college! 

We're very proud of 

Love, Mom, Dad, Jen and Jack 

Congratulations Kerry! 

Reach for the stars and 
maybe you'll be one of them 

one day! 

Love, Mom Dad, Meghan, 
Mike and K.C. 

Congratulations, Jessy! 

We love 

Mom, Dad, 

John and 


Ads 221 


Mom, Dad, Nome, and Gordon 

Congratulations Rachel 

May all your days be filled with 

Mom, Dad, Melissa, and Josh o 

Congratulations ! 

Congratulations "Princess 

" Believe in your heart and in your 

own goodness for in doing so 

others will believe in them too" 

- Unknown 

Love always, 
Mom and Dad 

222 Ads 


We are so proud of 

Mom, Dad, and Jim 

Congratulations To Our Katy 

May all your 
come true. 

Mom, Dad, and Henri 

Class of 2003! 

,ongmeadow Montessori 


We are very 
proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Rebecca 

and Julia 

Follow your dreams, 

Mom and Dad 

Ads 223 

Congratulations, you have worked ex- 
tremely hard and you should be very proud 
of yourself. We want you to know that we 
are very proud of you because of your ability 
to motivate yourself, your leadership atti- 
tude, and your ability to adapt to life. You 
have learned well that all good things come 
from hard work and tenacity. Best of every- 
thing to you for the rest of your life. 
Love always, Mom, Dad and Kris 

Courtney Centeno 

You're the pick of the patch! 
I love you! Nicole 

Courtney Centeno 

_ ■ Way to go Courtney! 

Love, Pappy, Granma, 
aunts & uncles 


224 Ads 

Congratulations Jim! 

We love you very much and 

are so proud off all you have 


Keep reaching for the stars 

and may all your dreams 

come true. 


Mom, Dad, Kate, John, Joe, 
Aileen and Mike 

Yuki Otani 

Congratulations and best 
wishes on your journey! 

Vith love, Mom, Dad, Ayaka and 

Patrick and Peter 

We have always been proud of you! 

The Hayes and Hogan 

Families Ads 225 

Julia Ishak 

You fill our hearts with pride and 
joy. Congratulations on your 
many accomplishments. We are 
truly blessed to be your family. 
May all your dreams come true! 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad and Ramsay 

To our Liz - 

We could not have asked for a better daughter 
We're so very proud of you! 

We love you - 
Mom and Dad 

226 Ads 

Betsy Baldwin, Cookie Lady and Super Fan 

Good Luck and Best Wishes to the Class of '03 

etsy, the #1 Fan, shares her team spirit with the 
|3nior field hockey players Lauren "Mai" 
lalinowski, Kendall Hedges, Sarah Al-Husseini, 
Betsy", Colleen "Raffer", Rafferty, and Emily "Steel 
Vheeler" Steele" 

Compliments of 


Mowers % Gifts 

10,000 elegant gifts in stock, 
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Congratulations to the 

Class of 2003 

in Longmeadow at Williams Place 739-6947 

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Class of 2003! 

Wishing you success and happiness in all your endeavors! 

Longmeadow Dental Care 
Howard Hausman, D.D.S. & Staff 

813 Williams Street, Longmeadow, MA 01106 

(413) 567-1223 

Ads 227 


Life will always be your stage! Remember, 
no matter where your dreams may take 
you, we'll always be there for you. Your 
spirit, talent, and loving nature have al- 
ways been a source of inspiration and 
pride! Be true to your heart 
Mom and Dad 

Clark- Have a Blast! 

Love, Dad, Mom, and Christa 


May the path you 

choose bring you 

much success and 

joy. You will always 

be our precious 



Mom and Dad 

Thank you Lancer 
Gold Club! 

Baco's Pizza 

Bob's Stores Inc. 

GMAC-Carlson Home Services Inc 

Longmeadow Flowers 

Longmeadow Shops 

Montessori School 

228 Ads 

We preserve 

your high school GWR$ 




www.greniersphoto.< om 

Janet Poli 

'The future belongs to 

you because you 
belive in the beauty of 

your dreams." 
Congratulations Janet! 

Donna and Rob 

Dear Emily, 

Ti amo e ti adoro 


Mom, Dad, Steve, 

Meghan, and Ben 

Congratulations Kate and the 
Class of 2003 

We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Devin, Todd, Aimee, and Matt 

To the LHS Class of 

Congratulations and 
Best of Luck! 

From the Parents 


Clark v. De Los Reyes 

Cait and Tim 

230 Ads 

We're so proud of 

All The O'Leary's 

Best of luck to the Class of 2003! 

Your Senior Section Co-Editors 

Liz Cohen, Kate 0'Rourke,Amy Paysnick,Zoe Rasmussen, Natalie Thomas, and Caitlin Whitney 

Best Wishes and Good 


From The Staff of 

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istran, Ashley 24 

onatakis, Krishna 24 

ontempo, Richard 25 

ourbeau, Chistopher 25 

Bourbeau, Jay 71 

Itoyer, Brandon 24 

praun, Lisa 24, 69 

iSrewer, Derrick 25, 127 

niov In 

Bright, Collin 25, 71 

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Brown, Rory 26, 71 

Burns, Lauren 27, 68 


Cai, Thein-Anh 27 

Cangialosi, Peter 26, 127 

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Centeno, Courtney 27, 69 

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Cohen, Zachary 28, 126 

Coleman, Nikita 28 

Cossin, Talia 29 

Cramer, Elizabeth 29, 126 

D'agostino, Francesco 28 

D'elia, Justin 28 

Danahey, Megan 29 

Daniele, Francesco 29, 134 

Darling, Jaclyn 28, 68 

De Los Reyes, Claro 28, 64, 65, 

68, 164, 165 

Depergola, Peter 29 

Donald, Merideth 29 

Douillard-Proulx, Rachelle 30, 71 

Duncan, Concetta 30 

Dybdahl, Richard 31 

Eaton, Emily 31, 68 

Ehrlich, Jennifer 30 

Eldridge, Christina 30 

Ellis, Victoria 31, 127 


Fagan, Shaun 31, 174, 175 

Falvo, Janna 30 

Fiedler, Ian 30 

Fioretti, Matthew 31 

Fisher, Dana 31, 70 

Foley, Kaitlin 32 

Forrest, Nicole 32 

Gagnier, Christian 33, 71 

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Gartman, Joshua 32, 161 

Gordon, Beth 32, 127 

Gorodisher, Michael 33 

Griggs, Tyler 33, 68 

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Gurok, Galina 32 


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Holmquist, Sarah 35, 70 

Horowitz, Adam 36 

Humphries, Jameson ...36, 69, 160, 

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Iavicoli, Nina 37 

Ishak, Julia 37, 68 


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Jangl, Michael 36, 70 

Jangraw, David ... 37, 69, 134, 194 

Jermyn, Michael 37, 70 

Johnson, Emily 36, 69, 126 

Jordan, Jonathan 36, 161 


Katoski, Michael 37 

Kenyon, Jason 37 

Kessler, Jordan 38 

Kevane, Cheri 38 

Kilroy, Tara 39, 69 

Kim, Issac 39 

King, Lindsay 38, 69 

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Komack, Marissa 39 

Korman, Jeffrey 39, 70 

Kreitzer, Michael 38 


Labecki, Lindsey 38, 69 

Labulis, Jessica 39, 65 

Lakritz, Arik 39 

Lanouette, Katy 40, 69 

Lenke, Megan 40, 69 

Lesser, Eric 41, 70, 126 

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Lucia, Andrew 40 

Lyons, Elliot 40 

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Marshall, Alice 42, 165 

Matsumoto, Yoshtomi 42 

Mayausky, Kaylin 43, 71 

McCarthy-Miller, Clark 43 

McDonald, Corey 42, 70 

McGorry, Kathryn 42, 70 

McGrath, Karen 43 

McKenna, Sean 43, 165 

McLean, Christina 44 

Michael, Robert 44, 161 

Mullen, Ryan 45, 69, 161 

Murphy, Kathleen 45 

Murphy, Kathryn 44 

Mylvaganam, Geetha 44, 164, 



Nadeau, Nathan 45, 161 

Nam, Mark 45 

Neil, Joseph 44, 69 


O'Brien, Jennifer 44, 71 

O'Connell, Ryan 45 

O'Donnell, W 45 

O'Leary, Caitlin 46, 164 

O'Leary, Ryan 46 

O'Leary, Timothy 47, 71 

O'Rourke, Kaitlin 47, 172, 173 

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Otani, Yuki 46, 71, 172, 173 

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Plaut, Emma 49, 68, 126 ' 

Pohli, Janet .. 49, 68, 126, 134, 172 

Polep, Eric 48, 68 

Poltack, Kathryn 48, 12^ rc 

Prefontaine, Simon 49 ec 

Provenzano, Mary 49 ' 

Purdy, Ross 5C 1 mi 


Quinn, Alison 50, 68 1 ™ 



Racicot, Marcy 51, 70 

Rafferty, Colleen 51, 126, 170, 171 

Rafter, Stephen 50; » 

Randall, Jeremy 50 ; 

Randall, Krystle 51, 69 

Rappaport, Johnathan 51 

Rasmussen, Zoe 50, 64, 194 

Ratner, Andrew 50 

Reardon, Benjamin 51 

Reburn, Lisa 51 

Renius, Brent 52, 165 

Retchin, Seth 52, 165 

Robitaille, Johnathan 53 

Rohrbach, Kristen 53 

Rosch, Emily 52, 68, 126, 165 

Roseburg, Lisa 52 

Rousse, Scott 53, 70 

Ruiz, Matthew 53 


'ussell, Kendra 52 

foisso, Matthew 52, 161 

(Ryan, Kyle 53 


Jabettini, Vincent 53, 160, 161 

.oalomone, Ryan 54, 165 

gamble, Derek 54 

,,jantaniello, Anthony 55 

.jantaniello, Vincent 55 

'Scher, Alicia 54, 69 

pchiffman, Jaime 54, 71, 161 

'pchwartz, Malorie 55, 134 

bcliopou, Stefany 55 

pcully, Mary 54 

oeay, Julie 54 

(Shapiro, Daniel 55 

piea, Kerry 55, 69, 194 

Sheehy, Melissa 56, 70 

Shemesh, Amos 56 

Shnider, Joshua 57 

Shore-Suslowitz, Jacob 57 

Shvakhman, Michael 56 

Sinclair, Andrea 56 

jSkipton, Sean 57 

,Smith, Chris 57 

Soja, Rebecca 56 

Somers, Katherine 56 

Spallino, Creagh 57 

Spinelli, Stephen 57 

Squires, Maxine 58, 126 

Stark, Lindsay 58, 70 

'Steele, Emily 59, 126, 170, 171 

Stern, Rachel 59, 69, 165 

Swiconek, Thomas 58 


iTamsin, Matthew 58 

jTang, Melinda 59, 194 

Thau, Abram 59 

; Thomas, Natalie 58 

Thompson, Pathrick 58 

Tochilnikova, Elina 59 

jTogneri, Johnathan 161 

Tolpa, Jennifer 59, 68 

jToye, Katherine 60, 68, 126 

Travers, Tim 60 

Traynham, Leon 61 

Tremble, Michael 61, 161 

Trietsch, Alex 60 


Viamari, Jonathan 60, 68 

Viamari, Stephen 61 


Wacks, Hollie 61 

Walbridge, Eric 60 

Weiner, Sara 60 

Whipple, Daniel 61, 161 

White, Joseph 61, 126 

Whitney, Caitlin 62, 70 

Wieczorek, Florian 62 

Williams, Callie 63, 69 

Wiseman, Frances 63 

Woodward, Nikki 62 

Zwirko, Daniel 62 

Zyla, Nathan 63 

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